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I think my biggest “huh” moment with respect to gender roles is when it was pointed out to me that your typical “geek” is just as hypermasculine as your typical “jock” when you look at it from the right angle.

As male geeks, a great deal of our identity is built on the notion that male geeks are, in some sense, gender-nonconformant, insofar as we’re unwilling or unable to live up to certain physical ideals about what a man “should” be. Indeed, many of us take pride in how putatively unmanly we are.

Viewed from an historical perspective, however, the virtues of the ideal geek are essentially those of the ideal aristocrat: a cultured polymath with expertise in a vast array of subjects; rarefied or eccentric taste in food, clothing, music, etc.; identity politics that revolve around one’s hobbies or pastimes; open disdain for physical labour and those who perform it; a sense of natural entitlement to positions of authority (“you should be flipping my burgers!”); and so forth.

And the thing about that aristocratic ideal? It’s intensely masculine. It may seem more welcoming to women on the surface, but - as recent events will readily illustrate - this is a facade: we pretend to be egalitarian because it suits our refined self-image, but that affectation falls away in a heartbeat when challenged.

Basically, the whole “geeks versus jocks” thing that gets drilled into us by media and the educational system isn’t about degrees of masculinity at all. It’s just two different flavours of the same toxic bullshit: the ideal geek is the alpha-male-as-philosopher-king, as opposed to the ideal jock’s alpha-male-as-warrior-king. It’s still a big dick-measuring contest - we’re just using different rulers.


really rough ideas of 24/7-11, fairly old ideas that have been chipped and reformed a bit since I made them. also whenever i make zombie-packs, i just think of what me and my friends carry around in unturned or zomboids and stuff….

Epileptic Editor Seeks Big Damn Driving Heroes Who Like Free Tickets

My name is Aubry.  I am a freelance writer, student, editor & professional nerd in Portland, OR.

 I am also a non-convulsive epileptic.

Daily seizures make driving less fun (read: impossible.) Every week there are events that celebrate and change the lives of Portlanders. Every term there are students that would make a great addition to our newspaper team. While they don’t usually injure me, seizures (and their complications) make long transit commutes confusing & painful. Every day, I miss going places, meeting people, and doing things because my health means I can’t handle it on my own.

I’m looking for big damn driving heroes (18+, please) who have an interest in free access to student talks/festivals/movies/classes/conferences/plays (and possibly in other errands/excursions if we get along.)

(You don’t have to be devastatingly beautiful, but I’m sure you are.)

My Heroes Must Have:
a current driver’s license, access to a car, the willingness to commit to events (and call me if you need to back out), and sensitivity to cultural differences (particularly as I am disabled & queer.)  Extra bonus points if you are a student, have a flexible schedule, or write.

I have a lot to offer:

  • payment for tickets & gas money
  • intros & rec. letters
  • writing adventures & accountability
  • bylines & leads for PCC students
  • social media/research/study skills consulting from a library assistant & student who balances three jobs and reaches thousands

I’m putting together a list now. If you think you can help, please contact me at OR send a request to be invited to the Big Damn Driving Heroes facebook group. Please include:

  1. your name
  2. times you are most available
  3. what interests you about these adventures
  4. whether you’d be willing to travel out to Beaverton for $
  5. whether you’re a PCC student
  6. how you found me

Thank you!