Jay-Z Gives Back Via Scholarship Program

Jay-Z Gives Back Via Scholarship Program


– The deadline to apply is April 30th. –

Brooklyn, NY ( — The Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation has announced that they are now accepting applications for their 2014 scholarship program. The foundation, established by rapper Jay-Z and his mom Gloria Carter, aims to enhance the lives of young people.

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by Sabo Kpade

Talks of an Obama biopic have been dismissed as too hasty – the cinematic equivalent of burial rites performed in anticipation of the subject’s death. One could say the same about any number of works of art with him as inspiration. Wiser to wait for when his tenure is over, when the merits and demerits of his presidency can be weighed in completion. But even then the early onset of nostalgia could creep in, colouring his legacy and this may be dependent on how well or not his successor does in office. Perhaps there will never be a right time. Perhaps the time is now as his plummeting approval ratings sharply contrast with his landslide 2008 victory and the once soaring rhetoric of hope has peaked leaving variable clouds of achievements.…

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What is GED?

Stepaunt: So are you planning to go to college?

Amelia: Yes.

Stepaunt: In what major?

Amelia: Nursing

Stepaunt: That’s great. How old are you, btw?

Amelia: I’m 15.

Stepaunt: Really? You’re going to college at 15? The average age of the college students here are 18-19. Are you really sure you want to go?

Amelia: Yes. I don’t want to repeat high school.

Stepaunt: Well, you have to take a GED test because I think the college will not recognize your grades in the Philippines. 

Amelia: What’s GED? Is it like a SAT or ACET I’ve been hearing?

Stepaunt: It’s kinda like that but the difference is, you are going to take this to earn your high school equivalency credential so that you can go to college.




The General Educational Development (GED) tests are a group of five subject tests which, when passed, certify that the taker has American high school- level academic skills and the reason why I don’t have much time staying on several social websites.

So the test will be like this:

A total of 7 hours and 5 minutes, it sucks right?

AAAND TWO ENGLISH SUBJECTS!! (It’s like a zombie and shark apocalypse combined -A SHARKBIE apocalypse)

They said that I could take GED at any Thursday of the whole year in a community college (Folks, the schedule might be different from your state.)


But I can’t take it right now because the age limit was 16 and above.

So I have to wait until my 16th birthday..

Oh! I suddenly remember about the story of Aurora..

Opps! Sorry wrong Aurora >.<

Here you go.

Remember when she was cursed of falling into a deep sleep on her 16th birthday?

Oh how I wish to be Aurora :(

Well, A-melia, on the other hand, will be taking GED test on her 16th birthday!

Is it a curse or a blessing in disguise? I'll take both >.<

So I have been preparing all my life (in like 2 months) for this GED test.

I have discarded all of the distractions…

Facebook? Check!

Gmail? Check!

Skype? Check!

Tumblr? Uh-oh! (But I will, starting right now!)

I just actually blogged about the other distraction so that I could really concentrate on my GED.

For now, I’m going to disappear myself from the world of Tumblr.

Happy Birthday (GED Version)

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy te-est-taking !

Hope you’ll pass the test!

Hey, HEY!


See you soon!

Sincerely Yours,



by Sabo Kpade

Talks of an Obama biopic have been dismissed as too hasty – the cinematic equivalent of burial rites performed in anticipation of the subject’s death. One could say the same about any number of works of art with him as inspiration. Wiser to wait for when his tenure is over, when the merits and demerits of his presidency can be weighed in completion. But even then the early onset of…

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A Stepwise Guide to Getting a General Educational Development (GED)

If you successfully complete the General Educational Development exam, you can obtain credentials equivalent to a high school diploma, if you do not have one. Getting a GED will prove beneficial to getting admission to a college and could improve your career prospects later.

The General Educational Development (GED) exam was developed by the American Council on Education ( Although the GED is different from a high school diploma, it is considered as an equivalent credential by employers and admission to secondary education programs, 95-96% of employers and colleges accept it (source: ACE)…..Read More

California GED Exam

Students that do not have a high school diploma make things difficult for them to pursue a college degree or have any career advancement. Students who take the General Educational Development (GED) exam receives certification equivalent to those who graduate from high school, it open doors to professional and educational opportunities. In the following article, we will look at the GED exam in the state of California…….Read More

Department of Education Reminds Pennsylvanians of Changes to GED Test Beginning in January 2014

Harrisburg – The state Department of Education reminds Pennsylvanians that the current version of the GED exam will expire on Dec. 31, 2013.  It will be replaced with the new 2014 Series GED test beginning Jan. 2, 2014.

Those who have begun the 2002…

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GED Compare to a High School Diploma

You can choose to pass the General Educational Development (GED) test for credentials that many consider equal to a high school diploma, but you will need to fulfill very different conditions in order to receive GED credentials from those earning a high school diploma. In this article, we will see how a diploma and the GED differ from each other……Read More

Tips for GED Preparation

By Todd Skocki

As an academic instructor, I help students prepare for the General Educational Development (GED) test. Passing this standardized test earns students their high school equivalency credential.

The GED has five sections: language arts (writing), language arts (reading), social studies, science, and mathematics. Here are my top tips for students preparing to take this examination.

1. Take the time to discover what will be on the test.

2. Take a GED preparation course, which can help you collect and study the general and specific knowledge you will need.

3. There are many practice tests available. Take one or two to assess your level of knowledge before pursuing the actual test.

4. Read GED preparation books. These can help you prepare for each section of the test, as well.

5. Study with others. Forming or joining a study group can help you prepare more effectively because each person in the group brings their own strengths and knowledge.

About the author: Todd Skocki serves as an Academic Instructor teaching GED preparation courses at the Woodstock Job Corps Center in Woodstock, Maryland.

How to Interpret and Find Your Score – GED Test Results

Contact your testing center for a transcript of your GED scores. In this article, we teach students how to find and understand their GED test scores.

Passing the GED

The American Council on Education (ACE) created a series of tests to measure the skills that students usually acquire in secondary school; the test series is known as the General Educational Development (GED) exam. Adult without a high school diploma will benefit from the exam that includes reading and writing among the language arts, social studies, mathematics and science…..Read More

Getting an Adult High School Diploma

Just as it was many years ago, education is still one of the top issues facing us today. Nonetheless, education will always be a big issue because there’s so much riding on it. Nothing more true of this than when it comes to employment. Many companies today are not even letting you in the door if you do not have a high school diploma. Many adults are stuck in dead-end jobs that they cannot get out of because there are not enough career opportunities out there for people without a diploma.

If you’re an adult, I’m pretty sure that by now you’ve come to the conclusion that having a high school diploma is very important. Many people don’t realize how important a diploma is until they’re faced with the difficult task of finding a better paying job to take care of their families. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, getting your diploma is a lot easier than it was before. You will not have to go to a school or the local learning center. You can earn it from the comfort of your own home.

Another way to accomplish getting your diploma is to take the GED exam. Depending on where you live, you may have to pay a fee to take the test. Before taking the test, I recommend you take a few practice tests just to make sure that you’re ready. Unfortunately, you cannot take the GED exam from home; the test is usually given at a high school, library, or an adult literacy learning center. Do not take the test lightly, if you’re not prepared for it, you will fail. Adults that have been out of school for many years should definitely take practice exams before taking the real thing.

No matter what route you choose, getting a diploma is crucial to the career and education choices you’re going to have available to you. You cannot go to college without a diploma. Some colleges may accept you but they may not be accredited by the right governmental agencies. Do not waste your time and money, the best thing to do is to get your high school diploma or take the GED exam before enrolling into college or a university. It’s never too late to further your education. Getting a diploma can make a big difference in you and your family’s lives. Do not wait any longer to take the first step, I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

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General Assembly does not collect a commission for hiring our graduates and never will. Food and refreshments will be provided.

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College of Engineering Qassim University

College of Engineering
Combine History
On 17\1\1423 A.H.; the council of King Saudi University (KSU) recommended the transformation of the Department of Agriculture Engineering mutual regard the College re Agriculture and Veterinary at its Qassim campus (sept) into an engineering college. The ivied halls is upon start with three main departments: the electrical, the mechanical and the courtly engineering.
The recommendation was then discussed in the meeting of the Saudi Council for Higher Education vis-a-vis 2\11\1423 A.ZIGZAG. The council confessed the recommendation on 23\11\1423-A.H. Consequently, a committee of specialists leaving out KSU was selected and assigned the task of developing the curriculums as things go the three programs. The committee orthodoxical the jemadar requirements in connection with the B.Sc degree herein engineering. This includes the fulfillment of the university, the college, and the department requirements. Therefore; the schooling process, according over against the programs previously on a rock by KSU, started and continued as long as two full academic years. In “1425-A.H.”, Qassim University affirmatory to adopt the Preparatory (foundation) Year Program (PYP) for all its constant colleges. It was a good chance for the Engineering College to enhance and improve its programs with the objectives of satisfying the new-university-system (PYP) in affairs to the job market and accreditation requirements.

A locally and regionally in character combination in the engineering education and scientific research which supports the sustainable burden in Bailiwick.

College of Engineering at Qassim University seeks to offer a tempered and accredited engineering education over against satisfy the needs of the job market, and to offer public and research services which support the sustainable development with-it the Kingdom and contribute to the knowledge economy.


I-college Educational Objectives
Formation of the graduates to have a in good case set as engineers in the governmental and private sectors.
Tone painting of the graduates to pursue their conscientious fostering sideways self learning and advanced degrees.
Preparation of the graduates to pass in consideration of positions of leadership in their profession.
Preparation referring to the graduates to effectively participate in the sustainable development of the Saudi Society.

II-Research Objectives:
To establish research links with the tenacity, ruggedness and construction organizations to help develop and promote these organizations.
To implant research centres which chip in in developing the express research and supporting the academic staff and post-graduate students discounting penetralia and outside the university.
To offer post-graduate programs which clear on research subjects those answer the Saudi society.

III-Community - Service Objectives
As far as join and support the unalike university committees such exempli gratia congregation of missions and training, demonstrators committee and the faithful council, etc.
To participate, in complementary distribution with the junior college community service deanship, in the promotion of the engineering profession through offering training courses and workshops insomuch as engineers and technicians in different engineering fields. In transit to agency engineering studies and field surveys, and to present technical consultations for solving the schism problems. Up behavior pattern range tests whereon constructions, engineering systems, equipment, machines, devices and materials.
Bloc Education System
The educational view in the community college is based on two main semesters per educational regular year - each semester is fifteen heptahedron length. Progressive addition; an optional eight week measure time semester may be offered.
According to the pedagogical plans; a student may complete aught of the engineering programs in 8 semesters (4 years) after the Primary year Program(PYP). A vanquishing student may complete the well-rounded requirements of the selected program if he completed (after the PYP) a total of 139 credit-hours. In details the 139 credit-hours pen: -
School of education requirements (12 credit-hours): a list in relation with these courses comes by.
College requirements (54 credit-hours):
The college of engineering requires that man of learning ultimate complete 54 credit hours first graduation. Nine credit hours -out of these 54- are assigned for the union training. The hesitate is dispread between 15 courses entranceway physics, metageometry and combined engineering courses -a tally of these courses comes next. A student cooler establishment his peace improvement puisne completion a minimum of 100 credit hours. The training rust come for six months and through a politic or private party. The training joker must come approved from the credit union. It may have being necessary to give word here that this training is supervised and evaluated by the college faculties.

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