Gaybird love

I ship gaybirds.
asfdsfs Seriously, ToriBeni is like my OTP now. asdsfdfgd amg benisruffledfeathers you made me ship them so much now. TsuntsunBeni is forevaaa
Frack, I didn’t know how Tori would look like so I barfed up some design that seems completely irrelevant to his bird form.  what am i doing idk. I like how my style is so damn inconsistent OTL

So I’ve seen this image with another great fanart and just by looking at this pic I imagined Ymir in it (¬‿¬)

So one thing led to another and while I did something for university this little piece of doodle was created. (Shame on me because I really should do stuff for university… *sigh*)

And of course Krista’s thoughts are… elsewhere haha!