Gawker on hacked nude photos of female celebrities: Look at how horrible this world is and how badly we respect the privacy of our famous women as they were violated.

Gawker themselves: Publishes sex tape of male celebrity against his will, refuses to take it down. Treats the whole thing like a joke.

Gawker on games: “The Gay Joke In Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Is Harmless. Or Is It?”

Gawker on people: [Outs a man that isn’t even a public figure so that they can write a juicy piece on how he almost cheated on his wife with a man for clicks, supporting someone who tried to extort him.] 

Gawker on people: HAHA James Franco is gay amirite?

Gawker on their critics: Dishonest fascists!

Gawker themselves: [Messes with a bot made by Coca Cola that was supposed to create happy images so that they can implement Hitler quotes for laughs and the project has to be shut down] lol. [Fails to cover the basics of fact checking and journalistic ethics before they post and throws around heavy accusations anyway.] lol.

Gawker on the women they picked as personal favorites: [Throws protective cloak over Anita Sarkeesian and brushes off any and all criticism as irrelevant and sexism.]

Gawker on anyone else: Mocks a woman’s online shopping for including personal hygiene products. (Information that was shared against her will thanks to the Sony hack.)

Gawker: “Gawker gives Kotaku the freedom to do real journalism, no matter how many game publishers we piss off. Imagine wanting to destroy that!”



Avoiding Clickbait: A How-to Guide

If you used the internet at all in the ‘10s it’s probably happened to you: you saw a headline so outrageous and intriguing you just HAD to click it, even though you hate the site and the article was crap anyway. Maybe the title made you angry or just looked neat. So even though the actual content of the site sucks, the title always grabs you. That’s called clickbait. We’ve all dealt with it and it sucks. But as long as sites keep getting hits for doing it there’s no way to avoid it, bad sites just keep getting free publicity and clicks.

But if you’re sick of participating in this system and don’t want to give free views to crappy sites anymore, you’re in luck! There’s an easy way to view these articles without giving these jerks any clicks. That way bad content creators don’t profit off you.

1. Find the link to the article you want to read, right-click and select “Copy Link Address”

2. Go to an archival site such as Archive.Today or DoNotLink

3. Paste the URL into the bar.

Bam! You’re done. Now you don’t have to give bad or toxic sites any validation AND you can find out why this rapping baby is making rednecks so angry.

Gawker Media is dead!  Forced to pay $115 million and  possibly much more than that in punitive damages to Hulk Hogan by jury.  Kotaku is dead.  Jezebel is dead.  Glory to GamerGate!  Glory to the Hulkster!

Rest in piss, you click bait cretins!

Satirical comics about recent Ben Kuchera tweets.

In response to Mark Kern’s petition about gaming press defending gamers from slander, Ben Kuchera interpret it as call to covering up hate mob

Things that gaming press did not scrutinize that much:
Gawker’s Ethical Misstep In Outing A Condé Nast Executive
Did Gawker step too far over the line this time?

The internet exploded Thursday evening in condemnation when Gawker published a piece alleging Condé Nast Chief Financial Officer David Geithner planned to meet a gay “porn star” in Chicago and pay him $2,500 for sex. The exposé used text message transcripts provided by the escort, who Gawker agreed to keep anonymous, focused on the brother of ex-Treasury Secretary Timothy Geither, and mentioned that the media executive is married to a woman and the father of three.