HOORAY! IM ON THE COVER OF CANDY!! IF! We lived in Japan and you tore out the back cover. HAHAHA! A birthday present came early this year in a form of a teenage girl dream come true! :) Buy Candy magazine’s June issue? :D And yes, this is me sans makeup demonstrating how to make me this month’s cover girl + posing all weirdoe at the end = classic Gela.

WUHOO PARTY ANIMALS!! Haha okay we are the total opposite of party animals..we’re more of just….animals? :)) Okay I’m making us sound crazy! Yesterday after taping (watch my show soon!) I met up with Bea (Lookbook queen/gorgey mole) and Jake (ARTIST EXTRAORIDINAIRE/watch out for his artwork shirt entry) two of my best moles during college. It’s never a dull moment with these too! We can just really be crazy and not care and we love each other for that :) This is a photo of us partying…at the most exclusive of clubs…THE FOODCOURT! HAHA Hope I can post more photos soon! :)

Hey hey!!! I’m pretty excited about the sketch my friend drew for me so I’ve spent the afternoon coloring it and making it more…beefy. ;) One of my main goals in life is to own a diner, so here’s my future-ish self (no more bangs, perfect “sexy” hair haha) sitting in my diner, that will hopefully come into existence by the age of 25 HAHA! And say hello to my new header :D Kind of making my blog more me and less me..nimalist HAHA! The navigation bar isn’t so fixed yet but you can go check them out :) Shout out to Adlyanna aka Gazillionth Thought Bubble for helping me figure out some codes I do not understand, you CODE saver you ;) Whatchu think?

Even if the ones you love don’t believe in you, don’t ever ever give up. The best revenge is, live your dreams and shove it in their faces.

Honestly, when we performed that night, I knew in my heart I was meant to do this. For the first time ever I performed with so much passion, my heart spilled out on that stage that night.

It’s not a dream anymore, it’s worth fighting for.

Don’t give up on your dreams homeys, or let anyone tell you otherwise :)