HWTR to you getting them an engagement ring

Ok, I’m NOT 100% back, but I felt inspired and wanted to connect with this fandom again. So I wrote this short request – hopefully, I’ll write some more when I feel in the mood. 



He’d be so shocked and surprised, like he’d literally be stuck and at a loss – he’s comfortable with your relationship and he didn’t think of going this far just yet. He should’ve paid more attention to what you were saying. It sounded pretty serious when you were talking late at night, in bed, and you were dreaming of getting married to him (after so long of being together). He’d just come home, after work, and see you with a big smile on your face – a thing you couldn’t stop from happening because you were so excited and frightened at the same time, oh my god, your heart was going nuts. He’d ask you what was wrong, and you’d present him the box.

“I got this for you, George…” you’d say sheepishly, grinning from ear to ear nervously. “I thought we’d get…matching engagement rings.”

After his initial shock, and after seeing how disheartened you looked, he’d simply wrap his arms around you without words. He doesn’t want you to see how emotional he got, so you’d just sit there, hugging for a while, until he’ll say the desired word, ‘Yes’. I mean, he wants this, there’s no denying that. He just didn’t have the courage to admit it (he’s busy and all that). 

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