A lovely evening was very well spent last night.
Caught a definitive cool performance of Jarrod’s band (Air Surgeon) at Pehrspace for the Mountair’s first night of a 3 day/night anniversary event along with my lovely companion Jess and Jarrod’s awesome dad (my tofu buddy) Sam (Pixandum).

Jarrod’s vocal performance reminded me of a cross of Jeremy Jay meets Belle & Sebastian while the music touched on early K Records meets Josef K.
Way neat, way cool.

Thank you Sam and Jarrod for having us be part of this event : )

And thanks to John and Gawby and Ghostnoise for keeping Mountair alive and contributing to L.A.’s new upstarts of creativity within our art community.

Thank you Sam, you’re the best. You always offer such great comforting hospitality

tofu-rrific !

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