Boho Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Ola everyone! Trying something new/different for today’s Elbeef post - a hair tutorial! If you read my Come Clean post, then you’d have an inkling of why I’m hair tutorial-ing all of a sudden.

It’s because this pretty gal inspired me to do so! :) Her hair is always soooo pretty, different, and perfectly coiffed that I needed to know her secret! So we hung out one day and she did just that - share with me her hair skills & secrets! ;)

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Fashion Blogger to Watch Out For: Angela Bianca Munoz

It’s been over a month when I started to follow this cutie. I was using my other blog then (which is now inactive) to stalk her awesome posts.

In her blog, you can mostly find reblogs wherein she inserts randomly funny or relevant captions. In most blogs that contain a lot of reblogs, you might say that it’s unutterably boring, but Gela’s blog is different. Even with reposts, you’ll find yourself reading through each one.

What caught my attention, though, is the fact that Gela is a really smart girl (maybe it comes natural to us “Gela’s”, hee! *wink*). In one of her posts, she’s mentioned that she has made a book about what to wear during job interviews, which I am actually excited to read. 

Based on my “interview” with Gela, I can tell that she really is very friendly and has a kind heart. She had been very accommodating to me and my questions.

But my favorite part of her blog are her outfit posts. I love her hippie-chic style that feels so carefree. I admire the way she dresses up with confidence like she doesn’t try at all! Oh, and have I mentioned that she’s a part of a band? How awesome is that??

An interview with Gela:

Who is Angela Bianca Munoz and where can we find her?

  —Angela, or Gela, is a pig loving, red head wannabe, Information Design graduate, who fronts for her band Summers, and tries to live life stylishly and sunshiney! :) She is one part hippie chic and two parts rockstar! HAHA! :) You can find her at,, and

What can we expect to see in your blog?

  —Lookbook outfit posts, lotsa photos/accounts of and about anything fun and under the sunnn, reblogged piggy/lotr/comic/fashion photos, music inspirations, quotes that mean so much, and Rachel Bilson.

How is your blog different from other fashion blogs?

   —Hihi! I’m honored that I’m featured as “The Next Fashion Blogger to Watch Out For” but hmmm, my blog is different mainly because its not  purely intended for fashion, if you get what I mean(?).  Well I did not intend my tumblr to be fashion focused but more of, what’s inside Gela’s mind, kind of thing. And Gela’s mind is a mishmash of music, fashion, design, and life.

Describe your sense of style:

  —As my Twitter page and Lookbook page goes: Mix one part hippie chic and two parts rockstar. I’m all about combat boots, denim, leather, flowy cloth, feathers, hats and metals. But some days, I find myself exploring other styles, like being a clean and crisp minimalist one day or being dainty and romantic the other.

When did you start dressing up?

  —Ever since I was little I copied what my favorite musicians were wearing (yes I wore sky high platforms like the Spice Girls) and my Mum always made sure I had cute clothes to wear. HAHA! I just really liked dressing up and rummaging through my Grandma’s vintage gowns and clothes. I remember at one point I was sewing a whole clothing collection for my stuffed animals and Barbies.

Where do you usually shop? Can you recommend an online shop for us?

  —I usually hit thrift shops, department stores, and sales sales sales! I’m a sucker for overpriced clothes at underpriced prices. But you know, once you go ukay, you’ll never look at “normal” priced clothes the same way again!

As for online shops, I frequent Fo Shoes and Fancieta Shop. I purchased my favorite combat boots from Shop Dainty, buy feathers at Maris Online, and go crazy with the lipsticks at Nyx Miel!

Who are your fashion inspirations?

  —Rachel Bilson hands down! She’s so effortlessly cute and chic forever! I also like how fearless Miley Cyrus dresses and all the muscians and their clothes inspire me too!

What are other fashion blogs that you follow?

  —I’m a secret fan of Patricia Prieto and her paradigma. HAHA! Internationally, I’ve always been in love with Olivia Lopez and her lust for life.

What are your body insecurities and how do you deal with them?

  —Hohoho. Insecurities! I’ve got to say there are days I don’t feel great with how I look because I do not look like the stereotypical gorgeous people of this world. But then again, who we are, and what makes us different makes us beautiful. And I don’t think God creates with the intention to make us less beautiful than the rest. :) And being reminded of these things, helps me deal. Gratitude changes your attitude! Feel blessed and look your best! (HAHA I sound like a slogan machine, maybe I should trademark these)

What can you advise girls who want to express themselves through fashion but are embarassed to do so?

  —You always dress in yellow, when you wanna dress in gold! Life’s about taking chances and risks! You’ll never know until you try ;) And don’t be embarrassed or scared to go crazy with fashion! Everyone probably committed a fashion faux pas once (or millions of times) in their lives. Besides, it’s not like there’s a legit Fashion Police organization or anything! HAHA! And in the end, you dress up for yourself, and not for others. AS LONG AS! You feel great and comfortable with what you’re wearing (and you’re not breaking any laws).

Just like her inspiration, Rachel Bilson (ooooh that rhymes!), Gela is truly an effortlessly cool chick whose wise words each girl should live by.

Love and World Peace, 


GUYS!!! This is it! On SUNDAY, Word Up’s back full force! New and improved home dizzles! :) Hope you can support my show with my other homies Josh, Sha, Jason, and Russell! It’s an awesome youth oriented show! So don’t forget to tune in this Sunday night! At 8pm! Zoe Light TV Channel 33 or 98 :) WORDDDDDDDDDDDD UPPPPPP PLAYAHHHH! Here’s our FB Page :D

HOORAY! IM ON THE COVER OF CANDY!! IF! We lived in Japan and you tore out the back cover. HAHAHA! A birthday present came early this year in a form of a teenage girl dream come true! :) Buy Candy magazine’s June issue? :D And yes, this is me sans makeup demonstrating how to make me this month’s cover girl + posing all weirdoe at the end = classic Gela.

Mission Completed ;) No longer a red head wannabe! HAHA After 4 tries this year I finally FINALLY have REEEED IN YOUR FACE HOMIE RED VELVET hair! HAHA! I hope people at work tomorrow won’t be shocked and be weirded out :))

Tip: If you want to complete your hair mission come on over to Renewed Salon at the Pergola mall! Promise you won’t regret it ;)

Hey y’all!

Sorry I’ve been instaspammin’ on my blog lately! October has been one hectic and busy, BUT super productive month for me. I can’t wait to share with you guys the stories behind my IG posts! :)

What to expect soon on elbeef: Pinkberry’s ATC opening, new ootds (yehess!), my trip to Hong Kong, Halloween 2013, more hair tutorials, a Terry Richardson shoot, Ask the Beef answers, and all other things bright and beefy!

God bless and take care everyone! :)

<3 Sniffling Gela

WUHOO PARTY ANIMALS!! Haha okay we are the total opposite of party animals..we’re more of just….animals? :)) Okay I’m making us sound crazy! Yesterday after taping (watch my show soon!) I met up with Bea (Lookbook queen/gorgey mole) and Jake (ARTIST EXTRAORIDINAIRE/watch out for his artwork shirt entry) two of my best moles during college. It’s never a dull moment with these too! We can just really be crazy and not care and we love each other for that :) This is a photo of us partying…at the most exclusive of clubs…THE FOODCOURT! HAHA Hope I can post more photos soon! :)

Hey y’all! I’m actually 1/3 of a cute band called the Summers :) We just posted rough drafts of our 3 original songs on our Facebook page so it would be amazing and sweet of you to go LIKE our page because when we reach 300 likes, a random liker will win an awesome Summers mystery package!! SOOOO! Whatcha waiting for? Check us out! :D Click on el photo to lead you to our page! :) Thanks so much!