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hey mod T, i know you have some thoughts on how the mummy and geist settings are related. interested in sharing with the class?

Spoilers for Mummy: the Curse ahead, relating to the Deceived/Lost Guild.

Book of the Deceived reveals that the Shan'iatu of the Sixth Guild were denied the shot at godhood that their peers took, and only survive as splintered, insane soul-fragments (known as temakh) that cannot exist without an (im)mortal host. The Rite was the Shan'iatu’s attempt at becoming the Judges of Duat (essentially, gods of death). If that failure produces these strange parasitic spirit beings, then we have some interesting threads to follow.

Geists are the result of a mortal ghost doing /something/ to become less “the remnant of a human being” and more “an embodiment of an aspect of death.” Geists crave a mortal host to act as their hands in the world of the living, binding themselves to Sin-Eaters. Sound familiar?

Geists and Temakh seem to be very similar creatures with different (but related!) origins: creatures associating themselves with elements of death who require a sapient host.

Add onto this that the Temakh crave cults to worship them while Geists grow in power upon adding members to their krewes, it seems like both are products of the same process with very interesting intent.

Here we stray into hypothetical territory.

There are no Tier 3 krewes in existence, and it’s all but impossible to find evidence of their existence. I personally believe that once a krewe grows powerful enough, they descend into the Underworld and birth a new Dead Domain, with at least one of the contributing Geists as the new Kerberoi.

If that’s true, then we have two seemingly unrelated kinds of creatures born from the remains of something once living, bound to intelligent hosts and hoping to claim a position of relevance tied to death as a whole.

The game: Geist.

The players: We had a pair of players who worked as a glorious double act. One was a hard man, but easily led; the other was a full-time con artist. We’ll call them, say, Patsy and Conman.

The situation: The players were trying to steal an object from the archives of the British Museum, as it had particular value to one of their Geister. Unfortunately, the British Museum is guarded by a completely delusional, unholy powerful Sin-Eater set into the foundations and cast adrift in an astral projection. Fortunately, after a mild altercation where Patsy got his jaw broken, he’s rather sympathetic to their cause, and creates an illusion to let them sneak in and recover the target.

Conman: Someone make a distraction.

Patsy: Oh! I know what I’ll do, cuz I’ve done it in real life. I’m going to run into one of the pedestals with a case on and knock the case off to set off the alarm.

GM: … You know you’re covered by an illusion, right?

Conman: Sure, but a distraction can’t hurt.

GM: Okay… Patsy, give me perception… you notice that this case is bolted down; it might not even work like that.

Patsy: Really? Damn. Okay, I guess I’ll just throw myself down the stairs.

GM: … Are… are you sure?

Patsy: Oh! I know. I’ll throw myself down face-first, try to land on my jaw. Then I can sue them over it!

GM: Well… okay… take, uh, a point of agg, three of lethal, and shatter your jaw. And be glad you’re Bound.

Patsy: Did it work?!?

GM: Did WHAT work?

Patsy: Did I set off the alarm!?

GM: Do you mean the throwing-yourself-down-the-stairs alarm?

Patsy: Yes!

GM: No!

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  • Bramble:tbf I don't think Amanda usually would refer to herself as a sin-eater anyway bc it's a weird twee label that she thinks sounds stupid
  • Bramble:she'd probably stick with "bound"
  • Nai:which "that's not an ambiguous label at all"
  • Bramble:of course not what are you talking about
  • Nai:(she says to one of the Unchained)
  • Nai:(who, admittedly, prefers "demon" in all but the most formal circumstances)
  • Bramble:World of Darkness more like World of Names We Can't Use With A Straight Face

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We still doing Lash Wednesday? I have a Sin-Eater whose name rhymes with 'Lash Wednesday' and there is no possible way to retire her or kill her off without having serious consequences to our local game. Oops. Stuck with god awful name until the STs decide I've had enough.

People actually play Geist? I want to believe you, but can’t. 

Your mission, should you just to accept it, is to kill yourself and your entire play group as permanently as possible. Sounds like your ST needs to repent more than you, anon.

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Do you have any experience with Geist: Sin Eaters, and if so have any advice for a newbie? I was invited to play in (and possibly co-storytell) an all Sin Eater game, but I'm totally new to that splat book. :/

I’m sorry, I’ve never played Geist and I also don’t own the splat book. Unfortunately, I only know one person who has even picked up the Geist book and we’ve never taken any time to really dive into it.

I apologize, I’m not help in this area. Anyone out there with some Geist experience that can help this anon?

I am Nakhte. 

The weight of ages is heavy upon me. I’ve seen the coming and going of five Sothic ages. I have watched countless empires crumble, and seen mankind rise from the ashes countless times more. Memory slips through my fingers like the sand of the red desert, yet I remember enough.

There are stories to tell. There are things great and terrible yet to come.

I brought the blazing torch of faith to the edges of the first great civilization. I terrorized the kingdom of a weak pharaoh in the shadow of the old pyramids. I sailed for the horizon with the mourning bull-jumpers. I showed the children of the she-wolf where the demons slumbered, and slumber still. I howled like a mad beast as Jerusalem burned to the ground around me.

Once, I lived. 

Now, I am Deathless.

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T. W. I. N.

T:is the most terrifying.  Alex Petty by a good margin.  Yeah, he might be a softy and mentally broken, but he’s also the person that to get his ghoul fix would routinely break vampires practically in half, put them into torpor, and suck the vitae forcefully out of them.  Plus, he grappled a fire spirit once until he discorporated it.

W:watches the most anime.  Roulette or Hotaru.  Both were pretty hardcore into anime.

I:tends to idolize people they shouldn’t.  This… is probably a trope of mine.  Still, I’m going to go with Alex again because he’s so easily prone to Stockholm Syndrome.

N:needs way more attention from me.  Gabe or Vincent.  Gabe had just followed through on his missions from Luna, and there was still more to do.  He had a really interesting mentality.  Vincent, on the other hand, still had particular demons to fight through, and that would be fun to write.

I will be disappointed with World of Darkness: Dark Eras until the end of time.

Why? Because it’s the first new Geist content we’ve gotten in years, and will likely be the only content we get for years further. There’s tons of fascinating historical periods and all sorts of diverse cultures with rich death folklore across the globe. All of history was open to the writers, and they settled on 1950s New Zealand.

Punk ghost hunters in 1950s New Zealand. Fucking why. It feels like the punchline to a bad joke, a non sequitur about how unpopular Geist is.

No Aztec murder sacrifices, and their conflict with the Spanish. No Caribbean pirates where warped Catholicism clashes with sailor myths and African voodoo. No Ancient Egyptian veneration of the dead and the fantastic underworld that goes with it. No India. No China. Not even the overdone European setting that some assumed.

1950s New Zealand. Ugh. One of my favorite games is dead and getting pissed on.

‘What about weapons?’ she said. 'I shouldn’t think there’d be any anti-vampire stuff in a vampire’s castle, would there?’
'Why, thertainly,’ said Igor.
'There is?’
'Ath much ath you want. The old marthter wath very keen on that. When we had vithitorth ecthpected, he alwayth thed, “Igor, make thertain the windowth are clean and there'th lotth of lemonth and bitth of ornament that can be turned into religiouth thymbolth around the plathe.” He enjoyed it when people played by the ruleth. Very fair, the old marthter.’
'Yeah, but that’d mean he’d die, wouldn’t it?’ said Nanny. She opened a cupboard and a stack of wrinkled lemons fell out.
Igor shrugged. 'You win thome, you lothe thome,’ he said. 'The old marthter uthed to thay’; “Igor, the day vampireth win all the time, that'th the day we’ll be knocked back beyond return.”

Seeing as how Geist is on sale this week, I thought this would be an opportune time to announce the era (as in, Dark Eras) that we chose for Geist: The Sin-Eaters:

God’s Own Country frames the experience of playing Sin-Eaters in New Zealand of the 1950s, a time of post-war prosperity and growth, concealing a maelstrom of spiritual and supernatural unrest beneath. For almost two hundred years, the rich sacred traditions of the indigenous M?ori people have been forcibly integrated with European beliefs and cultures. As a result, the cycle of life and death has been disrupted; the cenotes and gates to the Underworld are choked with restless dead, angry ancestors, and belligerent spirits; the Gauntlet is weak, and powerful nature spirits that feed on this unrest and conflict are growing in strength. This Dark Era brings its own Themes and Moods to complement or build on those of the core Geist: The Sin-Eaters.

God’s Own Country is written by Cam Banks (whom you might know from games like Marvel Heroic RoleplayingSmallville, and Serenity, though this is his first foray into writing for the World of Darkness), and developed by Michelle Lyons-McFarland (whom you might know as editing a surreal amount of our World of Darkness stuff over the last few years, writing and editing for everyone from WotC to FASA to Green Ronin to Growling Door Games, and as the mad genius behind the temporal-rift craziness in the Seattle Appendix of Demon: The Descent).

(Astute reader might note two facts: One, that Michelle is my wife, and that biases me, and two, Growling Door Games is our company, and obviously she’s written for her own company. These facts are true, but ultimately they have nothing to do with ghosts or geists, so move along.)

So: Go buy Geist, so you can fully appreciate Dark Eras.

Hey, so if you like storytelling games about syncretic religion, optimism in the face of death, and ghost stories, White Wolf just put up a Geist .pdf bundle for $15. Comes with the core book, a couple ready-made story things, and the ready made characters Onyx Path put out recently.

(I will only not be buying said bundle because I already own most of it)