person: are you ok?
me: yeah i just think marcia lucas, george lucas ex-wife, should be more praised in the star wars fandom cause she literally saved the franchise in the 70′s. marcia was the one who had all the good ideas (like killing obi-wan, the “a kiss for luck” sequence) and was the one who had to edit the entire movie cause the first cut of ANH was an incomprehensible mess. marcia is also responsable for the existence of the battle of yavin aka the sequence where the good guys win over the empire. george lucas was, most of the time, tripping on acid and would’ve end up ruined if not for marcia’s ideas and actions. without marcia lucas, star wars would’ve flopped so hard we’d probably never even been hearing about star wars til these days. she left the sw franchise after her divorce with GL, during the production of ESB (but she kept working on ROTJ). her work provided her with an Oscar of Best Film Editing for ANH. wondering why george lucas never made a good sw movie after she left? (x) (x) (x)

george lucas literally set up return of the jedi to be an allegory of/protest against the Vietnam War

revenge of the sith was so anti-Bush (Anakin even paraphrases a Bush line at one point) that people boycotted it

emperor palpatine was very deliberately based on Nixon

lucas later went on to compare Bush to Darth Vader and Dick Cheney to Palpatine, plus he’ll talk at any given opportunity about how political he wanted the prequels to be

but please, keep talking about how ‘the sjws’ have ‘destroyed star wars’ by bringing politics into it

i know we always say luke was a fashion icon like his mother before him and don’t get me wrong he is but have you seen Mark Hamill irl???  

this boy been serving #looks since before my mama was born 

just look @ this 70′s middle class pimp look

he is a #Trendsetter this is what every fuckboy in 2016 looks like and mark was rocking it before they were born 

what’s that jacket???? Margiela???? 

I can feel the ig caption radiating off of this “hot day on #tattooine with space sis @/carriefisher” look at the floral print cardigan!!! Harry Styles could never!

futuristic boyband vibes like hell

and who could forget this iconic ass look

fucking argyle sweater after school special nerd chic, kanye never rocked them this well 

speaking of schoo,l first day of kindergarten fashion yes baby thumbs up your fashion sense

finally look at how innovative my boy is using a blanket as a poncho

(feat george lucas servin old school hipster looks, mark obviously rubbed off on him)