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Hi everyone!!!! I’ve opened commissions up because I need a little extra cash and summer is coming up fast and since I’m a teacher I don’t have a summer job so!!! Commission me!!!!

• Line Art starting at $6 (+$1 for every extra character)
• Fully Colored starting at $8 (+$1 for every extra character)

Semi-Realistic Cartoons:
• $10 each (+$4 for every extra character)

Pixel Busts:
• $15 each (refrence MUST be provided)

• Digital paintings starting at $18 (the more complicated it gets the more the price goes up)
• Canvas paintings: the price depends on what you want, and what size you would like (I ONLY SHIP IN THE US)


Message me here or on any of my blogs and let me know if you would like to commission me!! I would really appreciate it!!! Thank you!!!

Can we talk about how heartbroken Crowley looked when he couldn’t save Gavin?

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VICE’s narrative is based in part that at least a portion of the politicians (the incumbent in the US) are in fact trustworthy (Shane visiting Obama, VICE’s left leaning politics, etc).

VICE’s audience tends to believes extensively in this hyper-individualism that Adam Curtis criticizes, specifically through the means of expression on the Internet. The black mirror concept. Kudos for presenting a uniquely different pov but I think it’ll go right over most people’s heads. VICE used to cover mass movements that tended to fizzle out in the same manner that Curtis has described.

“The most radical thing one could do nowadays is leave your house, walk to Aleppo and back, and not tell anyone about your trip.”

—  Gabriel Calderón [on VICE losing touch in Adam Curtis’ Living in an Unreal World]

“The other film school you get as an actor is you’re on set with directors and watching them work. Every few months you move from one set to another, and you get to learn from different people, and I think that a lot of directors will never get that luxury of being able to hang out on another’s person set and learn, good or bad, the qualities of another director. It’s been a real blessing for me to have that information filling me up as I’ve sort of gotten closer and closer to wanting to direct a movie. It also broke down the elements of fear that were stopping me from doing it sooner.”

–  Joel Edgerton; photographed observing the directorial techniques of directors Gavin O'Connor, Jeff Nichols, Nash Edgerton,Baz Luhrmann, and Kieran Darcy-Smith on the sets of “Jane Got a Gun,” “Loving,” “The Square,” “The Great Gatsby,” and “Wish You Were Here”


Best boys and boy moments of 2015

ABC Family’s “The Fosters” delivered the youngest gay kiss in TV history when junior-high boyfriends Jude Foster (played by Hayden Byerly) and Connor Stevens (Gavin Macintosh) tenderly locked lips in Jude’s bedroom. Jonnor would later go on to attend an LGBT prom and share a slow dance. Outside of the show, Gavin and Hayden have attended numerous LGBT events and have been outspoken advocates for the LGBT community.

The English TV series “Cucumber” had a side story exploring how far straight(ish) boys will go to monetize social media by appealing to gay men when Adam Whitaker (played by Ceallach Spellman) and friend Tomasz (Matthew Bailey) stripped down and lip-synced homoerotically to Katie Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” – finishing up with a passionate kiss of their own.

Nick Jonas reignited his solo career with a new, self-titled album and series of racy photoshoots that had him performing on nearly every awards show and at numerous pop festivals over the course of the year. He also continues to reprise his role as the sexually confused MMA fighter Nate Kulina on DirecTV’s “Kingdom,” and had a recurring role as Boone Clemens in the first season of Fox’s “Scream Queens.”

17-year-old model Lucky Blue Smith came out of seemingly nowhere to become modeling’s IT boy. Whether it was walking the runway for some of the top design houses or his own spreads in high-end fashion magazines, it was impossible to escape the platinum-haired bombshell.

Cody Christian joined the cast of MTV’s “Teen Wolf” for Season 5 as the unbelievably hot but thoroughly evil Theo Raeken, testing how much fans could love and hate a character at the same time. He also continued to reprise his role as Mike Montgomery on ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars,” even getting his shirt off to expose a sweaty, adonis-like torso (a feat he repeats multiple times on “Teen Wolf,” as well).

Mateus Ward delivered a nuanced and frightening performance as a teenage mass-murderer in TNT’s “Murder in the First,” absolutely carrying every one of his limited scenes.

British Olympic diver Tom Daley proposed to boyfriend and American gay-rights activist Dustin Lance Black.

And last but not least, Troye Sivan had a break-out year with his first studio album and his first of many concert tours to come. “Blue Neighborhood” debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard charts in his native Australia and at No. 7 in the U.S. (One Direction was in the eighth spot that week). His video trilogy of songs from “Blue Neighborhood” present a haunting tale of young gay love and loss in a not always accepting society.


now that james corden is like a certified Big Deal™ over in the States, it’s come to my understanding that a lot of you won’t have seen what is arguably the best thing he’s done in his career, and i’m here to fix that 

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Request: “A playlist for somebody who broke your heart but you’re not over them?”

Listen Here - Spotify: Can’t Get Over You.


Not Over You // Gavin DeGraw

Fade Into You // Mazzy Star

Let Her Go // Passenger

Love Me Again // John Newman

Lay Me Down // Sam Smith

Stay With Me // You Me At Six

You Could Be Happy // Snow Patrol

Sweater Weather // The Neighbourhood