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i need more gavroche and montparnasse being friends

I seriously think Montparnasse is so nice to Gavroche because he genuinely FEELS for the kid. He works with his father yes, but Gavroche has been pretty much abandoned and lives on his own like taking care of two orphans and providing them food and shelter.

Now let’s be real, Montparnasse is probably named Montparnasse because he was found in the Montparnasse area of Paris and bam! He got his name because he didn’t have any. Just like Fantine was called Fantine because people said she looked like a child aka “enfantine” -> “fantine”.

Montparnasse was “street boy” as a child so he was either a) abandoned as a child or b) his parents died or c) had a shitty family, not unlike Gavroche. No wonder he has a fondness for Gav’. Gavroche repeatedly SASSES the living fuck out of him, criticising his clothes and disguises. Now, if you know anything about Montparnasse, criticising the way he dresses MAY NOT be the smartest idea, after all “few prowlers were so dreaded as Montparnasse”.

But does Gavroche care? Nah. Does Montparnasse take offense? No! He DOESNT! He just brushes it off like a big brother who just got tease by his baby brother! That one time Montparnasse asked Gavroche what he thought of his disguise:

“That changes you,” remarked Gavroche, “you are less homely so, you ought to keep them on all the time.”

Montparnasse was a handsome fellow, but Gavroche was a tease.

“Seriously,” demanded Montparnasse, “how do you like me so?”

Like… Gavroche just called him ugly to piss him off and Montparnasse just?? Didn’t mind that a twelve year old owned him like that because he genuinely likes Gavroche!

AND THE BEST THING! When Montparnasse puts the final touch to his disguise, Gavroche is all like “!!!!! Play Porrichinelle for us!!” and the kids get all excited to have Montparnasse entertaining them. And HONEST TO GOD, Montparnasse, fearsome, thief and murderer Montparnasse would have DONE IT, but he was too troubled that night and there was a policeman around so he had to leave.

Anyway I don’t know why that turned into a semi meta of “Montparnasse and lost/abandoned kids” but HAVE IT ANYWAY.

TL;DR: Montparnasse shows affection and compassion to abandoned street kids because he was most likely one himself 

  • *classmate gets in trouble for talking when I was also talking*
  • me:who am I? Can I condemn this man to slavery pretend I do not feel his agony this innocent who bears my face who goes to judgment in my place. Who am I? Can I conceal myself forevermore pretend I'm not the man I was before and must my name until I die be no more than an alibi. Must I lie? How can I ever face my fellow men? How can I ever face myself again?

thénardiers: they belonged to that bastard class formed of low people who have risen, and intelligent people who have fallen, which lies between the classes called middle and lower, and which unites some of the faults of the latter with nearly all the vices of the former, without possessing the generous impulses of the workman, or the respectability of the bourgeois. (VICTOR HUGO)

all of les amis turning up for Gavroche’s parents evening and all the parents confused why there’s this large group of young adults sitting in the classes tiny chairs 

and Gavroche’s teacher having to squeeze them all into their office 

all of les amis really engrossed in what the teacher is saying and asking so many questions about how Gavroche is doing and if he can improve anywhere 

this carrying on until Gavroche finishes high school and goes into uni