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There, have some nb peeps & trans & queer ladies of color with their loved ones. ♥

Another dead wlw

The Catch just killed off a bisexual WOC after she slept with a woman. She was killed by her male love interest (he shot her, not a surprise).

The writer and co-executive producer of The Catch, Sherry White, signed the Lexa pledge less than a week ago. What does that tell you? @lgbtfans wanna help us out?

Go ask her what that is about on twitter @streelymaid. Why is the “bury your gays” trope still here and why do wlw keep dying this year? How did she have the audacity to sign the Lexa pledge?


So I’m thoroughly convinced that if there’s a guy with shaggy brown/dark hair and green eyes then there’s a good chance he’s probably gay and stubborn

One More Dead wlw Character

Blindspot just killed of one of their wlw character.

Bethany Meyfair’s girlfriend Alex (a black wlw) was murdered while going to get get ice in a hotel room, only to be found dead by her girlfriend after someone had slit her throat.

This is the 16th dead wlw in 2016. It hasn’t been a week since last one died on The Catch. When will it end?

I will say something unpopular right here though. I’m kinda tired of this “y’all won’t go as hard for X as you did for Lexa” thing, *especially* when it’s coming from people who have done nothing for the movement in the first place. Lexa sparked the movement. Every other queer woman continues it. We’re doing it for ALL of them.

We “went hard for Lexa” for several reasons:
One, we were all from that fandom. We were already there. We ALL were Clexa fans. We’re not all fans of every other show, and at some point, the fans of those shows need to step up and join us and not expect us to make all the noise for every death.
Two, the show is shit and small enough that we had a chance to kill it. We’re not gonna kill TWD or OITNB. They’re too popular. We had a chance to make serious impact because it was a small show. 
Three, the way the showrunner treated its fans. The other shows don’t generally say “hey come watch this awesome episode if you’re a X/X fan because it’ll be great!” and then kill half of them. The other shows don’t intentionally fuck with us the way they did. 

That shitshow was seriously the best chance we were ever going to have about getting this discussion into the mainstream discourse. And, tbh, I think we did that. People ARE talking about it. We’re not DONE, obviously, but we made enough impact on a small show that the trope is now in the conversation rather than invisible. 

I am all about pointing out every instance of BYG I can. I will fight for every one of us. But the movement is already in motion. We’re not sparking a NEW movement every time someone dies. That’s just inefficient. We’re still working. We’re still making noise. We’re still doing what we can. Every new death stokes the fires and reminds us why we’re here. At some point though, we need those people who are just pointing at us from the sidelines saying we only care about “our white girl in brownface” to join us. We need to stop pitting women against each other, whether it’s those of us in real life or our fictional faves.

Yet Another Dead wlw Character

A bisexual woc Bridey was killed off on ABC’s The Family. We don’t even get to learn how she was killed this time, just that she is dead (though it was heavily implied that the woman she was sleeping with killed her).

This is the 17th dead wlw in 2016. Less than 2 weeks have passed since the last one. Incredible.

  • fe4:pair your units together and 20 years from then their children will fight in their place
  • fe13:pair your units together and their children will come from the future to warn their parents of the oncoming danger they face
  • fe14:pair your units together and send their kid to the B a b y R e a l m

In The Celluloid Closet:

“In the ‘50s and '60s, especially in sex comedies, there were often characters who could be read as gay, whether they were the Tony Randall roles or the boss of the decorating establishment.”

(Lover Come Back, 1961)

But then…


Man Crush Monday: Jon Gabrus

I’ve been obsessed with Jon Gabrus since I first saw him on Guy Code. Chubby bearded boys are my favorite, and Jon Gabrus is definitely my biggest celebrity crush. 

Though maybe I’m using “celebrity” too lightly, but his star is rising! Jon has appeared on Guy Code, Wild N Out, Younger, Real Hotwives of Orlando, and even had his own webseries called Strong Island

Jon is very much aware of his huge gay following. He knows he’s lusted after by many in the gay bear-chaser community, myself included. He’s even acknowledged his gay following on Guy Code. He does gift us all every time hear appears shirtless. 

Unfortunately Jon is straight, as far as I know. He’s been married to his wife for years. He’s appearing in a gay movie called Fourth Man Out, which is currently doing the film festival circuit. Although he’s straight, he’s at least supportive of gays. 

I will watch Jon Gabrus in anything. I think he’s one of the sexiest men on the planet. He’s the epitome of my type, and he’s a comedian too. Everyone wants a man that’s sexy and funny. 

I could look at him all day. 

Jon’s currently 33 and I’ve seen him pop up in more shows than ever before this year, so hopefully he’ll be a household name soon enough. I hope to see a lot more of him. Even if it’s just for more barely clothed screen grabs of him. 

You can follow Jon Gabrus on Twitter @JonGabrus or check out his Tumblr .