things the signs love
  • Aries: To feel wanted. Baby animals, (especially kittens). Corny gifts. Stability. Forehead kisses. Red lipstick. Deep and meaningful conversations. Vodka. Mutual feelings. Drunk texts. Holding hands. Hot showers. Comedy movies. Someone that will make them better as a person (although not always what they settle for) Milo.
  • Taurus: Traveling. roller coasters. commitment. neck kisses. fun dates. comfort snacks. peanut butter. watching horror movies with a significant other. warm, fluffy towels. buying pointless things. late night tumblr sessions. stuffed animals. meaningful letters. getting dressed up. bubble baths. forest. rain and storms.
  • Gemini: make out sessions. instagram. feeling wanted. cute dates. tall boys/short girls. fluffy rugs. romance movies. collecting random things. messy rooms. wine. conversations about sex. being made feel special. driving with the windows down
  • Cancer: smalls animals. silk pyjamas. pretty things. flowers. cute lingerie. vanilla milkshakes. buying expensive makeup. stuff that smells good. fan-girling over celebs. late night netflix. pizza. roller skating.
  • Leo: night drives. fairy lights. soft, worn in hoodies. stars. instagram. fireworks. soft cheek kisses. bear hugs. stomach butterflies. giving advice. salted caramel. champagne. amusement parks
  • Virgo: face masks. commitment. dogs. turning up music loud while driving. disney movies. feeling acknowledged. sound of rain. music. shooting stars. black and white photographs. fashion. 
  • Libra: candles. fireworks. bonfires. commitment. romance novels. big animals. warm houses. skinny jeans. drinking with friends. salt and vinegar chips. sending ugly picture to friends. lip syncing beyonce or justin beiber. smell of books. dogs. the milky way. 
  • Scorpio: Cold drinks. full bank account. adrenaline rushes. deep, passionate kisses. warm socks. inside jokes. staring. hand written letters. sarcasm. movies (scorpios are movie freaks) soapy showers. 
  • Sagittarius: horror movies with friends. weed. photography. architecture. gossip. classy outings. sarcasm. face and body products. reaching high levels on video games. sassy remarks. traveling. cactuses. piercings. adventure. croissants
  • Capricorn: expensive makeup. feeling wanted. photo booths. clean houses. clouds. sarcasm. dirty jokes. sparklers. green grass. festivals. drunk texting. pretty underwear. boy bands. late night tumblr sessions. dark lipstick. passionate kissing. 
  • Aquarius: aquariums (who knew) beach bikes. long strolls on beach. sundresses. innocent gossip. booty. late night texting. blasting music in car.  exotic drinks. trampolines. rock jumps. books. christmas lights. pretty views.
  • Pisces: old movies. heart shaped sunglasses. the universe. knitted blankets. shimmery eyeshadow. learning. smell of rain. daydreaming. chill songs. sea shells. drawing. brand new pens. 


you’re brave and insightful and rash
no one can take that away from you
they don’t have the right
and they never will


you’ll exist until the bitter end
stubborn and a survivor
there is nothing in this world that can bring you down
but yourself


you are a storm disguised as a cloudy evening
the comedic and tragic masks of theater
in a universe where the inhabitants are boring
you are a bright light


i’m sorry for the rupture
in your peaceful, loving home
i’m sorry for the shattering of a safe world
i’m proud that you are the only one strong enough to put it back together now


your exuberance is legendary
be aware
be alive
they cannot steal your radiance


a keen mind
lovely lips forming words of holy prayers to peace
you were robbed
but they cannot take your grace, my love


you tried your best
you are not bad for doing what it right to recover
you deserve it
you need help as much as everyone else does


silent as a statue
you bear it all with stoic, strong shoulders
it is okay to cry
recovery is not weakness


i trust your poetry and drive
i trust your strength and capability
one day there will be a time for you to trust that too
just wait


after a lifetime of shouldering other people’s problems
know that that is a good thing
but self-care is a good thing too
and there is a peace in balance


let your sympathy go
they don’t deserve it after what they did to you
you can make yourself the priority know
i give you permission


it is not your fault
you were not weak or stupid
you have a big heart
and I’m proud of you for it

—  abuse in the zodiacs; l.m.
Why the Signs will be Okay
  • Aries: Time moves, situations change, and people grow more than the human mind can comprehend. There's so much left to experience.
  • Taurus: Everyone needs a hero, somebody who's going to thrive on after everyone else has given up. You are this person. You have always been.
  • Gemini: When the storm begins to strike and everyone around you has grown downtrodden, you can still see the sun, you are still smiling.
  • Cancer: Your tears do not show weakness, they show the courage and the drive of a warrior who has made it far past and long overcome the fear to feel.
  • Leo: Your protective instincts and selfless acts of kindness do not go unnoticed. You give all your love, and it is bound to come right back to you.
  • Virgo: The honesty in your eyes is clear as one's reflection in a river. People love you. They know just how reliable you truly are.
  • Libra: The open mind goes hand in hand with the open heart. Being a pacifist does not make one weak, or ingenuine, it simply means they understand. Something astonishingly rare and beautiful.
  • Scorpio: The question of "why?" is an important question you have every right to ask. You are guaranteed to someday find every answer you may need.
  • Sagittarius: Fortune is on your side. Your mind is on your side. You're right, the onslaught is really not so awful. You are so right. Please never forget that.
  • Capricorn: When the mountain practically reaches the Heavens, you will not stop climbing until the kingdom is right before your very eyes.
  • Aquarius: When the whole world seems to be succumbing to chaos and unfair treatment, you will always remain true to your identity. This is so important. You are the most precious thing you have.
  • Pisces: This world is not a prison. Your dreams are more than just a vacation, they are a part of you. You are going to use them, and you are going to show the world things they have never ever seen.
Jimin’s Chart Analysis

General Analysis

Jimin’s chart flows with beautiful venusian tendencies and melts on top of this dreary pluto energy. His chart is quite compact and not all over the place like charts I’ve seen in the past. As a libra sun, he is quite attractive and flirtatious. He usually likes peace in his surroundings and if there are disruptions, he tends to mediate. Libra is a cardinal sign which entails great leadership and uniqueness not measured by others. His gemini moon can also make him very sociable, may find himself talking quite a storm and gemini moons tend to also be great storytellers. In private places, such as the home, gemini moons can become very irritable bc gemini is such an external sign that being confined can be quite annoying. Also, gemini moons might find themselves infatuated with writing, such as poetry as an emotional outlet. Libra mercury is a notable placement by famous diplomats and politicians. His libra mercury makes him very charismatic and there is this nice soothing tone of his voice that can be calming to others. Although, his mercury is in retrograde so this can cause funky thinking processes that can disrupt the way he communicates. His speech patterns may be inconsistent also his humor can be quite weird. His venus in scorpio shows a bit of fear regarding relationships. Scorpio venus is a placement that yearns for loyalty and depth in romance. Many scorpio venus people have been rejected or conditioned to fear partnerships so they remain secretive and observant when seeking out potential partners. He also has a scorpio mars so aggression wise, he remains coy as scorpio is a cunning sign; however, he can act aggressive if his security is invaded or feels he is being threatened. In terms of sexuality, he is up for anything and with a mars conjunction pluto, he prefers power over sex where it can lead into sadist territory. Saturn in pisces is wounded, he may feel defenseless and a bit paranoid bc its easy for him to give into negativity. Pisces saturn may struggle with confidence and constantly have to work toward satisfaction of their abilities. He may struggle letting go of the past because again, security is an issue and its hard for people with this placement to deal with pain as many of them just conceal it. What I also want to note is that his chiron is in libra. Chiron, in astrology, is all about your wounds and it gives insight on how to heal them. Chiron in libra may have suffered rejection or intense heartbreak that conditioned a sense of fear toward relationships. These people may have been neglected and deny themselves from affection. Chiron in libra may have to work toward letting their guard down and understand that conflict is inevitable in relationships.


Mars Conjunct Pluto is all about holding power over others. They may feel superior to others, especially during sex. The mars aspect can cause them to use sadist methods during sex, like inflicting pain (consensual of course). Mars-Pluto aspects tend to enjoy using sharp objects in the bedroom, like a knife of sorts. This aspect is not afraid from embracing all types of taboos. Also, this aspect has a lot of buried rage as Pluto can be a secretive planet. These individuals usually fight for survival and have massive amounts of willpower. He is a very “take by force” type of person, so if he wants it and feels like he can get it, he WILL take necessary action.

Moon Opposite Jupiter has a lot of expansive feelings and may exaggerate behavior. This is an aspect that may have an innate sense of faith and can easily discern meaning in life’s trials and tribulations. He may have had a very dramatic mother figure in a larger than life type of way. Likewise, he could have been over or under protective during childhood.

Sun Square Neptune tends to glamorize the self and indicate a loss of ego. These individuals like to create their own blotches of reality in order to compensate their insecurities. These folks tend to identify strongly as the victim and can easily be manhandled. Growing up, much of his ego may have been elusive to him + struggled with asserting himself in situations.

Sun Square Uranus is a complete rule breaker and struggles immensely with structure. These individuals tend to be innovative and will insist on doing things THEIR WAY. They tend to listen to no one but themselves and their innovation can show in their presentation, such as fashion and will express their character in a rather forceful way.

We don’t know his rising as there is no exact time given but I would assume he is an earth rising. I am mostly leaning toward Taurus bc taurus risings tend to have swelled up features, so a thick neck, plump lips and round face. Earth risings can also be kinda reserved and Jimin gives somewhat of a quiet presence when you first see him, especially in interviews + has a resting bitch face 

The signs as types of weather

Aries: a scorching hot summer day, not a cloud in sight and the breeze only occasional.
Taurus: a gentle spring day, with friendly breezes and the perfect mix of shade and sun
Gemini: right after a storm in spring, when the heat has vanished and all that remains are spots of gray clouds and petals being carried in a breeze
Cancer: a desperately needed rain in the end of summer, no thunder, no lightning, just the sense of relief from a cooling shower
Leo: a clear night in summer, the moon lighting the sky as fireflies enjoy the coolness and the trees only occasionally shift in the breeze
Virgo: a summer morning before the heat has set in, there’s a mugginess to the air and fog as the sun rises, the breeze blowing is welcome but it warns of the heat on its way
Libra: the first day of fall, when the breeze snaps into its first chill, and you can wear anything with comfort thanks to the sun’s blanket and the winds fanning, they say it will rain the coming weekend
Scorpio: the tension filled prelude to an autumn storm, the winds blow at full speed and the sky is blanketed by clouds, thunder rolls nearby
Sagittarius: a cold fall afternoon, when the sun is just about to set and though it’s mostly sunny, the hint of winter is just around the corner and can be felt in every breeze
Capricorn: after the snow storm, when the sun has finally rose again to begin melting it away. The clouds have gone away, and even though it’s snowy and cold, it feels like the perfect day to be outside.
Aquarius: a thunderstorm in the middle of spring, the last cold snap before summer and the last stretch of warmth before winter, aquarius is the bringer of what comes next
Pisces: a snow storm, cold and windy, no sign of the sky, it can be scary, but it can be nostalgic too. The storm carries from day to night with the sunset, and howls on till morning.