How I imagine what happened when John met George:
  • George:I can play guitar.
  • John:Lmao you're like 5 years old, why are you here?
  • George:I play guitar
  • Paul:John, he can, y'know?
  • George:*Starts playing guitar*
  • John:Okay, you can be in my band if ya want to. You're so small, child.
  • George:I'll tell you what I am gonna do... I'm gonna get into your band and then end up being known as the "quiet one", then I'm gonna eat all yo food, get married and write some of The Beatles most famous songs. So yeah, you can call me a 5 year old if you want but I'm badass at guitar.

My favorite.😌😂

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Heading for Washington

“When we were on the train, the Press told us why we got such a great reception in New York. They said, ‘Ah, we came to kill you, but you gave as good as you got and we love that’. They had come to shoot us down and had an attitude of shouting at us, but, ‘Hey! We’re from Liverpool! We shout back!’ They couldn’t believe that this band had come over and were shouting at them! That’s how they came to love us when they had actually come out to nail us. Besides, we did have a Number One and we were doing ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’, so that helped. But our attitudes were sort of similar and that’s how we became friends with everybody.” - Ringo Starr, from his book ‘Photograph’.

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sh1t “go ringo go”

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Olivia's memories of attending Beatle concerts in Los Angeles

“I saw them [The Beatles] at the Hollywood Bowl in 1965 and at Dodgers Stadium in ‘66. The mania and hysteria of those gigs brought a certian expectation with it: what am I supposed to feel here? You came to listen but all these other emotions were surrounding you. You had to focus so hard on hearing anything that it was impossible to really enjoy the music. I was way up at the top of the Hollywood Bowl and the girls were diving into the pond and swimming to the stage. So I’m trying to watch the band and listen to the music but I’m thinking Oh, my God, you’re going to get electrocuted on the wires from the lights! With all this going on it was amazing how focused the band was. I mean, the George would talk about Hamburg, they all would, and how they were so connected to one another and so connected to one another and so into their songs and what they were playing, but George said that at the end they couldn’t hear and didn’t feel safe. They were asked to play in a way no one would now. But they did waht they were told. They were trying to steam roll ahead musically in a world where in Abbey Road they had to ask Mal [Evans] to open the fridge if they wanted a cup of tea, because they were locked after 5pm”.

As told to Andrew Male

Mojo Magazine No. 275, October 2016