i have the most wicked and vivid dreams of anyone i know

tonight i dreamt that i was a nine year old boy who just moved to California by the seaside. there was a big stucco/hacienda style house right by the shore that housed the local mayor i think?? there was always drama going on bc there was always shouting or yelling coming from the open windows.
one afternoon i was checking out the house from afar and a boy my age came up to me and started talking to me. i remember what he looked like: he was Spanish, w tan skin and dark brown wavy hair. we started to hang out a lot and became good friends over a span of time.
his name was Julio Hernandez. his family called him Danny as a nickname. at some point he stopped coming around to my house and i got concerned, so i went out looking for him. i spent the whole day searching and i finally went up to his house to ask. his mom answered and she was like “no he’s not here” and his dad came up behind me and said “we haven’t seen Julio for years”
right then my kid brain somehow realizes that my only friend was a ghost- and i had a massive crush on him.