Name: Rebecca Or Becca
Age: 23
Country: Australia
Gender: Female
Languages: English
Interests/Hobbies: I’m currently studying to become a high school english and history teacher. I love all things horror; movies, books, comics etc. I enjoy going to vintage/ second hand stores and markets. Love coffee and chatting with unique friendly people.
Personal message: You don’t have to share the same interests as me! I’m a very open minded individual who enjoys talking to people from all walks of life so don’t be shy and send me a message if interested.
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About the penpal/s I’m looking for-
Countries: Australia, USA, United Kingdom. (any country is ok)
Gender: any
Age group: 18-30
Languages: English
Email, snail mail or both: Snail Mail
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cisnormative terminology that needs to stop

"female/male bodied": 

  • I’m a man, this is my body. It doesn’t matter what I was assigned at birth, this is my body and I am a man, and therefore this body is a man’s body, and therefore a male body
  • this is erasure of intersex people
  • this is erasure of nonbinary people
  • you don’t actually give a shit about gender, you’re asking about genitals, and unless you’re a doctor it’s none of your fucking business
  • and if you ARE a doctor, you need to figure your shit out so you don’t alienate your trans patients and make them less likely to seek medical help due to dysphoria
  • the term you’re looking for is "assigned female/male at birth" or "afab/amab"

"born a man/woman" (also "used to be a woman/man"):

  • trans people weren’t born cis people and then turned trans; just because it takes us a while to figure out who we are doesn’t mean we were ever somebody else
  • society is cisnormative, and lies to people, and pretends that trans identities don’t exist and aren’t valid, telling trans people that they are cis over and over again since birth like a mantra, so trans people internalize that and believe it, until the evidence to the contrary piles up so high they can’t deny it anymore. That evidence has been piling up since birth; trans people were never cis people
  • this is erasure of intersex people
  • this is erasure of nonbinary people
  • using these terms incorrectly makes it impossible to use them correctly for nonbinary people who DO identify as having started out as one thing and changed to something else
  • the term you’re looking for is “raised as a man/woman”

"male/female parts/genitalia":

  • again, I’m a man, these are my parts, therefor they are male parts, everybody needs to get the fuck over it
  • Yes, I have breasts and that gives me dysphoria and I want them removed, THANKS FOR REMINDING ME, but they are male breasts
  • Yes I have a vagina. Again, this gives me dysphoria, you are an asshole for reminding me. Again, it is a male vagina since I am a man
  • this is erasure of intersex people
  • this is erasure of nonbinary people
  • Unless you are a doctor my genitals are none of your fucking business
  • If you ARE a doctor, you need to start using medical terminology right now, because you’re a medical professional so I think you can use the word “penis/testicles” and “vagina/vulva” without melting like the Wicked Witch of the West
  • Doctors using this kind of incorrect terminology are alienating their trans patients and making them less likely to seek medical help due to dysphoria. Trans people already have ENOUGH trouble with getting medical help, don’t fuck it up more
  • the term you’re looking for is "penis/vagina/vulva/uterus/genitals" or "testes/ovaries" or (and this one’s easy) "chest"

[EDIT] Even if you are a doctor, do NOT refer to someone else’s genitalia without knowing how they prefer for their genitalia to be referred to. If you’re not a doctor it’s safer just not to at all, because their genitalia is none of your fucking business, but if you must (for example if you are in a sexual situation with a trans person), make sure you don’t cause them dysphoria by using words that give them dysphoria. 

"female/male hormones":

  • cis men and cis women BOTH have estrogen and progesterone and testosterone. Intersex people have all of these hormones naturally as well
  • there are cis women who have high levels of testosterone and low levels of estrogen and progesterone, and there are cis men with high levels of estrogen and progesterone and low levels of testosterone
  • these hormones are not specific to one sex or another, and DEFINITELY not specific to one gender or another
  • this term is hurtful not only to trans people but also people with pcos, people who are undergoing or have gone through menopause, and other medical causes for variations in hormone levels
  • this is erasure of intersex people
  • this is erasure of nonbinary people
  • the terms you are looking for, shockingly enough, are "estrogen" "progesterone" and “testosterone”

(╯◎皿◎)╯︵ ┻━┻


"trans*" (with an asterisk) is apparently very controversial. I was unaware of the issues around it, and I have now removed all asterisks from this page as requested. Here’s some posts and articles about the controversy. This post is (I hope) very clearly inclusive of and supporting of literally ALL gender variant people. Cisnormativity hurts everyone.

1.Stop raping us.
2.Stop beating us
3. Stop murdering us.
4. Stop writing articles that assume we’re all the same.
5. Stop using images that looks like you’re about to punch a woman as the header to yr articles.
6. Stop writing dumb hetero normative articles that are the equivalent to the SHUT UP BITCH tee shirts dudes wore in the 90’s
7. Don’t write articles unless you are smart or interesting.
—  Kathleen Hanna, in response to articles listing things men don’t like about women, specifically this one.
I remember working with a law school in which white men heavily dominated the faculty. They used lots of sports metaphors (doing an end run, Monday morning quarterbacking, and so on), with legal jargon thrown in for good measure. I suggested that this was not a particularly welcoming trait in their school, that in fact it was sexist, but they paid little attention. I made my point by speaking for about five minutes in dressmaking terms: putting a dart in here, a gusset there, cutting the budget on the bias so it would be more flexible, using a peplum to hide a course that might be controversial. The women in the room laughed; the men did not find it humorous….Language is power, make no mistake about it. It is used to include and exclude and to keep people and systems in their places.
—  Frances E. Kendall, Understanding White Privilege
Even if women did uptalk more than men, we’ve all heard enough uptalk to know that its rising intonation doesn’t indicate a question. No one’s actually confused. So why should anyone have a problem with it? The thing is, this pastime of critiquing women’s speech is not limited to American English speakers. It’s easy to find these attitudes in any culture that devalues femininity and women. In Belfast English, stereotypical women’s speech falls at the end of a sentence, while men’s speech rises before it plateaus—basically, the men are uptalking. And yet Belfast women’s speech is still perceived as more expressive or emotional, showing that it’s not about their actual intonation at all: It’s about whose mouth the speech is coming from. (In fact, vocal fry leads to a lower-pitched voice, essentially the opposite of uptalk, and yet somehow that’s bad when young women do it too.)

And that’s definitely not the only study, and it’s not just gender. It’s race, it’s class, it’s sexuality, it’s geographic location, it’s many other factors. But linguists have never been able to show anything intrinsically good or bad, authoritative or unconfident, desirable or grating about any kind of pitch, inflection, or vocal quality. Instead, we ascribe those qualities to speech based on who’s articulating it. Think Black English sounds uneducated? That’s probably because you have some racist notions about black people. Does a Southern accent sound unintelligent to you? Their vowels aren’t to blame—it’s our stereotypes about people from the South. Think that uptalk makes women sound less authoritative? Maybe that’s because women are constantly robbed of agency and authority, and we view anything they do or say as less powerful.

Across the country, as the number of abortion clinics has dwindled, there’s actually been a rise in the network of CPCs. Anti-choice organizations say that more than 3,500 crisis pregnancy centers are currently in operation.

NARAL Pro-Choice America has conducted undercover investigations in 10 different states to document what happens when women facing an unintended pregnancy find themselves in one of those fake clinics. In California specifically, the organization trained six investigators who visited 45 centers in 19 counties — more than 25 percent of the estimated 167 different CPCs in the state.

One of those investigators, 19-year-old volunteer Cristina — who asked not to be identified by her real name — attended counseling sessions at dozens of CPCs, and said she was amazed they all ended up blending together. “It’s like everyone was trained by one person. I heard the same thing over and over again,” Cristina said.

When Cristina told CPC employees that she was unexpectedly pregnant and didn’t think she wanted to have a baby, she always heard the same information about how abortion is supposedly linked to breast cancer, depression, and infertility. One employee told her that ending the pregnancy might puncture her uterus and close her Fallopian tubes, preventing her from having any more children in the future. One counselor asked her how she would have felt if her own mother had aborted her. Another told her she should “stop whoring around.”

My favorite part of this article is the fact that two places one of the undercovers went to identified her IUD as a fetus during ultrasounds. These people have no medical training, and yet they are operating with federal funds? Why on earth are there federal funds going to a place that lies to people about their health and pregnancies? How is that not recognized as being super dangerous?

Practice with Pronouns is a site that lets you practise subject, object, possessive, and reflexive forms of English third person pronouns. It comes with a few of the most common options, but you can also fill in whatever pronouns you like. Useful for both English learners and people wanting to practise using nonbinary pronouns.  

As if it couldn’t get any more delightful, it often uses quotes from Welcome to Night Vale in the practice sentences, which is definitely far more entertaining than See Spot Run. The feedback sentences are also very cute. 

(Hm, I’m pretty sure the second blank in that screenshot should have said “xyr”, in retrospect.)

Elliot Rodger was not deranged. He was not mentally ill, he was not some poor soul who was just ignored too many times.

This is not the fault of his victims, this is not the fault of people who turned him down this is not the fault of women or feminists.

This happened because male entitlement is so deeply ingrained in so many people that he thought he had the RIGHT to murder OTHER HUMAN BEINGS because they chose not to have sex with him (Which they had the right to deny him).

He was SO ENTITLED to other people that he thought he had the right to punish them for saying no to him. He was not mentally ill, mentally ill people don’t do this sort of thing.

This happened because of arrogance, male entitlement and misogyny.

Elliot Rodgers is why we need feminism. The MRA’s who supported his desire to punish women are why we need feminism. Men thinking they are so entitled to women bodies that when they are denied them they consider it oppression are why we need feminism. Men who murder because they get told ‘no’ are why we need feminism.

If after now two incidents in as many months of women being murdered violently because they said ‘no’ you still don’t think feminism is needed still in our society then you are not a safe person for women or DFAB people to be around.

Map of the week: 57% of languages do not have gendered pronouns.

By Lisa Wade, PhD

The map above is an interactive available at the World Atlas of Language Structures.  It represents an extensive, but not quite comprehensive collection of world languages. Each dot represents one. White dots are languages that do not include gendered pronouns. No “he” or “she.” Just a gender neutral word that means person.

The colored dots refer to languages with gendered pronouns, but there are more than one kind, as indicated by the Values key. The number on the right, further, indicates how many languages fit into each group. Notice that the majority of languages represented here (57%) DO NOT have gendered pronouns.

The map at the site is interactive. Go there to click on those dots and explore.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

guardianriel asked:

The thing about pro-lifers is that they don't understand that if abortion ended up illegal, people who don't want to be pregnant will find a way to get one. One that will probably kill them. All they're trying to do is endanger lives and that seems very much against what pro-lifers are claiming they're trying to do. Talk about contradiction.

I think they do understand that.  They just don’t care about pregnant people’s lives.  I’ve literally heard anti-choicers, on MULTIPLE occasions, say things like “If a woman gets an unsafe abortion and dies, she deserved it for trying to kill her child”.  How “pro life” of them, eh?

Ever notice how, when we’re kids,
they call us boys and girls.
And there’s no wiggle room in titles like that.
And maybe it feels a little suffocating,
and maybe it feels right.
But I grew up, found my curves and my voice—
hair in the places we’re not allowed to talk about.
And all I hear about are, even now, all these men
and girls.
Like while they were busy getting older,
I got stuck in this prepubescent wet dream,
where boys with hungry hands run fingers
down my hairless thighs
and heave humid breaths at the seam of my neck.
I noticed men have this way
of using infantile language like love poems.
You’re his “girl”—
You’re always gonna be his “girl”
He rattles it off like the sweetest kind of promise,
and dresses you up in your best doll clothes,
and this is what you’ve got.
This is what you’re given.
Ladies! How many of your fathers ever told you
you would always be Daddy’s Little Girl,
even after you were paying your own mortgage?
And exactly how many eight year old boys
have watched fathers go off to work,
go off to war,
to get told they’re man of the house, now.
Even though they’ve got two older sisters,
with high school diplomas,
even though they’ve got a mother
with hands made of the same kind of marble
they build monuments out of—
but no.
That little boy, can’t even reach over the counter,
that little boy, he’s a man, now.
I don’t know how many years I’m expected
to stave off the rougher parts of womanhood.
I gotta buff out my wrinkles,
I gotta paint on my face.
They don’t get to see all of the things that make me.
See, I’ve got these beautiful stretch marks
that break like creamy tributaries
over my thighs.
So I wanna know, what makes me girl
and what makes me woman?
And how come I’m not the one
who gets to decide?
—  Girl, by Ashe Vernon
So once more, yes, a woman must have the right to terminate a pregnancy, whatever her reasons, but she must also feel empowered not to terminate it, confident that the society will do what it can to enable her and her child to live fulfilling lives. To the extent that prenatal interventions implement social prejudices against people with disabilities they do not expand our reproductive rights. They constrict them
—  Abortion and Disability: Who Should and Who Should Not Inhabit the World? by Ruth Hubbard

The Thing Your First-Grade English Teacher Missed That You Should Definitely Know

anonymous asked:

Lemon you realise he also killed males. There were male victims. Why would he do that if he's sole agenda was getting back at the women who denied him sex. That's why I think it was a combination of both. There's often various factors that underpin a persons actions. I didn't mean to say that he killed because he was mentally ill or all mentally ill people are innately dangerous, but I do think it influenced his actions. These aren't the actions of a person who was mentally stable.

He killed men because he was jealous of them getting women. He killed women because they didn’t give him sex. The men, in this case, were also victims of his misogyny and entitlement towards women, it’s not like it’s impossible for men to be killed by misogyny too.

FYI mentally stable people kill literally every day. Ted Bundy was ‘mentally stable’. Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo were ‘mentally stable’, mentally stable people kill literally every single day. Mass killers are mentally stable almost all the time (If they weren’t none of them would stand trial and those who don’t have to be shot by police to be stopped do, in fact, stand trial and are found to be perfectly competent)


Here are the words that men were most likely to recognize over women:

  • codec (88, 48)
  • solenoid (87, 54)
  • golem (89, 56)
  • mach (93, 63)
  • humvee (88, 58)
  • claymore (87, 58)
  • scimitar (86, 58)
  • kevlar (93, 65)
  • paladin (93, 66)
  • bolshevism (85, 60)
  • biped (86, 61)
  • dreadnought (90, 66)

And here are the words that women were most likely to know over men:

  • taffeta (48, 87)
  • tresses (61, 93)
  • bottlebrush (58, 89)
  • flouncy (55, 86)
  • mascarpone (60, 90)
  • decoupage (56, 86)
  • progesterone (63, 92)
  • wisteria (61, 89)
  • taupe (66, 93)
  • flouncing (67, 94)
  • peony (70, 96)
  • bodice (71, 96)
—  Linguistics researchers explore the gender gap in our vocabulary. For a pause-giving counterpart, see Leonard Shlain on how the invention of the alphabet usurped female power in society.

Not all women are the owners of a uterus, and not all owners of a uterus are women. A transgender man—that is, a man who was assigned female at birth—may very well have a uterus, may become pregnant, and may very well need the same access to reproductive health options as your average cisgender woman. The same can be said for non-binary individuals who were assigned female at birth. As people who don’t identify as a woman or a man (though they may identify themselves as both, neither, or a combination of the two), some may feel that this language erases their identity or leaves them out. Yes, these people may have a uterus—but it’s not a “lady part.”

While there’s little doubt that women make up the largest segment of uterus-owning individuals, this name further ostracizes oft-overlooked members of society like trans men and non-binary individuals who were assigned female at birth. To exclude them in this, an organization aimed at educating the public on the issue of reproductive health, would seem to negate the organization’s stated goals by erasing identities and perpetuating the already stressful and exclusionary culture these individuals are forced to inhabit.

—  The Trouble With “Lady Parts” | Parker Marie Molloy for Slate