If you’re Non-binary, please remember that like 90% of Legendary Pokemon are genderless

Also it doesn’t matter what you present as/look like.

Super masc? Doesn’t matter, still whatever.

Kinda fem and masc? Sure!

SUPER fem? Stillll genderless.

Demiboy? Demigirl? Transgender? Fabulous!

Really just neutral? You’re epic!

Gender changes from day to day? Well, sorry to say it, but you sound kinda like a god to me!

…. or, maybe, maybe, you just wanna eat disrespectful bigots who trespass on your territory?

you can do that too.

Basically, just - if you’re not cis, don’t be scared. You might not be ‘the norm’, but that just means that you’re legendary.

[Reactions to a tweet of A Wrinkle In Time poster focused on the girl hero, with a a comment “This is a GREAT poster - but don’t they want little boys to see this too?”]

“If we keep teaching boys they have to be centered they will never learn to listen to anyone else’s stories.” -  Mikki Kendall

“This tweet is why so many men had brain meltdowns over Last Jedi. Society has told them if they are not centered then it’s not for their consumption. They can’t/shouldn’t connect with it. Stop teaching boys this bullshit message.” - @mel_thegreat