Francis Bacon purportedly met George Dyer in 1964 when he caught his soon-to-be muse breaking into his home. Bacon’s twisted portraits of Dyer — many of them large, abstract, multi-paneled paintings — are considered by critics to be the artist’s most inspired works. The alcoholic, chain-smoking Dyer, who had no profession other than hanger-on, eventually wore out his welcome with Bacon’s friends and finally Bacon himself — but he died with a vengeance, committing suicide on the eve of the artist’s Paris retrospective in 1971.  Wiki


So when I was watching Skyfall one of my thoughts about the “What makes you think this is my first time” - scene was what it was like for Craig to play the scene. And just a second later I remembered him playing Francis Bacons’ Lover in “Love is the Devil”. So I think it’s not a big deal for him. And btw I “hate” this movie (LITD) everytime I’m watching it because of all the psychological harm.