If you decide not to come out to anyone your sexuality and gender identity are valid

if you decide to come out to everyone your sexuality and gender identity are valid

if you come out to some people and not others your sexuality and gender identity are valid

if you come out as one sexuality and or gender identity and then change your identity is valid

Individual feminism, that of women like Ivanka Trump and Kellyanne Conway, is the belief that if you work really hard, and if you’re rich, white, and blonde enough, you can ignore sexism and achieve “empowerment.”

This type of “feminism” is aptly named, because it gives no fucks about other women. It’s an extremely self-centered “feminism.” It caters to already rich and powerful (white) women, the ones in the least need of actual feminism, over women whose experiences with sexism intersect with racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc. It challenges nothing, and it accomplishes nothing.

I am not buying this faux feminism that they are selling. If your feminism is all about yourself, not about lifting up other women – all women, it is fake and pointless.

Produce 101 team justice league #rant

No offense team ss1 is good too but god tell me why Daniel got the lowest score of em all I seriously dont get why!! My boy deserves better and thanks mnet for portraiting him as jihoon’s rival in the teaser but gave him such pathetic amount of airtime during the real show.

For God’s sake mnet and all korean national producer nim don’t sleep on talent pls

Hey! Just so you know! It's not okay to project your own sexuality onto others! And tell them who they should like! Because that's who you like! Stop!