When the Signs are Mad...
  • Aries:Ice will turn to gas... quickly
  • Taurus:Their tongue will start to burn
  • Gemini:A lightning storm is coming
  • Cancer:Everything becomes a punching bag
  • Leo:Hades runs away
  • Virgo:They will become the "God of Destruction"
  • Scorpio:They get scared of themselves
  • Sagittarius:It's like watching a meteor strike the Earth
  • Capricorn:Bad luck happens to their enemies
  • Aquarius:Everything melts in their hand
  • Pisces:They're destined to be on the "Most Wanted" list
The signs as happy things

Aries: Fresh baking, bread, warm cocoa
Taurus: wood fire, marshmallows, roast dinner
Gemini: thunder storms, a smile, walnuts and toffee apples
Cancer: gravel roads, cold breeze, warm touch
Leo: mist, tall trees, clean sheets
Virgo: spring cleaning, evening walks, indoor plants
Libra: sleeping in clothes, long shower, chocolate
Scorpio: eye contact with a stranger, paint stains on clothing, big jersey 
Sagittarius: warm hug, full cupboards, sleeping on a long car ride
Capricorn: empty streets, misty breath, hot coffee
Aquarius: pharell williams
Pisces: sudden rain, civil alert sirens, mythical stories