General Leclerc

“General Jacques-Philippe Leclerc, French Army (center) On board the French light cruiser (ex-destroyer) Le Triomphant in October 1945. General Leclerc commanded the French forces that reoccupied French Indo-China in that month, and Le Triomphant was one of the warships that escorted his troops.”

(NHHC: 306-NT-3277-V)

Witchcraft Street, Episode 65

Witchcraft Street, Episode 65

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Paris has been liberated… and now those that intimidated its citizens begin to face retribution… Philippe François Marie Leclerc de Hauteclocque was a French general during the Second World War. He became Marshal of France posthumously in 1952, and is known in France simply as le maréchal Leclerc or just Leclerc whose role in the liberation of Paris is just one of many military actions for which…

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No pasarán.Spanish fighters in Donetsk /// Medal that the Spanish fighters got yesterday from the Ministry of Defense (Donetsk People’s Republic) in a special ceremony. They got the medal of honour for their bravery in combating the maidan fascists. The medal included the sentence “No pasarán” symbol of the Republican Spanish resistance that fought against nazi-fascism in Spain (1936-1939) and in Europe. Republican Spanish partizans formed the 9 Company (la nueve) that liberated Paris under the command of General Leclerc in August 1944. The famous “la nueve” participated actively in the liberation of France and Belgium. Republican Spanish fighters were very much appreciated by the French and British commanders for their experience in combat, bravery and resilience. There is an important contingent of Spaniards and Latinamerican volunteers fighting against the maidan fascism in the Donbass. ‪#‎nopasaran‬ ‪#‎donetsk‬