Gay Thug


PLEASE SHARE THIS! So you adopt a Black male, then Snap a photo of him, post it online while calling him thuggish and I’m suppose to think that’s cute. While we have hundreds of black men even our little boys gunned down because white people like you are thinking of them as thugs and not people. No white person will be able to replace a black parental figure and that is the black ass bottom line. PLEASE SHARE! I came across this photo thanks to godgazi ! black-culture afrodesiacworldwide allthingsblackwomen whitepeoplesaidwhat whitegirlsaintshit whiteguiltconfessionals reverseracism thisiseverydayracism thoughtsofablackgirl takingbackourculture theangryblack yung-medusa youngblackandvegan uncle-tomfoolery officialprincessofzamounda susiethemoderator fuckyeahnaturalhair knowledgeequalsblackpower lookthroughmylookingglass naturalblkgirlsrock

Favorite TAZ things

-“there’s one of us who’s got it, one of us who’s almost got it, and one of us who just started listening.”
-Taako’s I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude
-Magnus’s love for dogs (and Stephen)
-Magnus being very skilled (animal proficiency, carpentry, rogue, human fighter, rustic hospitality)
-Merle’s inability to help most of the time but he’s still trying and they love him for it
-Taako’s mistrust of everyone and everything
-Taako and Angus’s relationship
-Merle’s tendency to regift
-Magnus taking the lead
-Taako being dumb and gay
-“hey thug what’s your name I’m gonna tentacle your dick!”
-Taakitz (and the fact that the players started it)
-Johan. Just johan.
-the incredible production quality increase
-The entire Crystal Kingdom campaign
-Magnus actually being super sweet even when he picks on people (like angus)
-Angus being too good, too pure, please be nice to him he just wants to help
-Griffin’s voice acting abilities
-Griffin’s story telling abilities