Do you like games such as,

- Zoo Tycoon 2

- Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

- Rollercoaster Tycoon

and were you disappointed in the lack of realism, artificial intelligence for the animals, or lack of creativity revolving around the enclosures for your creatures?

Prehistoric Kingdom is a tycoon simulation game currently under development that aims to be a spiritual successor to Zoo Tycoon 2 and Jurassic Park Operation Genesis.

This game promises to have realistic dinosaurs (with feathers that you can turn on and off according to your preference), prehistoric mammals, aquatic reptiles, and other extinct species that are accurate depictions of their kind.

Here is the catch;

200 different species will have AI that allows them to perform and react with their natural behaviors to a variety of settings, including social, predator/prey, and environmental settings.

But this is a theme park building game!

Safari jeep tours, aquariums, roller coasters, and animal interactions are just a few of the theme park attractions that you can create.

This game is the epitome of Tycoon-type experiences, combining all of your favorite games into one, modern, accurate depiction of Prehistoric theme park greatness.

You are essentially creating your own version of Jurassic World that isn’t just limited to Dinosauria!!

What you can do to help promote this indie game into production:

Like them on Facebook (where they post almost weekly updates and commonly ask for fan input on creatures and options being added)

Subscribe to  them on Youtube

Stay active and help advertise their game, because I strongly believe this will be the new generation of Zoo Tycoon-type games that everyone will love.

This is a trailer for it’s upcoming Spring 2015 Tech Demo.

Note: I have no association with Prehistoric Kingdom or it’s development team in any way, I just wanted to help promote the game.

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