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Deep inside, he’d be a little embarrassed by you seeing him pleasuring himself, but he’d keep it under a cool exterior. He won’t show it as he’s discretely covering his ache. But he’d keep eye strong eye contact with you, watching to see if the idea interested or disgusted you. He won’t mind as much as you would (since his moans and expressions have been memorized by your brain, not to be forgotten any time soon) and you’d keep on apologising, which makes him reassure you that everything was more than fine. He doesn’t mind at all. In fact, he expected that one day or another for this to happen. And he has to admit that it turns him on a bit. He’s modest about it and won’t bring the topic up if it makes you uncomfortable. The problem is that he sort of expected more to happen, so he’s slightly disappointed when you don’t ‘act’. If he’s high or drunk, he’d be a little bolder. He’d give you the most lascivious smirk he’s capable of, his dark eyes calling you over—and giving you chills. He’d even spread more to give you a good look while lazily stroking himself so invitingly. It’s up to you if you’re brave enough to accept his offer or not. If you two are together and you accidentally walk in on him, he won’t even stop, encouraging you to do something about it—and you’d gladly accept to give him a lesson on how youre the only one that can please him entirely.

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cancer crew preference - How they treat you when you're sick/ill.

cancer crew preference - How they treat you when you’re sick/ill.
A/n shit

•He would be super caring while remaining a decent distance away from you.
• “Are you alright baby? What’s your temperature? ” He then threw you a themometre.
• When you approached him, wrapped in a blanket, he would stop you and say “What’s good baby, you know I love you but I don’t wanna get sick.”
• After a sufficient amount of pouting and cold medicine - he finally agreed to cuddle you.

• “Max, I’m not that ill”

•He would embrace™ the sickness, giving you kisses and whatever you needed.
• “Get under this blanket then.”
•Ian would go into super protective mode - cancelling your plans because you were ‘too sick to go out’
• “You’ll make yourself ill, y/n”
• Stern, Ian.

• He brought you the best eggs, to aid your recovery.

A/N I LEFT CHAD OUT SRRY. Luv u all thank you for all the support - feel free to request.

In this, the second of six podcasts about The Fantasy Fiction Formula, George Miller talks to its author Deborah Chester, who offers advice and tips for aspiring fantasy authors acquired in the course of a writing career that has seen her publish over 40 books, including the Ruby Throne Trilogy. In this week’s programme, they discuss planning your story and coming up with an opening that packs a punch.

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