Ruki: last day of the HALLOWEEN LIVE SPOOKY BOX 2 🎃 and we finished LUCY, our second night at Toyosu PIT, without incidents ! ! we seriously went wild at this LIVE but I must say, rather than feeling super exhausted I got this pleasant feeling of exhilaration from this LIVE! seriously, you guys, that was a nice raging style and a nice inferno ☺️🤘
thank you! I hope we get to do this kinda different concept again! look forward to it!
also, there was an announcement: yesterday’s and today’s LIVE were recorded and will come out as a DVD so everyone who came this time and also those of you who couldn’t come, look forward to it 🤘🎃 oh and, the countdown to March 10 next year has started.
details on the new album, the new song. and imbecility*.
there’s nothing else for us to do but to keep you waiting, so don’t worry and stay tuned 🙆‍♂️🙆 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

#thegazette #ABYSS #LUCY #spookybox2 #halloween
*Maybe this is referring to Gudon no Sakura (Cherryblossom of Imbecility) but I can’t be sure yet. It may be something completely different.