Hey guys!

So this weekend I’ve jetted off to the lovely city of Barcelona for the weekend! I’m staying in the Gothic Quarter and am loving the amount of culture and amazing architecture that there is here. It’s so picturesque I’m loving it, and the apartment we’re is so vintage and cute!
I’m also absolutely amazed that we’re on the verge of 9,000 followers! How crazy is that!?

You guys are absolutely amazing and I adore you all!

Sending my love from Barcelona,

Meg :) xxx

Pretty proud of this work of art! It was made in collaboration with the talented @cianiati who drew the pretty cow lady! I bet you can’t stop staring at the delicious German beer. That pure mass. 10 Liters of goodness.

The original print was sold at the Eurofurence artshow and will now make the wall in a friends kittchen more attractive.

O’zapft is!