There’s this kid in my geometry class, and when i saw that I would be sitting with him, I groaned, cause I thought he’d be annoying. I was wrong, he’s funny, and the reason he doesn’t do that great in class is because he spends his time drawing. And he’s not bad.

Today, out teacher gave us time to do homework, so I hand him a sheet of paper. He said “thank you, but I’m not gonna do the homework.” I look him straight in the eye and say: “That’s for drawing.” And he looked surprised.

So, I suppose that the moral of this little story is that sometimes, people that you think you won’t like turn out to be pretty ok. That being said, my previous group was exactly what I expected them to be: loud, annoying, and generally terrible. I’m glad I’m not sitting with them anymore.

Also, the other day, I said “focus machine broke,” and he responded with “understandable, have a great day.”

Mood #103

Government test: I’m terrified and didn’t study. I take three minutes on it and get a 100

Math test: I’m sure I don’t even need to study and am very confident. I run out of time and get a 72.


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