Gay Black Men

A word to my fellow Gay/Same-Gender Loving Black Men.

Your attractiveness does not hinge on whether or not White Men want to fuck you. 

Your relevancy as a Queer Man is not dependent on how well you fulfill a White Dude’s archaic and racist fetish. You are worth sooooooo much more than that. 

If some dude’s “preferences” prevents you from getting to know him, I can promise that you’re not missing out on much. 

You have, do, and always do matter and mean so much more than how much you can rile up another dude’s pants. The fact that we’re often ignored by the community at large does not change that now or ever. 

Thinking The Unimaginable: Black Same-Gender-Loving Men And Marriage by Mashaun D. Simon

In the past few weeks and months, it seems as though the campaign for marriage equality in America has hit its stride.

Week after week, news has broken that court system after court system has declared same-sex marriage bans in Colorado, Virginia, Utah, and many more states unconstitutional. Day in and day out, I have seen images of states in the LGBT equality colors with the word “Congratulations” splattered on my Facebook newsfeed. Friends of mine have tweeted and retweeted the news non-stop, with my Instagram newsfeed being the same way.

People are excited. People are encouraged. Especially members of the LGBT community.

But not everyone is celebrating…

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Photo Source: Trent Kelley