George Akiyama

Upcoming movie in Japan called Ashura. No details yet of the show aside from September 29 release of George Akiyama’s manga adaptation. Expect the rating of the show to be close to “R” (Restricted) as the story itself manifests violent nature and gore. Also distinguished Seiyuus will do the voice casting of the film so tune in as we’ll wait for promotional videos of the show.

Nao Omori stars in live-action “Sutegataki Hitobito”

The live-action adaptation of George Akiyama’s manga “Sutegataki Hitobito” is set to premiere at the 26th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) on October 17, 2013.

The film was directed by Hideo Sakaki and stars Nao Omori as a sex-obsessed, unemployed truck driver who returns to his hometown where he meets a girl named Kyoko (Hitomi Miwa). Largely due to the fact that she’s the only person who’s actually nice to him, the two begin dating and living together without truly realizing what the other wants out of the arrangement.


Anjin-san trailer I made for french publisher Le Lézard noir !
Anjin-san is a manga created by George Akiyama.


English-subtitled trailer for Hideo Sakaki’s “Disregarded People”, a live-action adaptation of George Akiyama’s manga Sutegataki Hitobito

【TITLE  (of  work  of  art) 】 :
  authentic  autograph/authentic  MANGA  art (of  Japanese  SHIKISHI)



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【作品名】 :  「浮浪雲」 直筆サイン入り/直筆カラーイラスト色紙

【作者】 :  ジョージ秋山


Zeni Geba - GEORGE Akiyama

Alternative Name : 銭ゲバ, Money Crazy
Genre(s) : Action, Drama, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Shounen, Tragedy
Author : GEORGE Akiyama
Artist : GEORGE Akiyama
Years : 1970
Status in Country of Origin : 01 Volume Bunkoban (Complete)

When Futaro was five years old, his father left his home. Futaro’s mother got sick in poverty. Also, Futaro has a ugly face, like Quasimodo. He’s been discriminated against and treated like trash by almost everyone in his neighborhood. Finally, his mother dies because they can’t afford medical treatment. Burying his mother’s body, Futaro makes up his mind to do anything for money…

Got a live-action.


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