George Eads


Mac leaving the airport after flying to Frankie’s memorial

Jack is seriously one of the best kinds of friends 😆

               MacGyver 1x19 “Compass”


Lucas Till: You were a frickin stud, man

George Eads: Who is that?

Lucas Till: Lot’s changed

From their interview with Insider


Interviewer: You’re in Hawaii, if there gonna be some shirts off actions?

Lucas Till: No no, because I haven’t, uh, I’m not tan enough to

George Eads: And I don’t know too many people who want to see a 50 year old with his shirt off.

Lucas Till and George Eads on-set interview about the Hawaii five-0/MacGyver crossover.

So, unfortunately, we will not be getting another shirtless Mac scene in this next episode.


When neither of you know exactly how to respond  😂

Mac and Jack are the best 😆

MacGyver 1x14 Fish Scaler


Jack: I had a dream about this once, you know what happened?

Mac: You died?!

Jack: How’d ya guess?

Mac: Because you die in all your dreams.

MacGyver 1x16 “Hook”