A Penguin Story.

R.D:  (nervous) Have you heard about penguins and what they do?

TS: Huh? i haven’t read much on them.

R.D: well, let me tell you something (pulls out box)

RD: You see, when a male penguin finds a female he likes he finds a special pebble to him. (gives the box to twilight) He then gives it to the female, if she accepts it then they become mates forever.

(twilight opens the small box and tears up, and inside is a pearl necklace with two blue pebbles )

RD: Twilight Sparkle will you marry me?

TS: …Oh Dash, of course!

RD: This penguin thing is kind of weird for this..but since i am a bird-pony i thoug-

(Twilight kiss Dash)

TS: And you call me an Egghead

This is how i like to think Rainbow Dash proposed to Twilight.(: hey i know it was the male penguin ,but its the thought that counts and the meaning and who cares lol its LOOVVEE