louis has been the victim of a character assassination for years, and it’s incredibly disheartening to see how many people buy into it, even if they’re not vocal about it. the coldness towards closeted people, whether intentional or not, is just as disheartening.

he’s had his identity erased and besmirched in every way imaginable, starting as young as 18. he had his natural mannerisms suppressed, had bigotry hammered into his head relating to him not being straight enough and that him being gay would affect the band and its success. if you look at lance bass the same happened with him (obviously there are different aspects, but the basic principle is the same). their compassion is used against them and it’s disgusting.

there’s so much fucking manipulation and discrimination that gay men in the industry are subjected to, and louis’ been dealt the brunt of it. we’ve seen him at some really low points: shallow in the eyes and emotionally beat down to a shell. but somehow, in light of that, he’s still remained kind with a big heart and he’s fighting every second of every day. his strength is unparalleled and it inspires me to no end. he’s constantly giving to people in need, instances in which we don’t even know about most of the time.

i’m not gonna give up on him, ever. it’s not even an option. i’m gonna keep on using the minimal brain power it takes to discern between the fabrication of louis and the louis i know and love for as long as need be. it’s the least he deserves.

On Supergirl and Homophobia

I am seeing a lot of posts saying how calling out what happened at SDCC as homophobic is ‘ridiculous’. I’d like to address first the scope of what homophobia is, then move onto how the incident was driven by homophobia. 


When you hear the term homophobia, it conjures up images of assault or of slurs being thrown out in the open. This is often not the case. Incidences of homophobia can range from the above to smaller instances that make you question whether of not you’re being ‘hysterical’ or ‘dramatic’ for thinking you’re being discriminated against or not. Merriam-Webster defines homophobia as: irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. 

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Sent to my website email this morning - Subject: Enough Message: Enough of the gay stuff on Bright Sessions. Please we are begging you. Sent on: June 2, 2017.

So here we are, two days into PRIDE month. How’s everybody doing?

I’m going to start off by leaning into the mic and saying with full-throat clarity: “Fuck you…you fucking fuck”.

I am a gay man…and before that, I was a gay kid…a scared and angry kid who had so much internal homophobia brewing inside of him that he thought he might explode because nothing in the world was convincing him, or trying to convince him for that matter, that it was normal and okay to be who he really was. And I can tell you, when I was that scared kid, shows like The Bright Session were almost non-existent; and what a shame.

I would have cried from happiness if The Bright Sessions existed when I was a boy. Shows like The Fosters, Glee, Eye Witness, Riverdale, Shadowhunters…shows where I could see myself on the screen in a way all of my heterosexual friends could without question since birth. 

Today I turn on the radio…and 99.999% of the music is, narratively, written/produced with a straight audience in mind…and in some cases/genres it’s used to target and ridicule me and my sexuality.

I live in a world where gay men are being thrown off of rooftops and “exorcized” in Chechnya because they are seen as aberrations; less than…underserving of love and existence. I live in a world where in my own country, a venomous discriminatory fear-based movement validated by the election of their figurehead sent a resounding message that my rights are actually up for debate.

In a world where there is so little positive reflected back at me…so little out there saying that my truth and the stories that express my life and experiences on this earth are valid…in a world where I feel like every day and every breath is a stand to qualify my existence…In that world, I get a message that tells me “enough of the gay stuff”. 

So…to the person who sent this message, I feel sorry for you; I genuinely do…I truly, genuinely and absolutely do. How terrible your life must be, and how delicate your self-image must be to reach out and say something like that. At first look, the message is mean and evil…but then the shaky-ground of masculine fragility reveals itself, as it always does, and I pity you. 

This is Pride Month…It’s meant to celebrate the LGBT+ community and our allies by opening up to share the beauty and diversity of our lives with everyone. I am proud of who I am…and it took a damn long time to get here.

I can’t really speak for Lauren, our creator/show-runner, or the rest of the cast, but…we have a gay character, a bi character, a lesbian character and a “no labels at this time” character confirmed as canon in The Bright Sessions…and I’m here to tell you we will never “enough with the gay stuff”. We are here to celebrate the people and stories that matter to us…Caleb, Adam, Mark and Rose are my friends; these are the people I have in my life and I think you’d be lucky to know. So yeah, no…not “enough of the gay stuff”. 

*throws glitter in the air and walks off*

- Briggon 

Gil’s Story Is My Nightmare

You know, it normally takes weeks if not months for my feelings to settle on a subject relating to fiction. Like, my first time through, it’ll wash over me, I’ll consider it a while, and then, eventually, I’ll come to a conclusion.

But Gil’s story rubbed me wrong on first run, and I easily figured out why.

Gil’s story is my nightmare as a gay man.

I know I’m not the first to sum it up, but I am SO frustrated and pissed off by this (and Mass Effect Andromeda’s handling of M/M relationships in general), I need to work it out of my system.

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I am endlessly amused that the people who whimper and cry about “sharia law” and how terrible it would be if laws were decided by some religion

Are the same people who will argue that it should be legal to discriminate against gay people because their interpretation of their religion dictates it.
Department of Justice sides with anti-gay bakers in religious discrimination case
The Justice Department said artists can’t be compelled to create against their religious beliefs.

The Supreme Court will soon hear the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop, a Colorado bakery that was penalized for discrimination when it refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. 

Because we are living in the upside down, Trump’s Department of Justice has submitted an amicus brief for the case… siding with the bakers. The DoJ says that abiding by the public accommodations law and baking a wedding cake for the gay couple would be a violation of the bakery owner’s religious freedom. 

“Forcing Phillips to create expression for and participate in a ceremony that violates his sincerely held religious beliefs invades his First Amendment rights,” the Justice Department wrote in an amicus brief filed ahead of oral argument in the case. “In the view of the United States, a … First Amendment intrusion occurs where a public accommodations law compels someone to create expression for a particular person or entity and to participate, literally or figuratively, in a ceremony or other expressive event.”

Businesses and other places that are considered “public accommodations” are barred by law from discriminating against people on the basis of factors like race and religion. The DOJ brief suggests that such laws should not be able to compel artists to create “inherently communicative” goods, like wedding cakes. […]

“A custom wedding cake can be sufficiently artistic to qualify as pure speech, akin to a sculptural centerpiece,” the Justice Department wrote. “In short, a custom wedding cake is not an ordinary baked good; its function is more communicative and artistic than utilitarian.”

Every day brings another sign that they are not rooting for us, and they never have been. Sigh. 

Callout for ableist bully therealkyebarnfield

[TW: intense ableism, bullying and ableist slurs]

Tumblr user @therealkyebarnfield has been bullying my friend for being autistic for three days now, constantly commenting on his posts with things like this:

This is a 24 year old man, bullying and stalking autistic teenagers.

I called him out on being a gross bully and ableist. He responded with this:

After this I noticed that he constantly complains about homophobia on his blog, so of course I called him out on being a hypocrite:

It’s important to mention that I’m a bisexual. Something that my blog clearly states in my bio, and I mentioned to him personally. 

I called him a hypocritical gay because that’s exactly what he is. He complains about homophobia only to do exactly the same thing to autistic and disabled people. As a bisexual person, I despise seeing this kind of blatant hypocrisy and discrimination in the LGBT community, wich should be an accepting place for everyone.

But anyways, despite me being gay, he somehow accused me of being homophobic, and having used “homophobic slurs” wich makes no sense considering I constantly blog about gay rights:

You can already tell how hypocritical he is, since he bullied my friend for three days specifically for being autistic, calling him ableist slurs like “spaz”, “retard”, “autismo” and “sperg”. 

But the hypocrisy and ableism gets worse.

I told him again that I’m gay, and asked why he hates autistic people so much. The response is one of the most ableist things I’ve seen on this site:

That’s right, he claimed that autistic people are violent abusers and school shooters. That’s why he goes around targeting autistic people to stalk on tumblr. This is the point where I realized that he’s not just a bully, but a deeply bigoted ableist.

I said I was gonna report him tomorrow:

And he’s still calling ME abusive, because I called him a hypocrite. He doesn’t think it’s abusive that he just called all autistic people school shooters, abusers and retards.

Then, for the next twenty minutes or so, he just kept calling me a “sperg” over and over again:

Bonus point for calling me a “mongoloid”, wich is both ableist and racist:

Then he just blocked me:

So yeah… jeesh!

This guy is a terrible, terrible ableist and bully. One of the worst I’ve encountered here, and that’s saying a lot.

Please report him to staff and hopefully they’ll do something for once. And share this around so people knows. This kind of behavior needs to be called out, it should not be welcome in the LGBT community, or anywhere for that matter.
A federal court just made a very big decision for gay rights. Seriously, it’s huge.
It’s the first federal appeals court decision to rule that anti-gay discrimination is banned under existing federal law.
By German Lopez

The ruling concludes that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 also protects workers from discrimination based on sexual orientation.

When the courts recognize your basic rights…

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@ everyone saying biphobia is a subset of homophobia and cant be its own independent concept: please show me where lesbians and gay men are discriminated against for feeling attraction to more than one gender. please show me where lesbians and gay men are told they need to “pick a side” and will “settle down as gay/straight eventually”. please show me where lesbians and gay men are dumped bc their partners think being mga makes them more likely to cheat. please explain to me how lesbians and gay men are erased by the statement “you can only be gay or straight.” 

all of those things are struggles faced specifically by bi ppl. if biphobia is really a subset of homophobia, that means it is homophobia, or at least part of homophobia. 

Suicide Rates of LGBT

LGBT has been targeted for discrimination for a very long time. Homophobes and transphobes hurt us verbally, emotionally, and even physically, and it’s a serious problem.

First it was the gay/lesbian people, then the transgenders, then the nonbinary people, etc. “Being gay is gross,” and “You can’t be a boy/girl,” and “You can’t be a made up gender.” Over the years, it gets worse.

Some people don’t know what kind of pain they’re putting a person through with their words. Words are as powerful as actions. They can be a benefit or nothing useful. The discrimination in this case benefits absolutely nothing.

If you are homophobic or transphobic or are against LGBT and call them attention seekers and snowflake and made up, think about this: What would calling people that do for you and for them? It definitely won’t make them cisgender and/or straight if that’s what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s only going to make them more miserable. Loads of members in LGBT are discriminated for trying to be themselves and trying to live their life in a way that makes them feel the most comfortable with themselves. Depression affects LGBT more than the heterosexual population. Why? Because they’re treated differently. Like they’ve don’t something wrong when they’ve done absolutely nothing. Telling a person these negative things can lead one to take their own life. Think about it: You discriminated a gay person for loving who they want and for being attracted to the same sex. They get enough discrimination already. And one day you hear they’ve killed themselves because they couldn’t take the pain anymore. Think about the grief you would’ve caused their family (homophobic/transphobic or not), and to say your not responsible is ignorant. If you hurt that person verbally for being a fucking human being, then you are a part of their depression, their self harm, their suicide. Depression includes the symptoms of suicidal thoughts, insomnia, fatigue, agitation, emptiness, etc. Self harm can kill a person if they do it enough times and can severely damage your health. And suicide can cause great pain and grief. But sadly the people in this world can’t take the change to try to understand people; to try to be more accepting because they’re more focused on hurting others instead of trying to make this world a little less darker and a little more peaceful. You can’t say anything about someone if you’ve never walked in their shoes and have felt what they’ve felt.

If you know someone who’s against LGBT or someone who discriminates people of the community, I want you to send them this. Please. Or if you’re reading this as a phobic person, please think about what you’re doing to people and how you’re killing them inside. Because this is a problem, bullying and discrimination. You could be a great help in this world by learning about someone’s identity and orientation and accepting the fact that not everyone is going to be a cisgender heterosexual. Not everyone is going to be like you. Imagine yourself as a gay person or a transgender person or both or whatever. Think about what you’d have to go through everyday if you were surrounded by a hateful community. Your family hates you (parents have abused their kids for being gay, trans, etc). Your friends hate you (many have been under peer pressure and negativity because of who they are). No one accepts you for how you want to be. No one accepts you for being human. A person of LGBT isn’t any less human than you are. That’s something people need to realize. And if we can’t ever realize that, then people won’t ever change.

Watch this video. Hopefully it can get to someone’s mind and heart and change them for the better. And reblog this as many times as possible and share this on your social medias.

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Stonewall Riots

“When the first patrol wagon arrived, Inspector Pine recalled that the crowd—most of whom were homosexual—had grown to at least ten times the number of people who were arrested, and they all became very quiet. Confusion over radio communication delayed the arrival of a second wagon. The police began escorting Mafia members into the first wagon, to the cheers of the bystanders. Next, regular employees were loaded into the wagon. A bystander shouted, "Gay power!”, someone began singing “We Shall Overcome”, and the crowd reacted with amusement and general good humor mixed with “growing and intensive hostility”. An officer shoved a transvestite, who responded by hitting him on the head with her purse as the crowd began to boo. Author Edmund White, who had been passing by, recalled, “Everyone’s restless, angry, and high-spirited. No one has a slogan, no one even has an attitude, but something’s brewing." Pennies, then beer bottles, were thrown at the wagon as a rumor spread through the crowd that patrons still inside the bar were being beaten.

A scuffle broke out when a woman in handcuffs was escorted from the door of the bar to the waiting police wagon several times. She escaped repeatedly and fought with four of the police, swearing and shouting, for about ten minutes. Described as "a typical New York butch” and “a dyke–stone butch”, she had been hit on the head by an officer with a baton for, as one witness claimed, complaining that her handcuffs were too tight. Bystanders recalled that the woman, whose identity remains unknown (Stormé DeLarverie has been identified by some, including herself, as the woman, but accounts vary), sparked the crowd to fight when she looked at bystanders and shouted, “Why don’t you guys do something?” After an officer picked her up and heaved her into the back of the wagon, the crowd became a mob and went “berserk”: “It was at that moment that the scene became explosive.” 

Read about the Stonewall riots

is heterophobia real?

I sure love the smell of discourse in the morning. Today’s flavor is, Is Heterophobia Real. I’m going to break it down real simple.

No it’s not.

Here’s why.

What homophobia is:

  • discrimination in housing, jobs, schools, benefits, and healthcare.
  • a higher risk of being a victim of a hate crime, violence, or being killed because of being LGBT.
  • being kicked out of home and being homeless at a young age.
  • outlawing someone’s existence.
  • punishing their existence by death.
  • being sent to literal fucking concentration camps for just being gay. Yes, it is happening right now in 2017.

I could go on and on but you get the point, let’s move on.

What “heterophobia” apparently is:

  • gay people making jokes about straights.
  • uuhhhhh
  • the hets being upset that the people they oppress don’t like them
  • hhhhhmmmmm
  • …. rain…bows?
  • not being allowed in spaces that aren’t meant for them.
  • “the mean kweers said that gays rules and straights drool WHO ARE THE REAL OPPRESSORS HMMMM?”

By doing a simple google search, here’s what I found about discrimination against gay people and straight people for their orientations throughout history:

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anonymous asked:

What the fuck is this? (yahoo[.]com/news/trump-administration-says-employers-fire-195610268[.]html?soc_src=community&soc_trk=fb )

You know when I’ve said that it’s only right to criticise Trump when he actually deserves to be criticised? This, right here, is a perfect example. (From Pink News.)

Wanting the “right” to fire someone for being gay? That is absolutely homophobia. It would discriminate against gay men, lesbians and bisexuals, if employers decided that they thought it was “icky” to employ someone that isn’t heterosexual.

It’s excusing discrimination entirely. And that is beyond horrendous. I’m absolutely horrified.