guess what i finally fuckin finished


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So Lin-Manuel Miranda clearly has a thing for giving his villains songs styles reminiscent of famous British musicians.

“You’ll Be Back” from Hamilton is a tribute to British invasion bands like The Beatles.

“Shiny” from Moana is a blatantly obvious love letter to David Bowie.

I’m calling it now. “Poor Unfortunate Souls” is going to be sung in an Adele style for the Little Mermaid remake.

No matter how much of a miserable fuck I am, I'll always love:

- Filthy Frank
- Idubbbz
- The Cancer Crew as a whole
- Joji and his music
- Cryaotic (he is my pride and joy and I love him more than anything)
- Pyrocynical
- Jacksfilms
-Markiplier (not as much as I used to, but I’ll always love him and what he does)
- The general joy and laughter from all of these people
- I love seeing them happy man idk
- Editing videos
- Memes
- Breaking Bad
- Scrubs
- God I fucking love Scrubs
- Anything Pokemon related
- Music in general
- Green Day
- My Chemical Romance
- Breaking Benjamin
- Eminem
- Fucking stars man
- I’m a sucker for stars
- Rain, whether I’m inside listening to it or outside in it
- A cold house and a warm blanket
- Whenever someone remembers something important to me
- That shits the best
- When people hit me up first
- And the people who care even if I’m a dick 99% of the time

Always take time to appreciate the little things.


Footage of Kate and Pippa Middleton as bridesmaids to their uncle Gary Goldsmith’s wedding in 1991 accompanied by dashing brother James.

Footage shows the Middleton girls dressed in matching pink bridesmaids dresses and floral crowns with older sister Kate, nine, cheerfully waving for the camera, while a grumpy-looking Pippa, seven, grimaces and fidgets with her headdress.