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I've disconnected from the pro-black movement. It's now become a patriarchal love fest. It's all about trying to help black men get the power & privilege white men have. We care more about if a white man can get away with it, then why can't a black man. I don't care about white men, or anything else I wanted liberation for all black people from things that criminalize us and marginalize us. Black women and gay black people are still victims of many things in society, & within our own race.

Pro-Blackness has always been about replacing white supremacy with black patriarchy. Black women were just duped into believing that if they stood behind black men long enough, that black men would turn around and liberate his women and children. But as you can see, that didn’t happen nor will it ever happen. That’s why I make it very clear that I am pro-black women and children ONLY. 

I feel sorry for black women who think that once black men get to the level of hierarchy they want to go, that they are going to turn around and take care of us. Look how they act now. The moment they get a little bit of money or fame, who do they marry? They put their wealth right back in the hands of the very same man that they claim they hate. Look how easy it is for them to walk away from their women and children. And black women really think that if black men collectively rise to the top, that it’s going to be better for us??? If anything it would be 10x worse. 

They don’t hate the white man or white supremacy. They’re just mad that they weren’t quick enough or smart enough to be in his shoes. 

Black men high-key admire white men. They admire white supremacy. They admire how white men steal, colonize, and con any and everybody just to provide for their women and children. They admire how white men have the resources to adorn their women. They admire all of this. Then after the admiration simmers down, jealousy kicks in. And black men start feeling enraged at the fact that what he once had the ability to achieve has slipped from his hands because of his own negligence and self-hate. And instead of taking responsibility for his actions like a true patriarch, he blames the black woman. We nag too much. We put them on child support. We kicked them out of the house in the 60s for welfare and foods stamps. We raise them to be gay and to be thugs. We have attitudes. We’re too masculine. We don’t let them lead. We collude with white supremacy to keep black men down. We rub our college degrees in their face. We’re too fat. We’re too nappy-headed. We’re too loud and ghetto etc…

Black women are never going to be liberated by black men. Our freedom is NOT their priority and that’s just the honest truth. Collectively, they don’t see us worthy of redemption, love or protection. So the only thing I can tell black women is to put yourselves first. 

“No one’s coming to save you” -Kendall St. Charles


PLEASE SHARE THIS! So you adopt a Black male, then Snap a photo of him, post it online while calling him thuggish and I’m suppose to think that’s cute. While we have hundreds of black men even our little boys gunned down because white people like you are thinking of them as thugs and not people. No white person will be able to replace a black parental figure and that is the black ass bottom line. PLEASE SHARE! I came across this photo thanks to godgazi ! black-culture afrodesiacworldwide allthingsblackwomen whitepeoplesaidwhat whitegirlsaintshit whiteguiltconfessionals reverseracism thisiseverydayracism thoughtsofablackgirl takingbackourculture theangryblack yung-medusa youngblackandvegan uncle-tomfoolery officialprincessofzamounda susiethemoderator fuckyeahnaturalhair knowledgeequalsblackpower lookthroughmylookingglass naturalblkgirlsrock

Favorite TAZ things

-“there’s one of us who’s got it, one of us who’s almost got it, and one of us who just started listening.”
-Taako’s I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude
-Magnus’s love for dogs (and Stephen)
-Magnus being very skilled (animal proficiency, carpentry, rogue, human fighter, rustic hospitality)
-Merle’s inability to help most of the time but he’s still trying and they love him for it
-Taako’s mistrust of everyone and everything
-Taako and Angus’s relationship
-Merle’s tendency to regift
-Magnus taking the lead
-Taako being dumb and gay
-“hey thug what’s your name I’m gonna tentacle your dick!”
-Taakitz (and the fact that the players started it)
-Johan. Just johan.
-the incredible production quality increase
-The entire Crystal Kingdom campaign
-Magnus actually being super sweet even when he picks on people (like angus)
-Angus being too good, too pure, please be nice to him he just wants to help
-Griffin’s voice acting abilities
-Griffin’s story telling abilities