I have the sudden case of George Joestar II feels.

Okay, so basically Jonathan and Erina both have wonderful singing abilities, as does Lisa Lisa, but I feel like George would be THE WORST at singing. Being the romantic that we all know he is, he would try so hard to serenade Lisa Lisa, but she would probably just shake her head with a patient smile, wait for him to finish, and thEN BELT OUT IDK SOMETHING OPERA MAYBE AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS completely captivating George like “wow how was I able to marry this woman” Because he would totally be that “falls in love with her more and more each day” kind of guy, and christ I love them.
Probably explains why Joseph is completely awful at singing, honestly.

But imagine them, George at the piano while Lisa Lisa sings and they just perform the most gorgeous duets and why isn’t there enough screen time ahh ;-;

George introduces baby Joseph to Kars.

I didn’t read the “Jorge Joestar” novel but I know enough to want Kars and George to be friends after it ends. 

George often convinces Kars to babysit. Joseph eventually ends up calling him Uncle Kars. Kars is not sure how he feels about this.