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Countries that are full of wealth and space reject Syrian refugees and yet these children welcome them so easily among their homes in Gaza.

“The companion who is the best to Allah is the one who is best to his companion. And the neighbor that is the best to Allah is the one that is best to his neighbor.” (Tirmidhi #50)

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Zaheer and Kids: Humanizing our villains

I just wanted to make a quick post to talk about how I love how genuine Zaheer seems to be when talking to Ikki and Meelo. I never thought he was just sucking up or being manipulative, he just seemed to like talking to them or, in Meelo’s case, be respectful to the little guy. I sorta theorize this is because (as he said) hes been a fan and scholar of airbenders for a long time, he probably has a LOT of respect for original airbenders like Meelo and Ikki. Sure, its definitely creepy to see Ikki discover Zaheer in her dads study in the dark, but the way he tells Ikki about the pendants poem and even says goodnight to her before he fights Kya makes the character seem more human. besides, he seemed to get a lot of happiness from getting to share some knowledge about Guru Laghima to Ikki, as he’s smiling pretty genuinely the whole time, but as soon as Kya walks in his smile goes away and hes immediately scowling a bit and more defensive.

This is something I think book 3 is doing so well at. We have all of the villains having their moment of being relate-able. Whether it be Gazan being uncomfortable around his friends making out, to Ming hua “Showing off” around P'li, these characters all feel like bros and are all relate-able in some way. I don’t know, I just love these villains!

Just a reminder:
Thousands of Palestinian families in Gaza remain homeless and displaced because the Israeli Air Force, by its own estimate, dropped 800 tons of bombs on Gaza during Israel’s savage assault last Ramadan. Also, more than 1,500 children will spend this Ramadan without their parents because Israel massacred them last summer.
Please remember them in your heartfelt duaa and prayers this Ramadan. Remember them throughout the day, when you’re preparing a meal, when you break your fasts, when you’re washing your plates, when you’re lifting your hands in duaa. Remember them.
May the plights of all the oppressed and marginalized worldwide never be relegated to our afterthoughts. May they be granted healing and peace. May they remain steadfast and be granted victory over their oppressors and the state-sponsored terrorism they endure daily. Ameen.
اللهم انصر كل مظلوم على عدوه


If no one is coming to rescue you, call upon the Awaited One Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi for help! Simply look at His image on the Moon and say ‘Gohar Shahi, help me.’ It does not matter what language you speak. Test His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi and you will be amazed at how quickly help arrives!

everyone is asking "is he an earth AND a fire bender??"

sorry if this sounds harsh (i keep seeing a lot of “omg is he a duelbender?” shit and its pissing me off) but no, did u not pay attention to avatar wans 2 part special? no human can hold 2 elements (doesnt say what would happen by my guess is a very immediate death from a surge of too much spiritual energy) what Ghazan is doing is heating the earth to make lava (for those who dont know: lava is HEATED UP LIQUID ROCK not LIQUID FIRE!!!!! whoa cool right???) so no he isnt fire bending he is EARTH BENDING