Geoffrey Scott

The cast at the 1984 People’s Choice Awards. Back row, l. to r.: Gordon Thomson (Adam), Michael Nader (Dex), John Forsythe (Blake), Geoffrey Scott (Mark), Jack Coleman (Steven), and John James (Jeff). Front row, l. to r.: Deborah Adair (Tracy), Pamela Bellwood (Claudia), Linda Evans (Krystle), and Joan Collins (Alexis).

FN Nicknames

Geoffrey Zakarian 

  • Hipster Grandpa
  • grouchy zakarian

Bobby Flay

  • the ginger demon 
  • Bobert Flavorless 
  • Floppy Bay
  • Robert Flavor
  • Booby Flay

Alex Guarnaschelli

  • Alex Tortellini 
  • alex ghiradelli 
  • Alex guara-slayi

Aaron Sanchez 

  • Spicy boi
  • too hot for you

Ted Allen 

  • Lil baby teddy bear
  • rainbow child

Amanda Freitag

  • Amanda “be my girl” friendtag 
  • the light of my life

Guy Fieri

  • fire chia 
  • the girl on fire

Scott Conant

  • onion boy
  • Scoff Conant

Robert Irvine

  • leg day
Chopped Drinking Game

Learn how to cook, get schwasted.


Chris Santos: “I didn’t get any [whatever thing everyone else got].”
Alex Guarnaschelli: “I love how bracingly acidic this is. That said, I hate it.”
Aaron Sanchez: “I need to correct you bro; [Mole, salsa, other thing said with over-exaggerated awesome Spanish accent] is not [chocolate sauce, tomato sauce, other thing it isn’t].”
Amanda Freitag: “It’s lovely, but I just wish it were sweeter. It’s very subtle.”
Marc Murphy: “This is not an appropriate size for a/n [appetizer, main, dessert].”
Geoffrey Zakarian: “Too spicy.”
Scott Conant: “Too raw onion-y.”
Marcus Samuelsson: “[Something, most likely meat] was not cooked properly.”
Maneet Chauhan: “It’s just so [amazing, wonderful, positive sentiment] how different all these chefs are!”

Hammered. Every time.


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Gemma Ryder

Full Name: Gemma Sara Ryder (her twin is Geoffrey Scott Ryder; she calls him “Scoot”, and he calls her “Gems”). 

Combat Class: Sentinel, with unpredictable vanguard tendencies. 

Personality Profile: E M O T I O N A L. To say Gemma wears her heart on her sleeve is the understatement of the year. She gains a little more professionalism as the game goes on, but she will forever be a feelings-first kind of woman. 

Love Interest: Jaal Ama Darav. 

Major Decisions: Didn’t destroy the Voeld facility (though she did kill the Cardinal); gave the Remnant Core to the krogan; saved Drack’s scouts; revealed the truth about Sarissa Theris; supported Sloane Kelly; nominated the Moshae as ambassador; didn’t shoot Akksul.

Bio: Gemma is emotive and empathetic to a fault. She trusts easily, gives far too many second chances, and lets her heart rule her head in every situation. Her optimism is inspiring, but her Pollyanna tendencies can alienate people with less idealistic views of the universe. 

She’s Lawful Good, with an emphasis on Good; given a choice, she’ll always pick helping people – especially those close to her – over upholding law and order. 

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