A hike through alder branches, thick vine maple stands, stinging nettle, devil’s club and a moss-covered gully is all worth it to reach this gem-colored lake. Bright and inviting, that first cold plunge into the icy lake re-invigorates like nothing else can. That’s what a trip to North Cascades National Park in Washington is all about. Photo from Trapper Lake courtesy of Crystal Brindle.

I never really addressed this

This is the home of the Heaven Beetle, an unnamed gem monster found at the top of the Sky Spire. Her name is never mentioned, but I assume she was Soapstone, which scarabs were carved from, and her “sister” the Earth beetle was Enstatite, which is fire-hardened soapstone matching her home in the lake of lava.

Their names aren’t all that important though. What is important Soapstone’s home: there’s a sega genesis by the tv and a gameboy by the night stand. These date her home, and also give us a lower limit for when she could have been corrupted. A gem monster isn’t going to be shrinking down or making game consoles, nor would she be collecting them, so at the very earliest, Soapstone was corrupted in 1989! Granted, there’s no reason they wouldn’t have been collected since them, so it was probably closer to Giant Woman

This is fucking huge, because it may just be the biggest evidence we have against the Fusion Bomb Theory. In addition to that, there’s been a leaked episode title labeled Jasper’s Corruption hammering another nail into that theory.

So the question remains

What the fuck was this?