I wonder if anyone realizes that one day, one day I will get a Gear cosplay together, I will get a pretty color guard kind of flag, I will get a not crappy mic, and I will do a cover of Heartbeat Clocktower, with a flag routine, in full cosplay and post it for probably a like or two. But I will be able to say I did it. And that’s what matters.

Allllllright.. Who wants a #mustache ride???? #Gibson #l200 #emmylouharris #sj200 #acoustic #guitar #burbank #shermanoaks #magnolia #ventura #music #guitarist #guitarshop #musician #acousticguitar #guitarporn #la #jam #play #fun #gear #sale #sound #rockandroll #natural # (at Imperial vintage guitars)

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Random Magical Trinkets

So today my players encountered a travelling trinket salesmen who had a strange variety of goods on sale.  I had fun coming up with random minor magical items, so I thought I would share them.

  • Trick Coins - Always land on the same side no matter how many times you flip them.  Don’t get caught using them to gamble.
  • Magic Buttons - Can never be lost.  Even if they fall off your garment, they will reappear in your pouch or pocket the next day.
  • Ghost Torch - The smoke from this torch makes ghosts visible.
  • Magical Dye - These pigments can recolor almost any object.
  • Alluring Pinecone - I stole this item from Oglaf because I think it’s great (nsfw link).  I of course did not introduce it in so vulgar a fashion.
  • Cat Seeds - Magical seeds that if planted and cared for will grow into bulbs that will eventually bloom as kittens.  These kittens are like normal cats in most respects except that they don’t hunt and subsist on sunlight and water rather than food.  
  • Unbreakable Thread - Sewing thread that can’t be broken.  Lone exception to the “You break it, you buy it” rule of the store.
  • Demon Tears - Small crystalline stones that will strike fear into the hearts of those that are struck by them.
  • Charming Cufflinks - Gives a small bonus to diplomacy with folk of the opposite gender.
  • Elven Earrings - When worn, they give the illusion that you have elf ears.
  • Magical Umbrella - A hands free umbrella that floats above you when it rains and is not affected by wind
  • Fish Whistle - A whistle that drives fish mad and will cause them to literally leap into your boat or on shore.
  • Magic Chalk - Can write on any surface, even non-solid ones.  To erase, simply wipe it off with your hands.
  • Hate Spice - A seasoning which will cause the food to taste terrible to anyone who hates the cook.  
  • Magical Jelly Molds - Can either cook or freeze jelly like substances that are placed within them instantly.
  • Password Protected Coin Purse - Can only be opened if you know the password
  • Kinstone - Vibrates when relatives draw near. Useful alarm system for in-laws.
  • Water Magnet - Water is magnetically attracted to this unassuming chunk of metal
  • Lying Lipstick - Gives the wearer a small bonus on Bluff checks.