It’s been a year since I started this blog and finally found the courage to change my life.

I found a new sport. I found what I want to do in life. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

I’m inspiring individuals and I’m showing the world being gay is not synonymous with being athletically incapable.

Left, I weighed 87kg, 19% body fat, July 2013.
Right, 94kg, 9% body fat, July 2014.

Believe in your self.


I survived my first ever CrossFit competition. 

…In fact, I did more than survive. Out of 24 teams, my partner and I came 4th! 4th!The other top three where a mixture of amazing atheletes and people I had seen compete before.. and I was just behind them.

I can’t quite fucking believe it. Thank you ALL for your lovely messages of encouragement. Photos/info to follow soon. The workouts were disgusting, I’m sure you’ll love to hear about all the pain I went through. 

My progress pic. Left, at the start of this blog, April 2013. Right, today 16 November 2013. I’ve been putting this off. I want to see the results of my grafting.

I’ve grown in so many ways since starting this blog. Personal hardships have only pushed me harder. ‘If you are going through hell, keep going’

And I’m not finished. This amazing journey has only shown me what my body can begin to do. I train for performance over aesthetics. I am now going to compete in my first CrossFit competition on the 28th December.


Happy Monday everyone! Today I did a 3 hour climb up Table Mountain..

CrossFit keeps you active, helps you to tackle from every day to extreme activities.

Managed to get this snap. Last year I could never dream of doing such thing. Believe in your self, but most importantly PUSH your self.

(Ps yes I nearly died doing this. Don’t die)

Injuries suck dick. 

My left rotator cuff has been giving me jip for a while, and today it finally went after not warming up properly. 

Coach told me to ice and bath it. Yes that isa bag of peas on my shoulder. Improvise.

WARM UP PROPERLY. Do not under estimate warm ups and cool downs, they are more important than your workout. Don’t be a fuck up like my self today.