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squid’s laws of fic (not inclusive)

first law: write the fic you wish to see in the world aka goddammit do I have to do everything myself around here

second law: it’s going to be longer than you think. much longer. hahaha so long. why are you crying 

third law: the time spent writing is inversely proportional to the amount of smut present, dammit

fourth law: flesh out your secondary characters. make them real people. have them take over. oh god. put them back. somebody please help 

fifth law: the time spent researching canon is directly proportional to the amount of time you’ll spend altering your plot. that one person on the internet 

sixth law: the time spent researching in general will eclipse the time you spend writing. the nsa agent monitoring your internet search history is curled up in a corner. his boss wants to know if you’re a threat. “I don’t know,” the agent sobs. “I just really don’t know.” 

seventh law: at some point, someone will ask what your favorite hobby is. you will feign a heart attack to get away

~10 Kinds Of Magical Books~

1. Book Of Shadows- A witch’s book of spells, rituals, personal feelings, etc. It is a general book for any metaphysical or religious information that you wish to put into it, among other things.

2.Bestiary- A sometimes hand-written encyclopedia or manual of mythological and magical creatures and beings, used for reference when you want to work with a non-human energy, or for general research. 

3.Grimoire- Usually filled with tables and charts, lists relating to astrological, numerical, and color correspondences; properties of crystals, herbs, trees, etc. Contains moon phase meanings and medicinal properties of plants- This one has an old-timey textbook feel to it, usually.

4.Book Of Mirrors- a special journal, where you ‘reflect’ on things going on in your day to day life, providing deep insights which are invaluable when you’re doing work regarding personal growth. Very helpful with developing personal spiritual philosophies.

5.Book Of Moons- A book entirely relating to the moon and it’s cycles, names of the moons of each month, their attributes and energies, dates of lunar eclipses as well as full moon dates of upcoming moons. Filled with vast knowledge of lunar attributes and special dates of red moons, blue moons, etc.

6.Dream Journal- Here you record the dreams you have in as much detail as you can remember, and some people draw images from their dream adventures in this book as well, since dreams use the language of symbolism and imagery. You interpret the meanings of your dreams in here too, if you wish. Dreams can help us get a glimpse into our subconscious and the more dreams you write the easier it becomes for you to remember them.

7. Book of Visions- A vision book is used with the law of attraction, it is a ‘vision board’ in book form. Put different images of things you want in life, be they experiences, physical items, money, health, etc, in the pages of the book. Open the book up to pictures of what you want to visualize having. Think of this as an on-the-go vision board, except with much more space as there are so many pages!

8.Book Of Positive Aspects- At the top of each page you write the name of a topic that you are unhappy with, like ‘the workplace’  for example. Below the topic title you begin listing all the positive aspects of the subject, and by the end of your list your emotions will be in a much better place regarding the topic. You can do a list a day or many in one sitting, it is a valuable tool for cultivating positive energy or for switching viewpoints on things that normally would upset you.

9.Gratitude Journal- A book where you write about EVERYTHING you are thankful and appreciative for in your life right now. You feel overwhelmed with love and positivity when writing in this book, which aids you in raising your vibration and frequency.

10. Book Of Intuitions- a psychic journal, it’s a book where all divination and psychic exercises are recorded, ranging from full tarot spreads, to tea leaf readings, even psychic impressions you pick up off people. It’s handy for tracking progress as well as for record keeping.


I’ve been working on designs for a new project I was invited to. 

Mage Oikawa who wanders into the woods looking for a rare hearb and gets lost and meet the Forest’s Guardian, the Fairy King, Iwachan….. or smth xP

  • Other writers on Tumblr: Worldbuilding is my passion! I must create at least 60 new languages from scratch and spend 3 months researching cicadas for an small joke or else I will DIE.
  • Me: this thing exists. why? idk, fuck you

Vegans are annoying when they act super pretitious and guilt trip people with animal abuse stories because they completely ignore the fact that not everyone can go vegan

Like my dude, people have health issues, whether mental or physical, that makes them unable to live on just plants

There are the cases of poverty, a lack of a living pay wage, and food prices that prevents people from going vegan.

If you’re living in poverty making $7.25 an hour, you’re not going to be thinking about the studies about animal abuse in slaughterhouses but rather which food is cheapest and will fill you up for a week if not longer.

Stop acting like people have access to cheap fruits, vegetables, and plant based products.

Instead of trying to guilt trip people into becoming vegan, how about you shut the fuck up and educate yourself on why some people can’t

writing an essay in college is very different from writing an essay in high school. personally, i write more research/history papers than literary essays (the liberal arts life and curse), so this is going to be a post on how a general research-y essay that has a thesis and arguments. 


  • don’t open with a quote and don’t be overly broad. 
  • avoid generalizations 
  • your intro should address the topic of your essay (ex. the significance of gardens in renaissance society), and then narrow down to what you want to talk about in regards to your topic (ex. the political influence of the Medici gardens during the renaissance)
  • thesis! it should include the argument you want to make about the narrowed down topic, and three (or however many your class requires) reasons to support it. I like to think of it as W = X + Y + Z. 
  • your thesis explains who, what and why in a concise manner. 


  • topic sentences should not be a word for word copy of your thesis.
  • the order of arguments in your thesis is the order of your paragraphs 
  • depending on the length of your essay, there should be at least two justifications to your argument. 
  • so, just as the intro has a formula, X = A + B, and so forth. 
  • A and B should be backed up with some sources/quotes. don’t forget that if you are quoting from class notes to put either the prof’s last name, or (class notes)
  • be sure to have clear and concise arguments, don’t be flowery
  • USE WORDS THAT ARE ACCURATE. thesaurus is great but if you use a word that sounds cool but doesn’t capture the meaning you want to convey then don’t use it, because it may just change the meaning of your argument
  • quote whatever isn’t yours. it is completely fine if 90% of your sentences are quotes. its weird to get used to, but don’t worry about it. 


  • the worst part in my opinion. 
  • synthesize don’t summarize. show how your arguments relate back to the thesis.
  • try not to copy paste your thesis into the conclusion, word it so that the readers understands that through XYZ, you were able to conclude and support argument W (referring back to the thesis formula)
  • do not add any new information, do not add quotes. 
  • your final sentence should tie up the essay in a pretty bow, but try to avoid clichés 


  • when writing the body paragraphs, your ‘weakest’ paragraph should be in the middle, strongest as your last, and the second best as your first.
  • if you’re stumped on the intro, skip it. write out the body first, then the intro and you’ll be able to concisely word your thesis
  • think of your essay as an infomercial. your intro is the loud and clear HERES MY PRODUCT, the body is blasting information on why the product is so cool, and the conclusion is the final push for the viewer to buy that product. make your teacher want to agree with your thesis! 
  • use a mix of paraphrase and quotes!
  • don’t forget your works cited lmao (the MLA Handbook is a gr8 tool, also OWL Purdue)
  • prime time for essay writing is in the morning or at night, but make sure you edit it meticulously 

stay humble, study hard 

post-mortem-pixie  asked:

(1/2)I'm currently working on the basics of a story and I want to make sure that the powers I'm giving my characters aren't problematic in any way before I get too far into it. They're a Korean girl(control/summon bones and necromancy) an Irish/Mi'kmaq kid(reads minds and manipulates time) an Icelandic/Mexian intersex girl(enhanced senses, super agility&strength) an Indian kid(control/summon of water and ice) a Jewish demiboy(future seeing, probability manipulation)

(2/2) a Swiss/Croatian genderfluid kid(shapeshifting, creation of illusions) a Syrian Muslim trans girl(regenerative healing, soundwave control) and a Hungarian/Rromani girl(manipulation of light, fear inducement). Are there any problems with any of these? The powers are given to them by an omnipotent being and they’re also the only humans left alive because the being is bored and is destroying every planet and pitting the species against each other to determine who will inhabit the new universe

Help, an alien wiped out the whole world except for a small group of super diverse kids

Personally I would be far too terrified to write a story about how a group of kids are reacting to their entire species being wiped out. That is an amount of pain I can’t even comprehend. Especially when some of the kids are from groups of people who aren’t new to being, if you’ll excuse my shit grammar, genocided already.

But I am fine with Jewish trans kids being able to change reality because holy fuck that kid might change it back so fast.

Tasbeeh comments that Hungarian/Romani is fine with her, and you’re fine with the Irish/Mi'kmaq kid because there’s plenty of Irish diaspora people in the area Mi'kmaq people live. There are some other issues going on, though: first of all, you’re going to have to establish how the Mexican and Icelandic kid’s parents met (some ideas include summer camp, an international academic conference, or on vacation.) 

According to Lesya, the largest Icelandic population outside Iceland is in Manitoba, and since according to Wikipedia there are Mexican immigrants there it could work, but you’ll probably have to establish all of this one way or another instead of just announcing the character’s background. 

WWC wants to comment as a whole, though, that it doesn’t look like you’ve looked through our tags for some of these groups (the tropes page here or the FAQ page that is literally part of the Ask page here ) because you’re asking about giving a Muslim character magical powers and Kaye and the other Muslim mods have stated pretty clearly that they do not approve of this as a plot device. You will get a lot more out of WWC as a resource if you read some of the posts we’ve taken the time to write here–they’re free and convenient!–rather than asking first without checking.

Related to this: you’ve picked a cast with an incredible amount of diversity that will each require research of their own. You can write a Korean character, but are you going to know about nunchi? (For example. This is a Korean cultural concept that neither of the two non-Korean-written books that I’ve read with Korean MC’s mentioned, and the Korean one did.) How are you going to make sure your intersex character or trans characters don’t fall into all the negative tropes or misleading myths about those groups? By reading. By doing research. By peppering your story with one of everything you’ve basically added to your own workload a lot, and all at once. If that’s what you really want to do, that’s fine–just be aware that part of the process is reading and consuming and learning on your own first before it’s question time.


Ideas for Your Grimoire

Ideas for your Grimoire (or a journal/collection/file similar to a Grimoire):
• Diary Entries

• Meditative Pages

- Inducing different states, emotions, 
trances, mindsets, and triggers for spells, 
realms, etc.

• Spirit Communication

• Symbol Meanings

- Alchemy, elements, zodiac, Futhark Runes, 
your own, etc.

• Symbology

- Animals, mythical creatures, any items

• Herbology

- Both medicinal and metaphysical

• Chakra Meanings

- Or Energy Points, whatever you refer to 
them as or similar points that you use in
your craft

• Healing Methods

• Divination Methods

• Spells

• Rituals

• Rites

• Incantations

• Portals

• Deity Worship

- If you worship any deities of any sort, you
can include them in your Grimoire if you’d

• Deep Feelings

• (Divination) Readings

• Notes from Your Books

• Research in General

• Mythology

• Egregores

- Thought forms, concepts

• Coding Methods

• Psychic-Gathered Information

• Spell/Craft Logs

• Correspondences to Easy-to-Get Supplies
and Substitutes

• Key Things You’ve Discovered in magic, the Paranormal, the Astral, the future, your abilities, etc.

• What Colors Mean to You

• Lore!

• Traditional Known Methods

• Urban Methods

• Your Methods!

• Potions

- They don’t always HAVE to be all herb-
based, just so you know. There’s plenty of 
magic in fruits and veggies.

• Correspondences/Your Own Correspondences

• Craft and Food Recipes

• Blessings, Curses/Jinxes/Hexes, 

• Spirit Friends

• Things about your Past Life

- If you’ve reincarnated (or have past lives in
your beliefs or… Well.. Anything that gives 
you a past life)

• Your Passions

• Your Morals

• Fun Activities You Find/Make

• Astral Travel Experiences

LGBTQ+ Vocab in Turkish

Originally posted by shadeykris

This list was actually kinda hard to make, since the community faces a lot of bigotry in Turkey and many people can’t openly identify with specific labels, even on the internet! (And those who do tend to use the English names). Oh, also, this list is translated from @langsandlit‘s Italian list! Under the cut, because this ended up being SUPER long!

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My mindmap on GMF for general paper research . I love how it turned out tho 💕 supposed to make 2 more but…it’s kinda too late now 🙃 + I take the exam next yr so I kinda focus on other subjects more
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anonymous asked:

This sounds weird but could you give some advice to other fanfiction writers? You're really good. 💕

oh my goooooooood where are all you lovely people coming from tonight?? 

alrighty, let’s give this a go!

Fanfic Tips:

Character Motivation

This is my biggest thing. You should always, at any given moment, know what every character in a scene wants. What they want is going to dictate how they act and react to things. Without characters wanting things, nobody ever does anything, and your fic doesn’t exist. 

When characters have different motivations and have to come together, magic happens. And as characters develop, their motivations change. 

Great example?

what Luke wants (general motivation: freedom -> The Right Thing): to get off his uncle’s farm and get to go be with his friends at the academy -> to be a Jedi and fight for the rebellion -> to learn more but also keep his friends safe -> to redeem his father.

what Leia wants (general motivation: fight Empire): to get the Death Star plans to the rebel base and find Obi-Wan Kenobi -> to not be in the Empire’s clutches -> to blow up the Death star -> to not be in the Empire’s clutches -> to save Han -> to blow up the other Death Star 

what Han wants (general motivation: self-preservation -> protect friends): to get his hands on some money so that he doesn’t get killed by a mob boss -> to escape the empire -> to help the rebellion/keep his friends safe

(Obi-Wan, meanwhile, pretty much just wants to keep Luke safe, and help the rebellion if he can.)

All different, all interweaving, most of them changing as the characters are influenced by others, and learn and grow. 

So yeah. You gotta know this shit about your characters - it’s crucial. 

Tip? If you’re unsure about whether you know what they want, try making a list of all the important characters in your fic (and then potentially do this with most scenes, briefly) and work out what their main motivation/what they want is. Just…in general. In life. And then, once you’re in a scene, see how this plays into what they want in this exact moment, and how they’re going to go about trying to get it. 

Know Your Source Material

You don’t have to be an expert in your fandom to write fanfic, but the more you know, the easier it is to move through the world and build a story, because you know where you’re going and how things work. Wikis are your friend, especially when working in big universes like DW or SW. (Like, hell, I might know a lot about DW, and feel very comfortable in that universe, but I still find myself on the TARDIS Index File all the time, checking little random things. It’s a damn godsend, and every fandom has a wiki.)

Your Characters Are Just People

Make sure you let your characters fuck up once in a while. They’re fallible beings, they’re going to make rash decisions that backfire, they’re going to try something and fail, they’re going to say the wrong thing and piss somebody off. They’re going to maybe mean well but fuck up majorly, and that’s okay, that’s good. Let them apologise, let them learn from the consequences, let the healing of a wound in a relationship bring the people closer together. 

And yes, this still goes for characters that almost never do anything wrong, or are all ‘holier than thou’. They are still gonna go about some things the wrong way. 

Planning Is Good, But Be Flexible 

In my experience, while some people lean heavily towards one or the other, appropriate use of planning or gardening can depend heavily on what kind of story you’re writing. 

When writing more action based storylines, I’ve found it’s very easy to get stuck in the middle of them - you get the characters into a mess and get stuck for a month not knowing how to get them out. This is where planning tends to be handy. A good way of not getting stuck is to plan it all out in little increments, so there’s not too much room to get stuck. Also, plotting from the back. Start at the end. Works really well a lot of the time. 

If planning works for you, plan as much as you want. But, always, always, be ready to change something, if you try a bit of gardening and end up somewhere different to where you expected to be. Always follow what feels right over sticking with a plan. 

Gardening aka Let The Characters Take The Lead

…this is fanfic. Let’s be honest, we know that most of it is juicy interpersonal stuff. So while planning is all well and good, I think gardening works a lot better. When writing the maths teacher fic, I went in pretty much blind. I had a couple of vague ideas of what I wanted to achieve, but I also wanted the relationship I was developing to be as absolutely genuine/believable as possible (which, according to the general consensus, it is). 

The way to do that?

Don’t try and force things between the characters. Sometimes you might start a scene with a particular moment in mind, and that’s all good, but for me personally, I’ve found that you tend to get results that are more organic by simply going into a scene blind and seeing what the characters do. You should still, hopefully, have an idea of what you want to happen, but the characters and their ways of reacting to things should always come first. 

Seriously, if you’ve got the characterisation down, they’ll do the hard work for you. 

Maybe they’ll get to where you wanted, maybe they won’t. But it’s actually a really fun ride, doing it this way. When are they going to kiss? When are they going to fuck? Who knows? Not me! How could I know, when I haven’t yet seen/created the unique and particular path of events that gets them to that point? 

Like, I went into a chapter once, intending for a child character to kill a guy. But when it came to writing the scene, I just wasn’t quite sure if she would actually do it, even with her evil psychopathic mother egging her on. So I gave the kid the reins/gun, and sat back to see what happened. She ended up shooting him non-fatally, only for him to be killed by the vaguely disappointed mother instead. I was like “oh, okay, cool, that works”. 

Garden. Have fun letting the characters surprise you!


Dialogue is the make or break of a story, really. And the trick to dialogue is to make it authentic, and give the characters their own unique voices. 

First one is simple. Make sure the dialogue sounds like how people actually talk. Anyone who has read any of my fics knows that I use “-” and “…” and “um” and “uh” liberally. That’s because humans, modern day ones at least, aren’t always the most eloquent of creatures. We mumble and say the wrong thing, or get distracted halfway through, or forget what we were going to say, and hesitate when we’re unsure (even posh, eloquent characters, they just do it less and use bigger words in between). Let the characters do this. 

Saying the dialogue out loud will help a lot. Also, you could also try verbally paraphrasing a conversation from the fic to a friend, and you’ll likely find some of the dialogue coming out a lot more casually/authentically. 

As for giving the characters their own unique voices, that’s just down to knowing your canon and being in tune with the characters, which is a crucial thing but unfortunately not something I can really give advice on, you’ve gotta get those in your head on your own. 

Details Matter

Different details matter in different stories. And getting them wrong can really break the immersion.

If you’re writing characters that come from a different place to you, make sure you know how people from that place talk! Americans, don’t you fucking dare have a British character call somebody ‘Mom’, it breaks the immersion completely and makes me want to punch something. It’s ‘Mum’, for anyone from UK/Aus/NZ. And same with Brits writing American characters, but the other way around. This goes for any UK/US/Aus/NZ/Canada language difference. Find out what your character calls things.

Working details out can seem unnecessary, or going over the top, but honestly, half the time you realise that you’ve gone and got something wrong, and next thing you know the entire plot has a gaping hole in it, or a character doesn’t know something they got told three months back, but you forgot about it. 

Like, okay, I have a day by day plan of the timeline of the maths teacher fic (and, going forward, its general universe), because I was trying to weave in all this original material through the show canon (and now, write several stories/oneshot set at the same time within that verse, focused on different characters/things), and if I hadn’t done that, I would have royally fucked myself over multiple times. 

I’m not saying everyone has to make a timeline that detailed, because for a lot of stories it wouldn’t be remotely necessary, but it was for this particular one. 

But just details in general. Do your research, check that thing on the wiki, get specific with details about a character, even if they’re just a minor one (though maybe stick to just one or two details, in this case). 

This kind of goes along with show, don’t tell. Like you could tell the readers blatantly that a character loves a thing, or you could talk about how they wearing clothing printed with the thing and have them jabbering on about it excitedly, you know? 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need information!

Seek out people who are experts in something you need to know about. This might be kink (bless the friends I’ve made through fic in the last six months or so, who have helped me in this area), or something specific to their country’s society/culture/choice of words for a certain thing. 

Also, if you’re trying to add diversity in your fics, and you hopefully should be, ask friends or people on Tumblr from within the group you’re trying to include to get information! Want to write a trans guy? Go find a trans guy to talk to about it! (I did this with a demigirl character recently, and got about four or five really helpful people more than happy to give me the info I was looking for, they were really excited about the prospect of demigirl characters existing at all.) It’s really easy to add in background diversity regardless of what fandom you’re writing for, and it can make a lot of difference to any readers who find themselves unexpectedly represented, even if only in a minor or one time character. 

In Conclusion:

Know your characters, and what they want, and how they talk. Let them lead the story, because they’re why you’re here, and doing all this. Give them real and imperfect voices and qualities, and let them make mistakes and apologise.

And do your research, so you get the details right.

I hope this helped! Now, go forth and write!

(And have fun! That’s the other big rule. Do it out of love, make yourself laugh, just have fun with it!) 

Earth Witchcraft: Tools & Associations

**Tools: Acorns/Acorn Caps, Animal Bones, Animal Skulls, Antlers, Axe, Bark, Baskets, Branches and Sticks, Bricks, Chains, Chords, Clay, Claws (animal), Club/Bat, Coins/Currency, Dried Plants/Flowers, Drums, Earthenware, Flower Pots, Fur, Gardening Tools and Supplies, Gourds (dried), Gloves (work/leather/gardening), Hammer, Hands and Feet/the Body, Hedge Clippers/Gardening Sheers, Horns (animal), Leather, Metallic Objects and Jewelry, Mud/Facial Mud, Mushrooms & Fungi, Nails/Stakes, Nuts and Nut Shells, Pentacles, Pickaxe, Potted Plants, Pottery, Pottery Tools, Rake, Rocks and Stones, Salt, Salt Lights, Sand, Scale, Sculptures, Sculpting Tools, Seeds, Shield, Shovel, Soil/Dirt, Spade, Staff, Stomping and Marching, Straw and Hay, Teeth, Twine, Weights, Wires (metal), Wood, Wood Carvings, Wood Chips, Wooden Objects, Wooden Utensils, and Yarn

**be sure that any animal parts you are using were legally obtained! Check your local laws! Do not use human body parts, bones or teeth due to the human remains laws unless you have proper documentation and proof you legally got them!

Colors: Brown, Beige, Greens, Black, earthy colors

Corresponds to: Stability, prosperity, food, feasts, money, wealth, crops, animals, home, mountains, family, fertility, strength, grounding, protection, nature, death and rebirth

Crystals: All stones and crystals relate to earth some specific ones- onyx, jade, halite, amethyst, fluorite, amazonite, emerald, hematite, jet, lodestone, malachite, peridot, serpentine, turquoise, desert rose, sandstone, geode

Metals: Lead (toxic be careful), Iron, Silver

*Plants & Trees: All plants and trees are associated to earth on some level, those more strongly attuned are - Ash, Dwarf Elm, Hawthorn, Patchouli, Vetiver, Wheat, Oats, Rice, Cypress, Ivy, Poppy, Thrift Plant, Mushrooms, Potato, Narcissus, Oak moss, Fern, Honeysuckle, Primrose, Horehound, Rhubarb, Magnolia, Mugwort, Vervain, Turnips, Onions, Carrots, Nuts (general), Roots (general), Seeds. 

*research plants, herbs and trees before burning, ingesting or using on skin for some are toxic and even lethal

Animals: All 4-legged animals; Cow/Bull/Ox, Bison, Snake, Dog, Donkey, Mule, Bear, Coyote, Wolf, Deer/Stag, Elk, Owl, and Cats

Elementals and Beasts/Creatures: Giant, Gargoyle, Leprechaun, Troll, Sphinx, Gnomes, Dwarf, Faun, Goblin, Satyr, Dryad, Sylvestres and Brownies

Sense: Touch

Body: Teeth, Bones, Hands, Feet, Spine/Back, Reproduction Organs

Earth Related Magick: Animal, Ancestral, Cottage, Crystal, Death/Funerary, Green, Kitchen, Knot/Weaving, Family, Prosperity, Sculpting and Carving, Fertility, Protection, Defensive, Strength, Grounding, Money/Gain

Ok so I’ve just started semester 2 at uni and I saw that @sourcrown and @estudiyante wanted to know how to handle your first few days at uni (i hope this is what you guys wanted!). As someone who went through a lot of anxiety regarding starting uni, I know how it feels. So, here are some of the things I did to prepare myself:


· Think positively about this whole experience. You are in for potentially some of the best few years of your life, where you can meet loads of new people, be independent, study something fascinating and really explore yourself and your interests

· Do not over think it

· Maybe watch some vlogs about people’s first days or move in days?



· Make sure you have everything you need: if you are moving into halls do you have all the kitchen/food/room things you’ll need

· Make sure you are prepared academically: take a look at your course website, email your new professors and ask for a reading list if there isn’t one online, do some general research if you don’t have a reading list

· DO NOT SPEND ALL SUMMER DOING NOTHING! if you can keep up your studying habits in between school and uni, you won’t have as much of a shock when you start back up


· Do not shut your door and cry because you miss your parents. You may be homesick, but you’ll feel a hell of a lot better if you start talking to your new flatmates. Maybe offer to make them a cup of tea and go from there?

· Go to your orientation/introductory lectures. They are boring as fuck but extremely useful if you don’t know anything about uni life

· Go to all the freshers fairs: often they’ll give you loads of free stuff and its an opportunity to sign up to societies and make even more friends


· Do not slack off in your first few weeks. Yes, it will take some adjustment, but the quicker you get into a studying routine the better

· The first few weeks are seriously fun though, so take advantage of that before all the assignments hit

· Try an establish a work-life balance now before you have assignments/exams and you’ll find it a lot easier

 Good luck to anyone who is starting uni or coming back for a new semester (this can still be applicable to you!). The most important thing academically is to always be studying something, especially now that your work will almost entirely be self-motivated. If you fall out of the habit of studying, you’ll find your life is quite difficult when you have to revise for your exams!