I have the sudden case of George Joestar II feels.

Okay, so basically Jonathan and Erina both have wonderful singing abilities, as does Lisa Lisa, but I feel like George would be THE WORST at singing. Being the romantic that we all know he is, he would try so hard to serenade Lisa Lisa, but she would probably just shake her head with a patient smile, wait for him to finish, and thEN BELT OUT IDK SOMETHING OPERA MAYBE AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS completely captivating George like “wow how was I able to marry this woman” Because he would totally be that “falls in love with her more and more each day” kind of guy, and christ I love them.
Probably explains why Joseph is completely awful at singing, honestly.

But imagine them, George at the piano while Lisa Lisa sings and they just perform the most gorgeous duets and why isn’t there enough screen time ahh ;-;
Something I noticed in OP3 in JJBA

So there is a scene where we see the vines from Jotaro’s mother’s back.

Nothing overly special as her stand hurting her is the main reason Jotaro is hunting down Dio, but then the camera pans down.

This is where it starts to get interesting, we see George Joestar II and Lisa Lisa on the left and Erina and Jonathan on the right. Two men who died thanks to Dio (Jonathan directly George thanks to one of his underlings,) and the widows left behind. (Not to discredit Lisa Lisa, but she doesn’t have a super strong tie to Dio.)

Here is a better shot of Jonathan as well as his father George Joestar I the two Joestars Dio directly murdered, and where are these vines headed? well they are headed into Jotaro, in fact they flow directly into him and once they are done Jotaro stands up and Star Platinum shows up. 

I’ve always been a fan of the whole “Star Platinum is a manifestation of Jonathan” theory but even if this isn’t what this is implying, it still shows that in some part Jotaro is the one who will avenge the Joestars that where killed/had their lives ruined by Dio. (Though I would also like to include I’m still on the first part of Part 3.)