Agnostic Icons is a continuous series celebrating wonder, curiosity & kindness.  Using the visual lexicon of Christian icons and patterns derived from Mediaeval manuscripts, I am attempting to create a series of pieces that celebrate humanism, science, and altruism. Subjects range from fictional pop culture, the fields of science, humanities, environmental & social justice, and the arts. The first in this series are (unofficial parody) icons from Star Trek: The Next Generation (truly the most altruistic show that’s ever been on television in my opinion). Coming soon: Mr. Rogers, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Jane Goodall.”  


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful rendition of Gates McFadden. She looks like a Mucha, here. And LeVar Burton! And Mr. Frakes, in all his bearded magnificence?! Hello, SAILOR. And baby WIL! OMG. The texture and detail! All those dark, pooling, inky washes? Those are greyscale galaxies that she’s folded into her linework. GAH! 

Prints and postcards of all of these portraits are available in her shop

They make me so happy. I hope they sell like flippin’ HOTCAKES.

(PS: K’s music is amazing, too.) 


More and more when you see the fans it makes sense, like I had somebody—it started sort of normally: “I just wanted to thank you, it was very important… When I went to my first foster home, we went to the living room they turned on their TV, and your face was on the screen, and we all sat and watched that show.” He said, “I think you just became my mother-figure, you became sort of this voice of reason.” Then we were talking and I thought isn’t that interesting and then he said, “and you know, through all 12 foster homes.” And I was like [visibly taken aback] — from all 12 foster homes you were the constant because your show was on the air, and you were the constant in my life. You take what you can get, and if you get constancy from watching a figure on television, and that’s going to help you survive—that’s great.

— Gates McFadden, on why Star Trek gives people hope [x]


“I was in sickbay doing drugs.”


“Well, one night after I had turned it down, he [Gene Roddenberry] called me from his outdoor Jacuzzi and told me to “Just take the part.” He assured me I was to be the love interest of Picard and a sort of Chief Surgeon of the Universe, plus a good mother. It was “a great part, a new kind of female role.” But it was kind of strange to hear the water jets pumping in the background. It was my first-ever Jacuzzi call, you know. He said, “Take the part and you, too, can have a Jacuzzi in your backyard.” But I put a pool in instead.”

— Gates McFadden [x]