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This Is Our Prom: A Night To De-Gender  

“MTV News asked 12 young adults with diverse gender identities to create a series of looks that celebrate the freedom of a prom with no dress code.”

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Peoples reaction to cosplay/genderbending

So MoviePilot made an article with some Disney genderbend cosplays, Myself, Kelton, Junkers, Haku and others were featured. The general publics reaction though is rather interesting to say the least. I find the comments directed towards are cosplay humorous rather then hurtful for the most part. It’s just a little reminder for myself that while the world is growing to be more and more accepting and loving there is still so much hatred towards people who freely and fully express themselves. Because we don’t abide by what is “normal” for society. The scary thing is, this article was only posted four hours ago to their facebook and the comments so show no sign of stopping with maybe 90% of them being just like the ones above. Cosplayers have to be the most kindest and open/loving people I have had the honor of meeting, if only others could learn that same value.


I ladyfied Jona and Alex. It was enjoyable even if the picture’s a bit rough and style/brush-confused. They would be pretty much exactly the same as girls, except for that Jona would wear more lace, have long hair (+curves) and be called Eva and Alex… would be called Alicia. Yeah.

Close-up because I’m really happy with the lips. The lace is a horizontally spherized + puppet warped texture.

Alex/Alicia belongs to @xhakhal
Jona/Eva is mine.


A quick note on “genderbends”.

As many people know, there is a big difference between “sex” and “gender”. One is your physical makeup, and the other is what you personally identify as.

So it kind of rubs me the wrong way when someone draws a character as a different sex than what they canonically are, and then refer to it as “genderbending”

I don’t know, it just seems to me that if a character has, say, a “female” body [i.e. a vagina, ovaries, breasts, and such] and the character identifies as a female, then changing that character’s gender shouldn’t really change them physically. It will just make the character identify as as something other than female, [i.e. a male] but still have the “female” body.

Not only that, but a majority of the artwork is strictly in the male/female binary. And those two genders almost always have certain guidelines on how the characters’ designs are to be. “Male” designs are usually taller, more muscular, and posses a larger crotch area. “Female” designs tend to be shorter, curvier, and have larger chest areas. Other things such as hairstyles, clothing, and even personality quirks can be changed as well. Despite the fact that there are more than two genders, and that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, these guidelines are still strongly followed by the artists who make these works.

I’m aware that there are other names for this, such as “genderswapping” and “Rule 63”, but they all pretty much stick to the idea that changing a character’s gender will automatically change how they look physically, even though gender, sex, and also gender expression are all different things. I’m in no way trying to bash the artists for what they make, I just feel that there should be a better name for this kind of artwork. Something that relates more to the physical change of the character, not the mental change, and also includes more than just male/female switches.

Any thoughts on this guys?

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