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Sin-Eaters (Chronicles of Darkness)

So, funny story. I swear I had already posted about Sin-Eaters. I moved on to Mummies because I knew I had. I remember picking out art to put in the post. It wasn’t until I was updating my master post last night that I realized I had nothing on them. Google wasn’t any help. I looking in my iCloud. Nada. Checked Grammarly as well and turned up squat. All I found was a single file on my iPad that had a title that matched this post with nothing in it. The entire experience was both creepy and oddly appropriate for the red-headed stepchild of the Chronicles of Darkness.

Geist: the Sin-Eaters is a game about coming back from the dead and coming back stronger. The titular Sin-Eaters are people who died and were revived by symbiotic ghosts known as Geists. Logically, they tend to interact with other ghosts and the Underworld most frequently. Geists can also take the guise of historical figures or mythological powers, so expect there to be plenty of overlap with Mummy: the Curse and Mage: the Awakening.

There’s isn’t too much more that I have to say about the Sin-Eaters right now, but that is not because I don’t want to talk about them. Geist is one of my favourite games, but it is in flux, transitioning into the second edition of Chronicles of Darkness. Plans have clearly been made, but we have only got tidbits of them so far. Geist had the shortest run of any of the New World of Darkness products, having been released while White Wolf was undergoing its death throws. Of course, the game about dying and coming back would return, just as Onyx Path restored the White Wolf game lines and Paradox has resurrected the White Wolf title. After all, isn’t life about second chances?

  • After each World War, the population of Geists soared in the Underworld, which meant the number of Sin-Eaters also rose. Most Sin-Eaters are a vibrant lot, but those inhabited by these Geists tend to be dour, using military symbolism, signs of hubris, and images that invoke industrial decay in their rituals. 
  • Sometimes Sin-Eaters make odd claims about the ghosts with which they share their bodies. At least one New York Sin-Eater claims to be host to the Geist of the World Trade Centres. Another in DC says she was brought back to life by the Ghost of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Some are odder still, such as the Sin-Eater who claims to carry the Ghost of Lamarckian Evolution. Are these Sin-Eaters telling the truth, are they pulling some con, or are they just as loopy as the Geists inside of them?
  • While exploring the Underworld, a group of Sin-Eaters have discovered a domain that is inhabited by ghosts that are neither human nor chthonian. The frog-like ghosts inhabitants a massive lake that is not connected to any of the rivers of the Underworld on which a massive ruined pyramid lies in shambles. The ghosts say that the city was once called Ib and that all of humanity will pay for its destruction at the talons of the Great Old One Bokrug.
White Wolf/Onyx Path have a weirdly specific fetish

Vampire (either): the curse comes with the Beast, an animalistic animating principle to the vampiric soul that is generated by the curse

Changeling: the Dreaming: fey souls engage in symbiotic relationships with human souls to reincarnate and continue living in our world after Arcadia gets locked away

Mummy: the Resurrection: mummy souls graft themselves to the spiritually weak and go on a journey to make an immortal spiritual amalgam

Mage: the Ascension: the avatar is the source of ascension potential and is treated as a distinct spiritual entity or component of your soul. Probably reincarnates with you.

Wraith: the Oblivion: not a soul graft, but your spectre does act as its own individual and quasi-independent being that can be split off into its own existence that is all tied up in your soul

Geist: the Sin Eaters: you die, come back when a spooky ghost latches onto your soul and pulls you back into life, and will continue to do so for a while if you fuck up and die again

Beast: the Primordial: nightmare monsters splice into your soul and give you sick powers

“Oh but geo, that’s just the world of darkness-”

Exalted: you play as one of 10+ flavors of people empowered by a reincarnating divine soul-weapon grafted to your hu

pooka  asked:

I'm DYING. I love White Wolf so much! I didn't know you were playing one of their tabletops! :0

HECK YES!! The only tabletops I’m really into are WoD based, because they’re…. really easy to use and are also very RP heavy which are the best kinds of games IMHO! (TO BE FAIR THOUGH the only other TTRPG experience I have is with D&D 3.5, haha…)

I’ve only played Hunter: The Vigil and now Geist: The Sin-Eaters so far, but they’re very fun and I love them so much (also all the horror elements in them?? *kisses fingers like a chef*). White Wolf makes some good games, my dudes.

Alright, have the finished product.  I went with the fourth hairstyle, as you can see.

So yeah, this is Lynette’s 3-year Time Skip design.  She spent a lot of that time learning more about herself and her powers, but she hasn’t changed too much as a person.  Still the same old friendly, sassy mute who is also a protective mom.


The game: Geist.

The players: We had a pair of players who worked as a glorious double act. One was a hard man, but easily led; the other was a full-time con artist. We’ll call them, say, Patsy and Conman.

The situation: The players were trying to steal an object from the archives of the British Museum, as it had particular value to one of their Geister. Unfortunately, the British Museum is guarded by a completely delusional, unholy powerful Sin-Eater set into the foundations and cast adrift in an astral projection. Fortunately, after a mild altercation where Patsy got his jaw broken, he’s rather sympathetic to their cause, and creates an illusion to let them sneak in and recover the target.

Conman: Someone make a distraction.

Patsy: Oh! I know what I’ll do, cuz I’ve done it in real life. I’m going to run into one of the pedestals with a case on and knock the case off to set off the alarm.

GM: … You know you’re covered by an illusion, right?

Conman: Sure, but a distraction can’t hurt.

GM: Okay… Patsy, give me perception… you notice that this case is bolted down; it might not even work like that.

Patsy: Really? Damn. Okay, I guess I’ll just throw myself down the stairs.

GM: … Are… are you sure?

Patsy: Oh! I know. I’ll throw myself down face-first, try to land on my jaw. Then I can sue them over it!

GM: Well… okay… take, uh, a point of agg, three of lethal, and shatter your jaw. And be glad you’re Bound.

Patsy: Did it work?!?

GM: Did WHAT work?

Patsy: Did I set off the alarm!?

GM: Do you mean the throwing-yourself-down-the-stairs alarm?

Patsy: Yes!

GM: No!

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