Greek Gold and Garnet Bracelet, Hellenistic, 2nd Century BC

The most distinctive feature of this bracelet or armlet is the treatment of the outer surfaces of the hoops. Decorative elements are covered with a delicate network of filigree created by placing parallel rows of wire in a zigzag pattern and dotting the points of contact with granules. This unusual decoration is best paralleled in a few exceptional works from Thessaly. It is a rare forerunner of a popular kind of Roman bracelet featuring twisted hoops and hinged box settings decorated with gemstones.

Garnet is such a colorful mineral. Although the name means ‘dark red’ in old English, it actually comes in almost every color, including orange, and even green and purple. ❤️💛💚💜 It has been used in jewelry since ancient Rome and Egypt. Also, it’s the birthstone of January. 💎💎💎

this is the only photo where there’s nothing drawn on it. the rest’s gonna be in the post

*tries to stay awake* I can finally say…My last prompt for the Lapidot Anniversary week is DONE ! It’s 2 AM, but …IT WAS WORTH IT. NOW LET’S BEGIN.

Now you’re probably wondering…

What the heck is this.

 I had another idea involving a selfie, but it was also involving asking my ex-roommate. Since I’m blue and he’s green it would have been easy…But he would have probably refused  and…well he doesn’t live here anymore. So I gave up huehue

Now lemme explain. I have a HUGE mineral collection and an awful lot of pets.

As you can see, i have several peridots and lapises (and it’s not even all of them- you’ll see later). And I…also have a small cinnamon rat called Steven - well, actually, Mordecai, but Steven is his other name cause I didn’t wanna choose-

“I think he saw me !!!”

He LOVES stealing my gemstones, especially my bracelets. I often takes photos of him with them (I also have a Sans with a aquamarine on his head buuut not for today). So I decided, for the Photo prompt, to take photos of him and make our favorite nerds interact with him.


I think Lapis is taking some…advantage of the situation…

And yes. Yes. He legit tried to eat the peridot. I had to take it because he wanted to flee with it.

Seems Peridot actually trust Rat Steven…

I first wanted to make stuff as detailed as this one but I had no time. So some of them are totally sketchy.

…Wait. I didn’t finish. I…didn’t introduce my mice !! 8D

Out of 5 mice. I have three females.

One day, I just showed the biggest one to my friends. A big, orange mouse, with a mark across her face. Since I showed her, all my friends calls her Jasper (she’s also a brute…so it’s actually perfect haha). Aaand.

The same hapenned to the two other mice.


I have two mice nicknamed “Lapis” (brown one) and “Peridot” (well..the one on the candle, also the smallest of the group). When I remembered this I immediatly took them out to take photos.

They’re extremely bonded (and I talk about all of them) but fun fact is that when I take one of these two out the other starts to follow hahaha.


actually she’s just trying to steal food but it’s still fun and cute

Yes, food because it took me a lot of time to take these photos but also a lot of mozarella so they’d stop randomly walking around on my desk.

yes Lap also tried to eat this bracelet…like wow i know it kinda looks like candy but wtf

“wth are you looking at you clod”

“spotted lmao”

And that’s. All. I could have put more picture and more detailed stuff but as I said before, I had no time.

In case you were wondering, the small rock are gifts from someone who found them near a volcano. There’s olivine on them~

And I didn’t buy the candles on purpose. I bought the blue one last year (there’s also some yellow on it :3) and I received the lime green one for my birthday (like the small bracelet, the olivines and the small lapis) last april and weeell seems it was the perfect moment <3 The decoration stayed like this since the day I took the photo, I…just find it beautiful like this. I just wear the bracelets but the rest never changed :’)

Well. I’m glad I’ve been part of this awesome event ! This relationship needed to be celebrated, these dorks are amazing and this ship doesn’t deserve all the stupid hate (which is weird because it’s also the most popular ?…). You can try and convince me but I will never change my mind about them. Peridot always looked to have a huge crush on Lapis to me, she just…looks like me when I like someone too much like it’s so obvious it looks like it’s written on the face XD

Now, I just need to add something to this huuuuuuge post: I talked about a cross over I made before the event. I will post it tomorrow ! Cuz I don’t know where it is and now I’m just gonna faint. I just wanted to post the last prompt before throwing myself in my bed.

Also Lapidot rules /o/ (and boop @lapidot-anniversary-week and @jenhedgehog …or @luclipse85 ? idk - hope it’s still ok to post now)



So! The first round of this went surprisingly well! I got 5 orders, two people ordering multiple bracelets at once, and have already started out some new patterns! Two of my orders have even already arrived and I was informed that they fit well!

These first orders did even make a bit of a difference, at least as far as getting to the end of the month in concerned and being able to pay my rent and important bills. But collections is still calling me and I haven’t made enough to put any money towards paying them off. 

So I am STILL taking orders! I’ve collected a lot more stones at this point due to having to buy a few strands to complete different projects and to make matters easier;


Currently there are only three listings for the three sizes I’m offering but I’m planning on throwing in a few pre-made items as well that will probably be a little cheaper since they’ll require less work for me. Either way, if you’ve had any interest before and couldn’t afford anything at the time, following my store will make it a little easier to keep tabs. No rooting through old tags to try and find that one post. 

As it stands though, I am still pretty desperate for orders because bills still needs to be payed and really the only difference between now and earlier this month is I can at least pay my rent.  And remember, all my prices are CANADIAN, meaning american buyers will be getting a serious deal. 

If you can’t afford anything or it isn’t really your style, please at least do me the favour of reblogging this or sharing at least the link to my store on your facebook or other social media. I need as much exposure as I can get and I really appreciate how far my last post got. 

External image
submitted by Onur Hiz

So I went through all my beads and decided to lay out everything I have to hopefully spark some interest!

This is just everything that I feel I have enough of to really make use of, but I can always get new things if you feel the need for a certain stone or colour that you don’t see here. 

  1. Mookaite (rectangles)
  2. Brazilian Agate (squares)
  3. Unakite (rounds)
  4. Amethyst (faceted tires)
  5. Goldstone (faceted tires)
  6. Rose Quartz (faceted rounds)
  7. Fluorite (round)
  8. Fluorite (faceted tires)
  9. Possibly Larimer but I need to get it identified (rectangles)
  10. Carnelian (faceted rounds)
  11. Sodalite (rounds)
  12. Rose Quartz (rectangles)
  13. Kyanite (flat disks)
  14. Snowflake Obsidian (rounds)
  15. Banded Black Agate (rounds)
  16. Clear Quartz (faceted tires)
  17. Smokey Quartz (rounds)
  18. Pink Jade (faceted barrels)
  19. Carnelian (flat ovals)
  20. Possibly Blue Opal, also needs to be identified (rectangles)
  21. Kyanite (flat ovals)
  22. Rutilated Clear Quartz (flat ovals)
  23. Onyx (leaf shaped)
  24. Garnet (rounds)
  25. Garnet (smaller rounds)
  26. Tigers Eyes (rounds)
  27. Moonstone (rounds)

So if anything here jumps out at you, let me know! I currently don’t have any projects to work on and really, I’m still not in a wonderful financial place. Frankly I’m lucky I’m being allowed to use all of these as only a handful of them I actually had to buy. 

So if you have any interest, message me or visit My Shop!

 Or if you can’t afford anything right now, reblogging my Commissions Post is always helpful as I need as much exposure as I can get.
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I just found out I’m moving from the East Coast to the West Coast at the beginning of September and I really need extra funds! So, I opened graphic design commissions and also an Etsy shop where I’ll be selling gemstone/pagan jewelry and downloadable graphic prints!

It’s a little slim right now because I’m still making things to put up, so keep an eye out!

All of my jewelry is totally customizable from size, bead selection, colors, and materials (stretchier or stronger cord, metal bangles, rosary style, clasps, any kinds of charms, etc). If you don’t see it in the shop, I will go out and find the material for you to make what you’re looking for.

If you’d like a custom graphic design (I do logos, business cards, business materials, tumblr themes, avatars, anything at all you might need), please feel free to message me on here or on Etsy and I can send you a link to my portfolio.

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Fire Agate, Lava Stone, Shell, Imperial Jasper - Strength, Courage, Stability

Adventurine & Crystal Quartz - Clarity, Tranquility, Peace

Adventurine, Citrine, Carnelian - Happiness, Creativity, Warmth