Gay Code


There, have some nb peeps & trans & queer ladies of color with their loved ones. ♥


So I’m thoroughly convinced that if there’s a guy with shaggy brown/dark hair and green eyes then there’s a good chance he’s probably gay and stubborn

Jughead Jones is a CLASSIC example of how characters who were coded as gay were often stripped of any sexual identity, not shown expressing any sexual desire, and basically rendered non-sexual beings in every way as a means of turning them into jokes… and instead of addressing the homophobia inherent in that people are now just being like “well that means these homophobic caricatures are now positive asexual representation!” like. Read a book.


Lesbian and Asexual Cross-Stitch Flag Pins from Motley Merchants Guild Etsy

I first purchased the ace flag pin from Sam in December, and the lesbian flag was a recent custom commission, which took no time at all.

They are individually hand stitched, and are roughly 1.5" x 1". The stitches are tightly woven and neatly done, the colours are true to the flags and pop so nicely against my denim jacket.

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Aphobes have spent, what, years now? Fighting to the death against our assertions that Straightness requires positive romantic and sexual attraction toward members of an opposite binary gender, in order to argue that het aces and aros and aroaces are therefore “basically straight” and yet jughead, a canonically aroace character, reads as gay coded to the same group of people solely and explicitly because he doesn’t express the expected attraction to girls.

Wow it’s almost like that’s literally exactly what we’ve been saying all along: in the eyes of anyone who’s paying attention, aces and aros of all kinds blatantly deviate from the expectations and requirements of heteronormative society and are not considered members of the Straight class.


People is missing this gem when talking about Hog gay coding.
(Also I wanna admit I know this from my years in the MK fandom in which poppers where also linked with the character who did turns out to be gay… So I hope same happens here).

aphobic lgbt+ ppl: we have NOTHING in common with aromantic/asexuals!!

aphobic lgbt+ ppl: aromantic and asexual people aren’t oppressed and even if they are, they certainly aren’t oppressed ENOUGH to be in our community

aphobic lgbt+ ppl: aromantic and asexual people are BASICALLY STRAIGHT and no one ever needs to know about their orientation because there’s no real difference from being STRAIGHT

me: ………….. anyway, so check out this canon aroace character, Jughead, who

aphobic lgbt+ ppl: NOOOOOOOOO Jughead is GAY-CODED!! I really IDENTIFY with him!! he clearly has all the traits of a GAY PERSON!! not wanting to have sex or romance with a woman (as a male character) in this heteronormative society CLEARLY makes him GAY and part of OUR COMMUNITY!! YOU’RE STEALING REPRESENTATION FROM US!!!!!