Geoffrey Scott

FN Nicknames

Geoffrey Zakarian 

  • Hipster Grandpa
  • grouchy zakarian

Bobby Flay

  • the ginger demon 
  • Bobert Flavorless 
  • Floppy Bay
  • Robert Flavor
  • Booby Flay

Alex Guarnaschelli

  • Alex Tortellini 
  • alex ghiradelli 
  • Alex guara-slayi

Aaron Sanchez 

  • Spicy boi
  • too hot for you

Ted Allen 

  • Lil baby teddy bear
  • rainbow child

Amanda Freitag

  • Amanda “be my girl” friendtag 
  • the light of my life

Guy Fieri

  • fire chia 
  • the girl on fire

Scott Conant

  • onion boy
  • Scoff Conant

Robert Irvine

  • leg day

Inspired by this headline. No, this isn’t how ACLU’s team works but the idea of a team … Jumped to this.

Imagine an au were instead of commanding  a ship, Jim Kirk commands a team called the Rapid Response Team  aka RRT. Star Fleet  is this agency who helps people no matter what they are in and they operate in and outside of the law through questionable, doubtfully legal standpoint. Let it be Vulcan, Qo’nos, Andoria, Romulus, and so on. Instead, there’s another agency called NSEA (National Space Exploration) in star fleet’s place. McCoy is the medic of the crew. Spock, a legal alien immigrant, helps them acting as their lawyer. Hikaru Sulu and Pavel Chekov deal with getting directions to the immigrants and finding a place that can take in the immigrants. Montgomery Scott is their residential drunken scottish man who shouts at the radio more than lately due to the new president of the planet. Scotty is a brilliant mechanic. Scotty finds them vehicles to take. And often than not fixes them because they bother him that they are not fixed. Nyota Uhura acts as a translator for Jim to the immigrants. Jim does the breaking and entering  with help from men in obligatory red shirts. The red shirts risk their lives to help the self dubbed the RRT Enterprise crew of Earth. It’s Jim who makes the plans while Spock determines if it is logical enough to pull. McCoy checks every immigrant that boards their very long vehicle to make sure if they are okay or not. Ben Sulu promotes them in various other ways to help immigrants such as getting clothes, food, and giving their children toys representing marine life. He is also the partner of  Hikaru and their four year old daughter Demora loves to play with her friend Joanna. Joanna is the little girl who sometimes tags along because she wants to help. She stays on the bus most of the time at the front under Hikaru’s watchful eye. Christine Chapel acts as a nurse with Doctor Geoffrey M’Benga at the HeadQuarters for the immigrants to be taken care of or moved appropriately by another team. Christine and Nyota are married lesbians who fret and worry abut each other every day, they’re in love as hell when off duty. Spock poses the legal challenges for the families to keep the officials wrapped up while the immigrants are being rescued. Scotty has a protoge named Jaylah, a new immigrant patrol cop who likes to fix things, under his wing to take his place if the authorities ever find out his involvement. Spock has his eye on T’Pring for the same matter because of her skill in court to make the jury side on her and everyone doesn’t suspect her in the event that he is sent to prison for a long time. Or if he unexpectedly is killed. He has it all arranged so if he falls the dominoes begin falling. Everyone knows T’Pring as she sometimes bust them out some minor court cases that don’t relate to their quests. Nyota and Christine are blushing when they see her which is not often. Jocelyn is a dirty cop who informs McCoy when to hurry who then tells the captain of this team. Jim feels like he will die alone, he has always known it, without his team around him or his husbands. When Jim and McCoy are sick, Nyota and Christine step up to the plate. They do a excellent job.  Jim gives reports to the agency and everyone in their team part of the operation has to make a report except for Scotty if it does not relate to the vehicle breaking down mid way.