signs during a thunderstorm
  • Aries:stands outside challenging the gods to strike them
  • Taurus:napping to the sound of rain and thunder
  • Gemini:talking on the phone about how wicked the sky looks
  • Cancer:worried that it might get bad
  • Leo:mad about the rain messing their hair up
  • Virgo:counts the seconds between thunder and lightning to calculate how far away the storm is
  • Libra:too busy flirting with people on facebook or tumblr
  • Scorpio:happy that the sky matches their mood
  • Sagittarius:wants to chase the storm
  • Capricorn:worried that their house might be damaged
  • Aquarius:outside dancing in the wind
  • Pisces:wants to play in the rain yet scared of lightning so they end up napping
The Signs as a Natural Disaster!

 Aries- volcano 

Taurus- earthquake

Gemini- sand storm, thunder storm, and monsoon

Cancer- rogue wave

Leo- heat wave, solar flare, and drought

Virgo- landslide, mudslide, and avalanche

Libra- micro-burst

Scorpio- hurricane, cyclone, and Tsunami 

Sagittarius- wild fire

Capricorn- blizzard, ice storm, or even ice age :o

Aquarius- tornado and asteroid

Pisces- flood

The Signs As: Little Christmas Things
  • ARIES:Hot cocoa
  • TAURUS:Decorating the tree
  • GEMINI:Christmas carols
  • CANCER:Peppermint Starbucks drinks
  • LEO:The look of wonder in children's eyes when they're walking through the mall
  • VIRGO:That one house down the road that goes totally crazy with the lights, and looks totally magical once it gets dark outside
  • LIBRA:Putting the star/angel/whatever on top of the tree
  • SCORPIO:The really cute mall Santa pictures
  • SAGITTARIUS:The anticipation you felt as a child on Christmas Eve when you just couldn't bring yourself to sleep
  • CAPRICORN:Candy canes!
  • AQUARIUS:Watching your favorite person in the world's face light up when they open up their gift from you
  • PISCES:Secret Santa gift exchanges
The Signs During a Snow Storm
  • Aries:Impossible to be around, is bouncing off the walls.
  • Taurus:Excited about the hot chocolate and cookies that Cancer is about to make
  • Gemini:Needs to be sedated
  • Cancer:Making coco and baking for everyone
  • Leo:Goes out in the storm to build a snowman, just so they can take a cute instagram with it
  • Virgo:Panics every time the lights flicker
  • Libra:Chainsmoking to cope with all the bickering that starts around hour 4.
  • Scorpio:Having sex with someone in their room "to stay warm"
  • Sagittarius:Looking for a trash can lid to sled on
  • Capricorn:Stressing out about driving to work in the snow.
  • Aquarius:Starts getting pretty salty about having to stay inside.
  • Pisces:Walks outside in bare feet to catch snowflakes on their tongues.
The Signs During a Storm
  • Aries:"I can't fight it, and that scares me."
  • Taurus:Settles in and takes a nap
  • Gemini:Runs outside to watch
  • Cancer:Keeps an eye on the weather channel, usher pets/ family into basement
  • Leo:Continues playing video games and watches storm from window
  • Virgo:Tunes into the weather radio in their basement
  • Libra:Calls friends to talk about it
  • Scorpio:Contemplates the darkness
  • Sagittarius:Climbs onto roof to watch
  • Capricorn:Gathers supplies, flashlights, and watches Netflix in the basement
  • Aquarius:Takes pictures from the porch before going down into the basement
  • Pisces:Curls up under blankets and reads their favorite book
Zodiac Dream Homes


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signs as marvel characters
  • Aries:Pietro Maximoff|Quicksilver
  • Taurus:Ororo Munroe|Storm
  • Gemini:Lorna Dane|Polaris
  • Cancer:Wanda Maximoff|Scarlet Witch
  • Leo:Erik Lehnsherr|Magneto
  • Virgo:Kamala Khan|Ms. Marvel
  • Libra:Thor Odinson
  • Scorpio:Natasha Romanov|Black Widow
  • Sagittarius:Tommy Shepherd|Speed
  • Capricorn:Steve Rogers|Captain America
  • Aquarius:Matt Murdock|Daredevil
  • Pisces:Clint Barton|Hawkeye
The Signs Locked In Together During A Storm
  • Aries:Sits down for about five minutes, notices how cute Aquarius looks, decides to kill the boredom by having sex with Aquarius
  • Taurus:Won't share their food with the rest of the group
  • Gemini:Keeps up a steady string of complaints about the situation
  • Cancer:Cuddling with Pisces and trying not to panic
  • Leo:"At least we have power." *power goes off* "At least we have heat." *heat goes off* (shivering) "At least I have my phone." *phone dies* "GODDAMMIT WTF IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD???!!!"
  • Virgo:Straightening up the place, because what else is there to do?
  • Libra:Having a moral/philosophical debate in the corner with Capricorn
  • Scorpio:In the shadows, watching as Taurus's personal food supply dwindles and plotting ways to kill Taurus and take the food
  • Sagittarius:Watches as Aquarius leaves with Aries and debates whether or not to ask to join them
  • Capricorn:Debating with Libra, but decides to look for candles instead
  • Aquarius:Wanders off with Aries, finds a pretty big closet, and immediately gets into the sex
  • Pisces:Crying on Cancer's shoulder and thinking that they're all gonna die
  • *Thank you to the anon who suggested the theme :) any other suggestions please send us @cancercornastrology*
The Signs As: Christmas Characters/People
  • ARIES:Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • TAURUS:Santa Claus
  • GEMINI:Frosty the Snowman
  • CANCER:Buddy the Elf
  • LEO:Ralphie (A Christmas Story)
  • VIRGO:Scrooge
  • LIBRA:Cindy Lou Who
  • SCORPIO:Kevin (Home Alone)
  • CAPRICORN:Mrs. Claus
  • PISCES:The Grinch
The Signs As: Christmas Carols!
  • ARIES:The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
  • TAURUS:I'll Be Home For Christmas
  • GEMINI:Sleigh Ride
  • CANCER:Baby It's Cold Outside
  • VIRGO:Jingle Bells
  • LIBRA:White Christmas
  • SCORPIO:12 Days of Christmas
  • SAGITTARIUS:Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • CAPRICORN:Last Christmas (I Gave You My Heart)
  • AQUARIUS:Santa Baby
  • PISCES:Let It Snow