“He died destitute.” In the new ArtforumP Adams Sitney remembers George Landow, explaining towards the end of the piece how and why the late filmmaker changed his name to Owen Land. But for now: “Our friendship predated our memory: We had been born in the same apartment building in New Haven, just 32 days apart, both the only children of parents in their late 30s. Together as teenagers we had pored over the films of BrakhageMaya Deren, and Gregory Markopoulos; read JoyceBeckett, and Ionesco aloud to each other. But there were many times when he retreated into his illness and refused to see me or any of his friends…. He was even widely believed to have died shortly before his suspended work in progress Undesirables (Condensed Version) (1999), a satire on the pretensions of avant-garde filmmakers.” He didn’t actually die, though, of course, until June 8 of this year. He was 66. “His earliest films — Faulty Pronoun Reference, Comparison and Punctuation of the Restrictive or Non-Restrictive Element (1961), Are Era (1962), Richard Kraft at the Playboy Club (1963), and Fleming Faloon (1963–64), for instance — hold up remarkably; indeed, they look even more extraordinary after nearly 50 years.” The image above is from Remedial Reading Comprehension(1970).

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This Year Has Been A Sad Year For Avant-Garde Cinema

RIP Adolfas Mekas (September 30, 1925 – May 31, 2011)

RIP Robert Breer (September 30, 1926 – August 13, 2011)

RIP George Landow a.k.a. Owen Land (1944 - June 8, 2011)

RIP Jordan Belson (1926 − September 6, 2011)

RIP George Kuchar (August 31, 1942 – September 6, 2011)
George Landow -- The Definition of Hypertext and Its History as a Concept

Reading due Monday, October 17.

George Landow teaches English and art history at Brown University. He was an early critic who wrote about hypertext and electronic literature, though his academic specialization is in Victorian literature, art, and culture.

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The George Landow (AKA Owen Land) film “On the Marriage Broker Joke as Cited by Sigmund Freud in Wit and Its Relation to the Unconscious or Can the Avant-Garde Artist Be Wholed?”(1977) featuring Paul Sharits and with commentary from the photographer Bruce Jenkins.

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Owen Land (aka George Landow), 1944-2011

Owen Land, who went by George Landow until he changed in name in the 1970’s, passed away this June. He was known for his minimalist films, which are often referred to as “structural.” My personal favorite is a hilarious 20-second film he made when he was still going by “George” and associated with the Fluxus movement, Fluxfilm 25, The Evil Faerie (1966).

Check out the small obituary I wrote for Art in America Magazine on Land’s legacy