Trollhunters Gem AU

I said I was going to do a Trollhunters Gem AU, and I intend to. Tag might be TH Gem AU or Trollhunters Gem AU(because I think there’s already a gemhunters tag for something else?)

So far, Toby is a Topaz of the orange/yellow variety, and Jim… He could be an Azurite or an Aquamarine, but I’m really leaning towards him being a Lapis Lazuli variant. (because water and Lake.)

Claire might remain human. She winds up mixed in with gem and troll shenanigans after Enrique is replaced and these weird guys with gems in their skin trashed her house. She still gets the shadow staff, of course.

On a more serious note, Jim being a Lapis is fitting because he wouldn’t have a normal summoned weapon. He would have his hydrokinesis, but he wouldn’t have really handled a physical weapon. Therefore, when the amulet chooses him, he still has no experience handling a sword, and needs training. Toby is of little help, seeing as his weapon is a hammer.

(I have a stupid idea for how Jim chose his name. Someone asked him who he was and he panicked and went “Uhhh, gem, uhh, lake?” (he almost said ocean but that was too obvious) and they responded “Jim Lake?” and he just “… yeah, yeah that”)

Jim and Toby start using their new human names because it differentiates them from other gems of the same cut. They also work out a more human name for their fusion, Jade, who soon calls himself Jed, short for Jedediah. I think his personality would be similar to Smoky Quartz with a touch of Sardonyx’s showmanship.

As for why Jim and Toby are on Earth… I have a number of ideas, but in this AU, Steven Universe canon is still going on. Jim and Toby probably weren’t part of the Crystal Gems, but they sure as heck aren’t loyal to Homeworld anymore.

Edit: also, Jim and Toby, like all known gems, used to go by she/her pronouns, but after living on Earth and adopting human names, they learned about various other pronouns. Eventually, they both started going by he/him pronouns, partially to further themselves from Homeworld and partially because it makes them feel more at home on Earth. And they just like it better.

Any thoughts or feedback? Let’s build this AU guys!

I never really addressed this

This is the home of the Heaven Beetle, an unnamed gem monster found at the top of the Sky Spire. Her name is never mentioned, but I assume she was Soapstone, which scarabs were carved from, and her “sister” the Earth beetle was Enstatite, which is fire-hardened soapstone matching her home in the lake of lava.

Their names aren’t all that important though. What is important Soapstone’s home: there’s a sega genesis by the tv and a gameboy by the night stand. These date her home, and also give us a lower limit for when she could have been corrupted. A gem monster isn’t going to be shrinking down or making game consoles, nor would she be collecting them, so at the very earliest, Soapstone was corrupted in 1989! Granted, there’s no reason they wouldn’t have been collected since them, so it was probably closer to Giant Woman

This is fucking huge, because it may just be the biggest evidence we have against the Fusion Bomb Theory. In addition to that, there’s been a leaked episode title labeled Jasper’s Corruption hammering another nail into that theory.

So the question remains

What the fuck was this?

A hike through alder branches, thick vine maple stands, stinging nettle, devil’s club and a moss-covered gully is all worth it to reach this gem-colored lake. Bright and inviting, that first cold plunge into the icy lake re-invigorates like nothing else can. That’s what a trip to North Cascades National Park in Washington is all about. Photo from Trapper Lake courtesy of Crystal Brindle.


JEFF AKERS — Chadwick Boseman
EMILY GRIFFEN — Melissa McCarthy
RED KNOTT — Ed O'Neill


So, after much convincing by Quasahi I finally did another Bayo OC. 

This is Vivien. She’s based off of the Lady of the Lake Mythology and so being her current pistol set is called Avalon. I think this is going to be her Ancient Outfit, but I need to do some more doodling before I decide. Demons and stuff to come soon! 

[NOTE:] Ocs are for viewing pleasure only and are not to be reused in anyway without express permission from myself. Tanks much y’all.