Death Note Fun Facts
  • The Death Note pilot manga had a young student named Taro finding a notebook that would kill anyone whose name was written in it… and also an eraser that would resurrect those people if you erased their names.

  • In stark contrast to Light, Taro gets scared of the notebook and stops using it after his first two unintentional uses (although a classmate of his uses it to kill people and deflect suspicion from himself). This fits nicely with Near’s statement late in the manga that if Light were an ordinary person, he would not have used the Death Note after the first time.
  • Taro’s character design was later used as the inspiration for the fourth Kira, Teru Mikami.

  • “Vol. 13: How to Read” implies that the creator had considered having L win with Light deadand that an error between editor and artist switched Mello and Near’s character designs. 
  1. It was also said that Naomi Misora was originally going to be a more major character, but since she wound up being too clever, she had to be killed off fast. Also, Ohba had considered having Mello be the one to win against Light, but since he was also too “smart”, he had to be killed off to provide suspense.
  • Mogi was originally planned to have a larger role, but Ohba couldn’t decide how to do it.
  • An early idea was to have Near and Mello be L’s twin sons, but this was eventually dropped because L is implied to be about 25 years old when he dies, when Near and Mello are both about 14 years old. Which would imply that L became a father incredibly young.
  • Allegedly, early concepts for the Shinigami would have made Ryuk, Gelus, and Rem resemble attractive humans, but the decision was made that Gelus’s brief appearance worked better if he looked somewhat pathetic and Ryuk and Rem being beautiful did raise concerns that fans might side with the team of killers just because of their looks. The designs were soon changed to give the Shinigami a more appropriately inhuman feel. 
  1. Ryuk’s original design: 

It took me my second run through of Death Note to figure out why  Misa was able to half her life span and then half it again. Misa gained her incredibly long life span from Gelus, Rem said that the human he saved would get his remaining life span, seeing as he was a Shinigami, it would have to be pretty long, thusly, Misa was able to half it with little consequence when she made the eye deal the first time and then again later.

I honestly don’t know why I didn’t get it sooner

anonymous asked:

You seem to be the expert on all things Death Note, so I thought I'd ask: How tall are Shinigami? They seem pretty big (around 6ft or more), but some of them look small (Gelus looked pretty tiny, but he was kneeling the whole time, wasn't he? We never saw him at his full height). I'd appreciate your thoughts. Have a nice day. =)

Ryuk is the only shinigami given a canon height (by the anime staff at least) and he’s 230cm / 7′5′’, so yeah. Very Tall.

Rem and Shidoh are both shown to be about the same height.

As for Jealous…. I just reached a horrifying conclusion….

I measured his limbs and then stacked them on top of each other to get an impression of what he’d be like if he stood up straight…. and he might well be only a little smaller than Rem. He might well actually stand 2m high……

That is, at least, according to this one picture. Drawing inaccuracies are a thing and his legs seem shorter in other illustrations in which he doesn’t as conveniently stand next to Rem. So I’d assume Jealous is human sized at least and beyond that it’s a guessing game.

With other shinigami we have even less to go off, but it seems like 2m / 6′5′’  give or take a bit is a good average to work from.

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Not the excerpt I was planning, but here’s a little fun~


“Arkadeus,” Kalypso’s voice trembled. “If I don’t make it back, you’re the new captain of the Red Titan.”

Her first mate stared back at her in total exasperation. Nereus rolled his eyes and grabbed the shoulders of the woman, dragging her off of the ship.


“If you’re going to make a scene just because you have to take a bath and wear a dress we will have better luck taking Brutus,” Nereus growled. Thaumas glanced at Brutus. An impressive looking man decked out in tattoos and bulging muscles sat playing cards with Beatrice who seemed to be winning. The image of a seven foot tall man with a scar running across his right eye wearing a dress amused him greatly.

“If you want to have a chance at aquiring the Gelu dagger then you will be smelling like lavender and will wear frills or so help me god we’re all on death row,” Nereus said.

Kalypso kicked and screamed as she saw the Red Titan shrinking in the distance.

Anything but frills.