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Alright, have the finished product.  I went with the fourth hairstyle, as you can see.

So yeah, this is Lynette’s 3-year Time Skip design.  She spent a lot of that time learning more about herself and her powers, but she hasn’t changed too much as a person.  Still the same old friendly, sassy mute who is also a protective mom.


The game: Geist.

The players: We had a pair of players who worked as a glorious double act. One was a hard man, but easily led; the other was a full-time con artist. We’ll call them, say, Patsy and Conman.

The situation: The players were trying to steal an object from the archives of the British Museum, as it had particular value to one of their Geister. Unfortunately, the British Museum is guarded by a completely delusional, unholy powerful Sin-Eater set into the foundations and cast adrift in an astral projection. Fortunately, after a mild altercation where Patsy got his jaw broken, he’s rather sympathetic to their cause, and creates an illusion to let them sneak in and recover the target.

Conman: Someone make a distraction.

Patsy: Oh! I know what I’ll do, cuz I’ve done it in real life. I’m going to run into one of the pedestals with a case on and knock the case off to set off the alarm.

GM: … You know you’re covered by an illusion, right?

Conman: Sure, but a distraction can’t hurt.

GM: Okay… Patsy, give me perception… you notice that this case is bolted down; it might not even work like that.

Patsy: Really? Damn. Okay, I guess I’ll just throw myself down the stairs.

GM: … Are… are you sure?

Patsy: Oh! I know. I’ll throw myself down face-first, try to land on my jaw. Then I can sue them over it!

GM: Well… okay… take, uh, a point of agg, three of lethal, and shatter your jaw. And be glad you’re Bound.

Patsy: Did it work?!?

GM: Did WHAT work?

Patsy: Did I set off the alarm!?

GM: Do you mean the throwing-yourself-down-the-stairs alarm?

Patsy: Yes!

GM: No!

Submitted by krabbydon

  • Bramble:tbf I don't think Amanda usually would refer to herself as a sin-eater anyway bc it's a weird twee label that she thinks sounds stupid
  • Bramble:she'd probably stick with "bound"
  • Nai:which "that's not an ambiguous label at all"
  • Bramble:of course not what are you talking about
  • Nai:(she says to one of the Unchained)
  • Nai:(who, admittedly, prefers "demon" in all but the most formal circumstances)
  • Bramble:World of Darkness more like World of Names We Can't Use With A Straight Face

anonymous asked:

Do you have any experience with Geist: Sin Eaters, and if so have any advice for a newbie? I was invited to play in (and possibly co-storytell) an all Sin Eater game, but I'm totally new to that splat book. :/

I’m sorry, I’ve never played Geist and I also don’t own the splat book. Unfortunately, I only know one person who has even picked up the Geist book and we’ve never taken any time to really dive into it.

I apologize, I’m not help in this area. Anyone out there with some Geist experience that can help this anon?

So every couple months, I get a note on my Geist photo set… I have to ask…

Where are my fellow Sin Eaters at? There have to be other Geist fans out there since that post keeps getting notes! I wanna hear from you guys. Tell me about your SEs, your Geists, your crazy ass adventures!

We hear from the Vampire and Werewolf and Mage fans constantly… I wanna hear about the stupid stuff your Sin Eaters have done!

It’s a story that begins with death — with your death. 
    Why did the Reaper reach out for you before your time? 
    Why was it that you fell between the cracks? 
    Do you remember the flare of the gun or the sharpness of the knife? 
    Do you remember the gnawing emptiness or the choking thickness of disease? 
    Did you fall across the Threshold alone in the wild, or in the heart of the city? 
    The story begins there — with the moment of death, and with the Bargain that reversed it. 
    With the cold hand that brought you back to the living world, with the dry whispers that still haunt you, with the presence that has nestled in your soul. 
    You’ve returned to a world where the living cannot see the shades that surround them. You drink rum to the dead, and you eat their remnants and legacies, taking their memories within you. Every night is the carnivale, because every night you walk with ghosts. 
    Death is a door. 
    You are the one with the key.


charlotte as a sin-eater (someone who died, but made a bargain with a very powerful ghost called a geist, and was ‘reborn’ as a Sin-Eater) ouo BASIC RUNDOWN OF THE INFO HERE:

Geist: ghost that brought the character back to life

Archetype: the 'job’ the character chooses (the Reaper Archetype is basically choosing who lives and who dies, seeking justice, etc)

Threshold: how the character died (Charlotte died of cancer, so she became the Stricken)

Keys: basically dictates what kind of 'elemental’ powers you get

Manifestations: pick and mix to choose how to use them

‘What about weapons?’ she said. 'I shouldn’t think there’d be any anti-vampire stuff in a vampire’s castle, would there?’
'Why, thertainly,’ said Igor.
'There is?’
'Ath much ath you want. The old marthter wath very keen on that. When we had vithitorth ecthpected, he alwayth thed, “Igor, make thertain the windowth are clean and there'th lotth of lemonth and bitth of ornament that can be turned into religiouth thymbolth around the plathe.” He enjoyed it when people played by the ruleth. Very fair, the old marthter.’
'Yeah, but that’d mean he’d die, wouldn’t it?’ said Nanny. She opened a cupboard and a stack of wrinkled lemons fell out.
Igor shrugged. 'You win thome, you lothe thome,’ he said. 'The old marthter uthed to thay’; “Igor, the day vampireth win all the time, that'th the day we’ll be knocked back beyond return.”