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(when you try to draw artsy stuff on your hand but realize you’re too much of a loser to draw)

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My submission box is always open for people who want to submit their own unpopular Death Note opinions. Make em hot though. *inserts 3hot5you cat emoji here*

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(I feel much happy because I’m going to The Big Ass Show tomorrow!! Brendon Urie will be breathing the same air as me)

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I do agree, but I think he’s childish for a different reason. I think something similar with Near. I think that neither had a real childhood, they were thrown into this whole being a detective stuff for as long as they can remember. Because of this, they try to make up for their lost childhood by becoming attached to more kid-like things such as toys and sweets.

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(Near has the best fanart I’ve noticed)

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Agree. I think that people take him saying that the wrong way a lot, and it annoys the shit out of me.

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(I relate to this picture of Light on a deep level)

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Kind of agree. I love Light’s character, I think he’s complex, brilliantly written, and all in all a likable person (which adds to the irony of him being such a cruel person such as Kira). However, I loved how the ending played out and I’m glad Light didn’t end up continuing to be Kira. But hey, this account is a huge mess of different opinions, right?

My submission and ask are always open for people who wish to submit their very own unpopular Death Note opinions. Make em hot though *inserts all the attractive faces Light made at the end*

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anonymous asked:

Rem, Gelus, Misa


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  I have a hard time with shipping shinigami outside of crackships that I don’t take particularly seriously so my answer here is nobody >_>

favorite friendship: I think it’s probably Misa by default because Misa is the closest Rem has to a friend in canon and that’s honestly a little sad to me because Misa is an atrocious friend. But I do also wonder how Rem really felt about Gelus because she’s clearly very touched by the sacrifice he makes on Misa’s behalf – enough that she chooses to give Misa Gelus’s note. I wish we knew more about their interactions in the shinigami world. 

general opinions: I like Rem a lot actually. Of all the shinigami characters in the series, Rem is my favorite and I think she deserved a lot better than what canon gave her. Like even with Misa, I think she deserved better than to wind up caring about a person who is entirely willing to throw her under the bus. Rem intrigues me because she doesn’t have a human perspective so understanding her kind of requires me to throw out some of the ways I tend to analyze characters and their behavior, so she starts out being more of challenge for me to really get. I love that she is the only shinigami who really wants to understand people rather than being entirely indifferent to their individuality. I also find her interest in sacrifice quite interesting.

No one knew that Gelus would die as a result of using his note to save Misa, and I think this outcome makes her really start thinking about why that’s the case, As a shinigami she doesn’t see taking life as a moral problem at all, but extending someone’s life by giving them life? In a lot of ways, watching Gelus die was a huge eye opener for her, and I find it so fascinating that Gelus catalyzes, in her, a fascination for people who choose to give up their lives for a cause external to themselves. It’s not in shinigami nature to do this, so humans that make sacrifices for other people just affect her in a very profound way. She looks at Misa who says she would gladly die for Light’s cause, she looks at Light who she comes to see as being “pure” for using the note to benefit humanity and it’s all just fascinating. I might have to write something on Rem at some point actually.

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