I can’t understand how some people are totally blind to the fact that Molly is Sherlock’s “love interest”. Their relationship is the most developed one and it has been quite obvious since season three. Does people notice that Molly is the one who humanizates him the most? the one who made Sherlock apologize without saying a single word? the one who knows him deeply? the only one he trust  enough to share his fake suicide idea  with? Do they realize that Sherlock knows what Molly means to him and how much she knows him and that is why he changed his attitud towards her in season three? Do they realize that even John came to notice that Molly is the one who can see through his bullshit? Does people realize that Sherlock was clearly upset when Molly was engaged to Tom? Do they realize the weird double sensed words between them, like “what de you need - You”, “The one person he thought didnt matter at all to me was the one person who mattered the most” and “Sorry your engagement is over, though fairly grateful for the lack of a ring” were writting to show us “something”? And finally, do they realize that the whole point of their scene in “The final problem” was Sherlock saying “i love you” for real as it was the episode in which he would complete his process of humanization? I guess they don’t. They just see but not observe.

Some say he just realized he loves her as a friend. ¡PFFF! Sherlock has considered her a friend since a loooooot of time and clearly cares about her. He just told her they are friends: “Of course you’re not an experiment, you re my friend…we’re friends, but…please… say those words”. And they think he is hust realizing it now??? ¡pf! i wonder is they even watch the show.

They can easily say Molly forced Sherlock to say “i love you” so Sherlock’s words are fake, but they fail to notice that Molly is also been forced, that she actually tried a lot to avoid saying it…because it was true. Just a few understand that Sherlock and Molly are living exactly the same in that one scene. Yes, it was forced, but it doesn’t mean it’s false. Do they really expect them having dinner with candles and roses? This is “Sherlock” not a regular love movie or a sitcom. This was the confession, very unusual, and quite “Sherlock”-like.

And two more things:

Why do you think Molly appears to be so happy at the end of the episode and walking right towards a certain someone?

Weird right??!! if she was soooooooooooo humilliated before, why would  she be so happy??!!

Do you really think Moffat did that scene because he is a misogynist and he has fun humilliating nobody else but Molly? That he , Gatis and everyone else  are going to waste money, character development and plot issues for a character who is there just to be humilliated or “mirroring” a certain other character? Come on, get your head out of you ass.

i needed to say all of this, cause i’ve been reading  pathetic excuses and interpretations of those who try desperately to deny Sherlock and Molly’s love. and. it. is. enough :)

Have a nice day!

Nje nat si kjo do futem me vrull te shpia jote dhe do te them “ke pes minuta per tu ber gati” do ikim per pushime.Edhe ti do me thuash “nuk behet” me shikimin “me ne fund erdhe”.Dhe pastaj do nisemi ne kemb do vem ne veri,pa lek,pa drejtim.Midis te ardhmes dhe te kaluares ekziston dora jote qe shtregon timen,dhe kur te na haet do bejm vjedhje me arm per 4 sanduice dhe 2 coca cola te kilometri 90 dhe do ja mbathim me nje maune te kuqe qe ka neone qe dizen dne fiken.Ne nje parakalim do afrohesh te veshi im dhe do me thuash “jemi sundimtar te ides te lumturis” dhe do kthesh timonin papritmas.
Duke len mbrapa nesh nje kaos do vazhdojm ne kemb ne rrugica te errta duke pasur ne pran shoqerin e xhixhellonjave.
Dhe do pushonim te nje tok me bar dhe aty do shtriheshim lakuriq dhe aty do te recitoj me gishtat e mi papirusin e Darvinit,do numerosh me gjuhen tende te gjitha nishanet mbi trupin time,dhe pastaj do flet te perqafuar duke par mbashk te njejten enderr,kete qe ne po jetojm.“Duhet te ikni tani” na thot drita e agimit.
Do hecim rruges dhe do luajm me gjethet mbi tok,dhe pastaj do shikohemi ne sy duke qar per shum or,midis te ardhmes dhe te kaluares ekzistojn syt e tu qe po me shikojn dhe po qajn per te mijat.
Pastaj do cohemi,do lahemi,do zhvishemi si prositutet nga Roma e lasht.
Do vazhdojm dhe do vem te ndertesa me e lart te vendit,atje do kercejm si kercejn yjet per henen,dhe do me prekesh buzet me buzet e tua dhe aty ne do digjemi per njeri tjetrin.

“ You and I, shall we go to outer space just the two of us? “

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASTRO (we’re not the 23rd anymore i know)

I’m so happy to be an Aroha, everyone is so pure and kind here, I’ve never seen any conflict. Our boys deserve all the love on this planet. I’m proud of them and how far they’ve come. 

Let’s make 2017 an even better year for ASTRO !

Gati gallae ?

~ Si e kuptove qe e doje?
- Ne ditet qe nuk me fliste, une cmendesha. Dita me dukej me e gjate, monotone dhe boshe. Ditet nuk nisnin njesoj kur nuk me shkruante. Kuptova qe vetem ajo arriti te thyeje ate monotonine ku une isha zhytyr, vetem ajo arriti te thyeje akujt qe kishin ngrire zemren time. Kuptova qe nuk e kisha me xhan, dhe as fiksim. Kuptova qe e doja sepse sa here shihja qe me kishte ardhur nje sms, e hapja me shpresen te ishte nga ajo. Sepse sa here qe ajo me shkruan mua me qesh fytyra, me zbukurohet dita. Dhe ashtu pak nga pak ajo u shnderrua ne arsyen pse une zgjohem ne mengjes i buzeqeshur dhe gati per te kaluar edhe nje dite tjeter te jetes.

-3Vite me pare, kte dite.

saints row has ruined me in the weirdest ways tbh like

  • i cant listen to “the boys are back in town” w/o tearing up
  • [playing any other game] i miss johnny gat
  • i now like a bunch of rap songs?? i dont listen to rap
  • “oh saints row?? isnt that just like gta” SCREAMS
  • also gta wont let me launch myself through a car window feet first so whats the point
  • i have a sudden affinity for the color purple
  • hearing “simply irresistible” makes me want to Die
  • [sees a car irl] hey that looks like the sovereign from saints r-