Trollhunters Gem AU - Meeting the Crystal Gems

Still working on the details of how they meet (might occur just after the battle of the bridges, because…. well, I’ll leave that to another post)

- there is some uncertainty from the Crystal Gems at first, but things smooth out pretty quickly.

- Steven is beyond excited to meet the trolls. Moments after introductions are made, he’s already gravitating towards Arrrgh because (cinnamon rolls recognize their own) he’s huge but he’s also?? the friendliest being ever?? And Arrrgh quickly accepts Steven as a new friend because Steven is just this little bundle of pure kindness. They get along great.

- Blinky and Pearl end up in a deep discussion, exchanging information on their respective species histories and lore. Blinky offers to let her look at his library and she’s ecstatic. In return, she gives him a few texts on gem lore (some of which she may have written herself) to keep in the library. She figures they’ll be of better use there rather than stored away in the temple forever.

- Steven overhears about the book trade, and he offers to let Blinky make a copy of Buddy’s Book. He’s gotten kind of attached to it, he doesn’t want to give it away just yet. Blinky understands, while he writes the copy in troll language he takes the opportunity to teach Steven and Pearl a bit of trollish. Steven picks up a few phrases, and Pearl looks into to learning and becoming more fluent with it.

- Amethyst shows off her spin-dash attacks, one where she just rolls and the other where she enhances the attack by igniting her whips and spinning with them, as she did in the episode Earthlings, when she attacked Jasper on her own. Draal is mildly impressed with the normal spin-dash, and admittedly envious of the enhanced version.

- Garnet remains mostly silent for the first meeting, but the trolls aren’t oblivious to how the other gems, even Toby and Jim, defer to her as the authority. That combined with her seemingly endless calm and reasonable manner quickly earns her their respect. She isn’t cold towards them, just quietly observant.

- Garnet and Arrrgh end up standing side by side and watching the others interact. They don’t speak more than a few words of greeting to each other, but they share a companionable silence, content to watch their friends chatter excitedly.

- There is, again, some confusion from the Gems over if Blinky is a fusion, but he anticipates the assumption after Jim and Toby’s questions when they first met, and he waves it off with a chuckle. Toby and Jim pipe up to mention that they’ve been getting the hang of their own fusion, and they fuse into Jedediah to demonstrate.

- Jed shows off his water forms and hammer, Steven and Amethyst share a knowing look and ask if he can do any tricks with it. Jed starts to show off a little when suddenly, Smoky Quartz! (Cue excited yelling.) Pearl is slightly apprehensive (Jed and Smoky are kindred spirits, it’s evident right away, and they have the potential to unleash total chaos) but Garnet looks so proud. 

- And of course, after Connie eventually meets them, she and Steven fuse into Stevonnie for a sparring match with Jim. They take the match to the sky arena (just after sundown, so the trolls can spectate as well) It’s quite the event. Stevonnie is slightly stronger than Jim, but Jim has been going up against opponents far larger and stronger than he is. Jim has actual flight maneuverability(though only in this AU) over Stevonnie’s flutter jump. Stevonnie can throw their shield, and Jim doesn’t have one yet.

- Their matches tend to end in a stalemate. Not that this bothers either of them, they always have a blast, and they always leave the arena worn out and grinning broadly and eagerly planning their next match. Blinky and Pearl get involved in the planning to make things interesting.

- When Jim does get his own shield, he’s eager to show it off to them. Steven is overjoyed.

I never really addressed this

This is the home of the Heaven Beetle, an unnamed gem monster found at the top of the Sky Spire. Her name is never mentioned, but I assume she was Soapstone, which scarabs were carved from, and her “sister” the Earth beetle was Enstatite, which is fire-hardened soapstone matching her home in the lake of lava.

Their names aren’t all that important though. What is important Soapstone’s home: there’s a sega genesis by the tv and a gameboy by the night stand. These date her home, and also give us a lower limit for when she could have been corrupted. A gem monster isn’t going to be shrinking down or making game consoles, nor would she be collecting them, so at the very earliest, Soapstone was corrupted in 1989! Granted, there’s no reason they wouldn’t have been collected since them, so it was probably closer to Giant Woman

This is fucking huge, because it may just be the biggest evidence we have against the Fusion Bomb Theory. In addition to that, there’s been a leaked episode title labeled Jasper’s Corruption hammering another nail into that theory.

So the question remains

What the fuck was this?

Gem AU tidbits (let’s go for something a bit more light-hearted)

- “Do it for Him” ft Blinky and Jim

- Toby compares Draal to a Quartz (he’s big, loud, loves to fight, and he has that roll attack) Draal first assumes it’s some kind of insult, but Jim and Toby clarify that Quartz type gems are typically soldiers, and Toby explains the comparisons. Being likened to a Quartz is considered a compliment among lower status gems, but it can be an insult when coming from higher gems. They agree that it’s a bit confusing sometimes.

- “Now, if someone called you a ruby, that one’s almost certainly an insult. Rubies are common footsoldiers, and determined fighters, but they’re pretty short, and they aren’t exactly the clearest cut of gem, if you know what I mean.” “Basically, rubies are small, gullible, and perpetually angry.”

(I promise I don’t hate rubies, I’m sorry for dragging them like this)

- Jim and Draal sometimes end up bickering like siblings, and Draal will bring up how easily he won their first spar. Jim initially blames it on being unused to wielding a physical weapon and having armor on, but Draal waves it off as a cheap excuse. Eventually, Jim gets snarky and retorts that if the Heroes Forge, or any of Trollmarket, really, had any water available, he would have utterly wiped the floor with him. Draal gets all “Oh, is that so?!” and Jim is “Yeah it is!” and they have (another) rematch, this time near a body of water. Jim wins.

- Sometimes Toby and Jim will fuse into Jed for sparring matches, but it’s been agreed that when they do they need to face at least two opponents, usually Draal and Arrrgh, to make it fair. In terms of strength, Jed is about evenly matched with them going one-on-one (technically one-on-two) But he’s pretty damn devious (especially if he has a nearby water source to draw on). Constantly cracking jokes to distract his opponent from the water-whip sneaking up to wrap around a leg, then yanking them off-balance and moving forward to attack in that moment of weakness.

- Once during a match, Jed attempted to fly while holding on to Draal. He… sort of succeeded? But the effort of flying and keeping Draal from breaking free wore him out quickly, and he ended up losing.

- Jed definitely couldn’t fly trying to lift Arrrgh either, but, during a hasty escape from a crumbling gem structure, they learned that he can easily lift Blinky and take flight. It helps that Blinky was actively trying to hold on, not break free. 

- Blinky declines later offers to go flying. He admits that the flight was fun, in a way, but he prefers to keep his feet on the ground.

- Jim and Toby were initially just passing through Arcadia Oaks, but after Jim is chosen as Trollhunter, he feels obligated to stay nearby, and where Jim goes, Toby goes. At first they just start hanging around the bridges over the canal, since Vendel doesn’t trust them enough to let them live in Trollmarket (yet. after they destroy Killahead Bridge and slay Bular, he finally agrees that they can make a home in Trollmarket) Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly safe, what with all the beings that want them dead, so they explore the woods around Arcadia and happen upon a hidden gem structure. It’s not some grand temple, but it does have a warp pad, and it’s just what they need, so they take up residence there.

- They don’t really have any personal possessions, but they do start collecting interesting objects that have been thrown away. Old shoes, scraps from car wrecks that were never fully cleaned up, cans and jars, lost keys. They gather these things just as something to do in their spare time, but it works in their advantage when they end up trading some of the gathered material for a gaggletack, and they realize they can probably make their own business trading trash to trolls.

A hike through alder branches, thick vine maple stands, stinging nettle, devil’s club and a moss-covered gully is all worth it to reach this gem-colored lake. Bright and inviting, that first cold plunge into the icy lake re-invigorates like nothing else can. That’s what a trip to North Cascades National Park in Washington is all about. Photo from Trapper Lake courtesy of Crystal Brindle.


JEFF AKERS — Chadwick Boseman
EMILY GRIFFEN — Melissa McCarthy
RED KNOTT — Ed O'Neill

Trollhunters Gem AU - teaser

I wanted to get a feel for how scary an angry/distressed Gem AU Jim would be, so I went back to rewatch Mirror Gem and I was a bit inspired, so have a short thing:

For the trolls, who have never seen this side of him, it’s unnerving.

Aside from their colorful skin and their gems, you could mistake them for humans. In fact, after getting to know them, the trolls start to subconsciously regard them like humans, just more durable. But some moments remind them of the truth.

They don’t know if it’s just in his nature, or if the worrying crack in his gem is doing it, but when he moves to finish off Bular, Jim goes so cold its frightening. He says nothing, expression twisted in rage, one hand outstretched as he controls the water. It doesn’t help that his form keeps glitching, shifting, bits temporarily dissolving and reforming in static, glowing fractures spreading out from his damaged gem. Everything about the display is unnatural. Inhuman. 

It’s a forceful reminder.

Toby and Jim may be friendly, may behave sweetly and appear innocent. But they are not human.

(I do intend to write out a short drabble involving the above scenario, then leading into Toby taking Jim to the Crystal Gems for help. I have this week off class, so I’m going to try and get more of my drafts done)


So, after much convincing by Quasahi I finally did another Bayo OC. 

This is Vivien. She’s based off of the Lady of the Lake Mythology and so being her current pistol set is called Avalon. I think this is going to be her Ancient Outfit, but I need to do some more doodling before I decide. Demons and stuff to come soon! 

[NOTE:] Ocs are for viewing pleasure only and are not to be reused in anyway without express permission from myself. Tanks much y’all. 

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