Warrior Culture : Mongol

The Mongolian Empire is perhaps the most underrated of them all. Ironic since at its hights it controlled more land than Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Adolf Hitler combined. They were predominantly a nomadic horse warrior people, able to ride for days and outwit, out maneuver, and out survive their enemies. Brutal and effective in battle with enemies, but magnanimous in peace with friends, as it should be.

The future...

I don’t know about you guys but I am graduating this year and I am not going to college at least not off the bat.  I am worried for my future, and money, and getting married and stuff they are big concerns.  I have however in these times decided to have faith and to be brave.  If your like me then you must be brave.  The only thing that can stop you from succeeding is fear.  Fear is the only thing that can stop you!  Be strong and push forward you can do it!!!