Gel Medium


Here are some experimental pages in my journal that I’ve been working on since yesterday. I’m not quite done with the blue spread!


Hey everyone, how are finals, if that is still a thing for you. I’m in the last stretch rn with 4 different project and ofc I went on to doing absolutely everything but school work lol….
One of those was binge watching doll repainting videos and rememebering how much I still love dolls and doll collecting. So I looked at Monster High dolls again, and man these has gone a long way since I last saw them years ago. I decided to try my hand at repainting since I’ve been meaning to get into it but never got the chance or time. (I still don’t have time I’m just procrastinating lmao.)

Anyway, I ordered this Draculaura First Day at School doll and repainted her.

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Having A Ball - 14"x11" Mixed Media on canvas in floating frame will be available as part of the upcoming Summer Lovin’ Art Show beginning on Saturday June 24th at the Flower of Life Gallery in downtown Lockport, IL.

I shared the progress steps on the digital creation side, and now here is the rest of the process.  Once I have printed the art onto the canvas, I applied 3 coats of varnish.  Once dried I then wrap the canvas onto the stretch bars.  

Then I tried something new, by applying an embellishing gel medium onto the areas of the wave, the splashes and the rippling edges of water washing onto the beach. This really brings those areas to life with nice dimension.  For even more depth I then used acrylic paint to enhance the splashes and whitecaps.   And then gave the entire thing a few more coats of varnish to seal it up.  

Mounted it into the frame, dust covered the back and added the mounting brackets and it’s ready for the big show!


Color coding your notes (although common knowledge among the studyblr world) is seriously one of my most important tips.  To stay organized, I write all of my notes for a class in one color scheme.  For sociology (see above) my color scheme is blue, so I use a combination of blue pens and highlighters! This not only is an extremely efficient way to learn (for visual learners especially!), it also looks so pretty aka why i’m posting it on my studyblr :)

Writing Utensils Used:

  • Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker, Black 
  • Sharpie Highlighter, Blue
  • Foray Gel Medium Point Pen, Blue (my favorite gel pen, but now its running out of ink and i’m sad)
  • Papermate Inkjoy Gel 0.7, Light blue and black (newly discovered, and quickly becoming my favs!)

Here is one of the two new pieces I created for the upcoming art show themed Summer Lovin’,

You all know I love dogs, so I knew at least one of the two pieces was going to have a carefree dog enjoying summer in it.

I wanted to go with a more painterly style for this one as bought a new gel medium I can apply as part of the varnishing process to give it the look and feel of brush strokes and paint layers, even though I work digitally.  Looking forward to trying that out tomorrow morning when I get it all ready. 

I can not decide which name I like best for this one.  Feel free to vote!

  • Fetch!
  • Having A Ball
  • Beach Buddy
  • or send in your own suggestion

Art journal entry: Be Amazed.

Mixed media: scrapbook paper, gel medium, gesso, acrylic paints, stamps, stencils archival ink, paper napkin, text stickers. (Take risks, Believe in yourself, make it happen, be amazed)

Practicing with layers again.

Holy crap I can’t even express how in love with this spread I am!!  This may be the best page I’ll ever do! And I’d be totally okay with that.

Process:  tore pieces of scrapbook paper and glued them on with gel medium. After it was dry I used an old credit card to apply white gesso in spots around the pages. Then I brushed on 3 different color of acrylic paint (pale yellow, leaf green, and cherry red). Then, randomly placed a script text stamp around with black archival ink. Next I used the pale yellow paint with a burlap stencil.  Tore the rose and buildings from a paper napkin and applied with a thin layer of gel medium. Used a numbers stencil with brown archival ink, added text stickers, went around them with a water soluble pencil and smudged it with water.