German made general purpose machine gun that became infamous for its blistering rate of fire. Semi-auto examples can be found due to some parts kits being rebuilt by companies like BRP and Wiselite. A majority of what you will find though are Yugoslavian M53′s, which are a copy of the MG42, but were also brought into the U.S as parts kits. The actual German examples will almost always command a premium in price over the Yugo ones. (GRH)

A Gurkha of the 1st Battalion, 7th Gurkha Rifles mans an L7A2 GPMG on an anti-aircraft mounting as defence against Argentine air attack, possibly in the Bluff Cove area. 

General Purpose Machine Gun

A soldier takes aim through his vehicle mounted GPMG . 

D Squadron, The Kings Royal Hussars carried out CT1 training with their Warthog vehicles on Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) in readiness for their deployment to Afghanistan in spring this year. 

Consisting of basic patrol techniques, formations, obstacle crossings and other squadron core skills, the completion of the training ensures the readiness of D Squadron to integrate with other Arms in a tactical context. 

Photographer: Cpl Paul Morrison RLC

US Marines Pierce Tanks with M2 .50 Machine Guns
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U.S. Marines assigned to 2d Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion (LAAD) and Headquarters Battery, 10th Marine Regiment participate in a heavy machine gun range training day, where they used .50 cal machine gun and M240 against old tanks. The M240 or Machine Gun, is a family of machine guns to use generalized loaded tape, operating gas using the cartridge 7.62 x 51 mm belt disintegrating M13, is the American variant of the Belgian FN MAG machine gun 58 (Mitrailleuse d'Appui G'en'eral, general purpose machine gun or GPMG). The M240 has been used by the United States since the mid-1980s and is used by infantry, armored or not, boats and aircraft; although not the MMG (medium machine gun) lighter in service, the M240 is widely seen as a highly effective and reliable weapon, and its standardization among NATO forces was seen as a great advantage.
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