Gel Eyeliner


TIP: You can use any liquid to matte lipstick as eyeliner. All you would need is a pointed or angled brush to apply it. In my opinion, liquid lipsticks are easier to apply as eyeliner than gel or liquid eyeliner. 

In these photos above, I used Jeffree Star Cosmetics velour liquid lipsticks!

Powder, Pencil, Liquid or Gel Eyeliner?

Eyeliner often seems like an extra step in your makeup routine, but it can make all the difference. Just a hint of it smudged in between your lashes or a clean line swept across your lash line can glam up your look, add more definition and make your lashes look thicker. Nowadays there are loads of formulas on the market instead of your regular ol’ pencil and they can create heaps of different looks.

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winged gel liner tutorial-

1. Prep the eye. Be sure to apply any eyeshadow you want before applying the eyeliner.

2. Taking a gel liner, line the eyes from the inner to outer corner staying close to the lashline. Make the liner as thick or thin as your desired look. For a rounder looking eye, apply liner thicker towards the middle of the lid. For an almond shaped eye, apply it thicker towards the outer corner. To keep the shape of your eye, apply an even line following your natural shape.

3. With your eye open, decide where you want the highest point of the liner and mark it.

4. Keeping your eye open, draw a wing connecting the highest point to the meeting of your lashlines. Doing this with your eyes open will help you to see exactly where your liner will lay when finished. It can help you to avoid or be aware of any fine lines or folds in the lid.

5. Back to the highest point of the liner, connect it to the already existing liner. You can either curve the line or keep it straight depending on your preference.

6. Color in the sparse area and clean up any jagged lines. Done!

Products used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner 


-Remember your eyes are not identical! What you do to one eye, you may not have to for the other! ex. If one eye has more lid space, you may have to build up more liner on that eye to make the lids appear similar.

-Try not to do one entire eye perfect and then expect the same on the other. Do step one on one eye, then step one on the next. Step two on one, then step two on the next, etc. That way, you’re looking at your eyes as a whole to the look, rather than separate pieces. 

How to Tightline your Eyes

Tightlining is one of my favourite eye-lining techniques. It gives great definition but still looks subtle and natural, plus it also makes your lashes look thicker. It is great for all eye shapes especially those with hooded eyelids because it doesn’t take up any lid space. Not to mention it doesn’t require a precision application unlike winged eyeliner. It is also a great technique to use before applying false lashes as you won’t end up with a gap in between the band of the false lashes and the base of your natural lashes.

Tightlining is done by applying your eyeliner in between your eyelashes instead of above them.

You will need: Either a flat eyeliner brush with gel eyeliner (I like Essence Gel Eyeliner) or a three dot liner like Too Faced Three Way Lining Lash Tool (a budget friendly version is ELF Essential Triple Tip Waterproof Eyeliner Pen but try and wear the tip down a bit on the back of your hand first otherwise it will be too firm and hurt your eyes!) To finish off the look use a mascara. I’m using Maybelline The Rocket Mascara (I find the formula a touch clumpy but it still gives great length & volume. My other favourites are: Benefit They’re Real, Smashbox Hyperlash and Covergirl Lash Blast Clump Crusher)

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This is one of the oldest tricks in the book and how makeup artists made gel liners back in Old Hollywood. It really fills in the holes in between your lashes and gives you an intense smudge like a kajal liner or grease paint. It’s super simple and easy, but if you’re a minor please get adult supervision.


  • A kohl eye liner pencil from your local drug store. 
  • An open flame {a lighter is nice because it’s portable, but you can also use a candle or a gas stove top}.


  1. To slightly liquefy it, hold the tip of the pencil in the flame for one quick second. Don’t even say one Mississippi!
  2. Wait 15 seconds for the pencil to cool down. It gets really hot so you have to let it cool down then always test it out on the back of your hand before you go anywhere near your eye!!
  3. Roll it a little on the back of your hand to mold and keep the tip pointed while it’s becoming a solid again.
  4. Sweep the liner along your upper + lower lashlines as well as your inner waterline if you want to make your eyes even more piercing.