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So I got the PDF of Geist: The Sin-Eaters. I'm not too far into it (only about 30 pages or so) but it's really interesting so far! I've already got the very basic ideas for a character, but I'm gonna wait till I finish to really flesh her out, obviously.

Geist is such a cool game. I love its overall tone, its fondness for syncretic mysticism, and the overall way that the setting comes together. The Kerberoi are my particular favorite elements, as the idea of an underworld filled with unfathomable alien intelligences is way too cool. The Kerberoi remind me of the Brothers from Ice-Pick Lodge’s game The Void, which can offer some really useful inspiration for the underworld as a setting. 

Either way, I’m glad you’re giving Geist a shot, and I hope you have a blast with it!


World of Darkness aesthetic: Geist: the Sin Eaters

Sin-Eaters, also known as the Bound, are mortals who have died, but made deals with strange, alien spirits called Geists to return to life. This does not come without a price; they must share their body, mind, and desires with the Geist, and often spend as much time confronting the death around them as well as appeasing their new “friend” as they try to continue their own life.

  • Bramble: tbf I don't think Amanda usually would refer to herself as a sin-eater anyway bc it's a weird twee label that she thinks sounds stupid
  • Bramble: she'd probably stick with "bound"
  • Nai: which "that's not an ambiguous label at all"
  • Bramble: of course not what are you talking about
  • Nai: (she says to one of the Unchained)
  • Nai: (who, admittedly, prefers "demon" in all but the most formal circumstances)
  • Bramble: World of Darkness more like World of Names We Can't Use With A Straight Face

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Do you have any experience with Geist: Sin Eaters, and if so have any advice for a newbie? I was invited to play in (and possibly co-storytell) an all Sin Eater game, but I'm totally new to that splat book. :/

I’m sorry, I’ve never played Geist and I also don’t own the splat book. Unfortunately, I only know one person who has even picked up the Geist book and we’ve never taken any time to really dive into it.

I apologize, I’m not help in this area. Anyone out there with some Geist experience that can help this anon?

Alright, have the finished product.  I went with the fourth hairstyle, as you can see.

So yeah, this is Lynette’s 3-year Time Skip design.  She spent a lot of that time learning more about herself and her powers, but she hasn’t changed too much as a person.  Still the same old friendly, sassy mute who is also a protective mom.


The game: Geist.

The players: We had a pair of players who worked as a glorious double act. One was a hard man, but easily led; the other was a full-time con artist. We’ll call them, say, Patsy and Conman.

The situation: The players were trying to steal an object from the archives of the British Museum, as it had particular value to one of their Geister. Unfortunately, the British Museum is guarded by a completely delusional, unholy powerful Sin-Eater set into the foundations and cast adrift in an astral projection. Fortunately, after a mild altercation where Patsy got his jaw broken, he’s rather sympathetic to their cause, and creates an illusion to let them sneak in and recover the target.

Conman: Someone make a distraction.

Patsy: Oh! I know what I’ll do, cuz I’ve done it in real life. I’m going to run into one of the pedestals with a case on and knock the case off to set off the alarm.

GM: … You know you’re covered by an illusion, right?

Conman: Sure, but a distraction can’t hurt.

GM: Okay… Patsy, give me perception… you notice that this case is bolted down; it might not even work like that.

Patsy: Really? Damn. Okay, I guess I’ll just throw myself down the stairs.

GM: … Are… are you sure?

Patsy: Oh! I know. I’ll throw myself down face-first, try to land on my jaw. Then I can sue them over it!

GM: Well… okay… take, uh, a point of agg, three of lethal, and shatter your jaw. And be glad you’re Bound.

Patsy: Did it work?!?

GM: Did WHAT work?

Patsy: Did I set off the alarm!?

GM: Do you mean the throwing-yourself-down-the-stairs alarm?

Patsy: Yes!

GM: No!

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