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Melinda Gates Just Basically Told Anti-Vaxxers to Check Their Privilege

“We take vaccines so for granted in the United States,” Gates explained during a news segment on the matter for HuffPost Live on Thursday. “Women in the developing world know the power of [vaccines]. They will walk 10 kilometers in the heat with their child and line up to get a vaccine because they have seen death.”


The purge of Khazarian mobsters intensifies. mark9:28 Big Pharma predicted to be next on the list! Bill Gates reported as singing like a Canary! 

During a special baptism, Pope Francis made headlines when he urged mothers to feed their hungry infants, sending a global – and lifesaving – message in support of public breastfeeding. In fact, every year an estimated 800,000 children under five die because of poor breastfeeding practices, a statistic that rarely gets in the news. 

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Mental Floss:
13 Inventions and Innovations Creating a Better Future for Women

I am unbelievably honored to have been asked to help write and host this episode of Mental Floss with support from The Gates Foundation! 

It’s true that some of these inventions can help both men and women, but the reality is they all either inadvertently or indirectly help humanity as a whole. A world where women have access to proper sanitation, safety, and healthcare creates a society and culture where every voice can contribute. We are kidding ourselves if we think the world is running at its full potential if only half of its population can participate in decision-making, where people are held back among their peers because they lack the types of resources that are afforded to developed countries.

If every woman had access to sanitary pads, birth control, inventions to ease the strain of daily activities, and proper birthing and childcare resources, imagine the productive impact that would have on our world as a whole. We need all voices.

“When women and girls are empowered, we’re not just better by half. The world is twice as good.”

In a 2010 public lecture, Bill Gates attributed global warming to “overpopulation” and touted zero population growth as a solution achievable “[i]f we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services.”94 The argument is disingenuous: As Gates certainly knows, the poor people who are the targets of his campaigns are responsible for no more than a tiny percentage of the environmental damage that underlies climate change. The economist Utsa Patnaik has demonstrated that when population figures are adjusted to account for actual per capita demand on resources, e.g., fossil fuels and food, the greatest “real population pressure” emanates not from India or Africa, but from the advanced countries.95 The Gates Foundation is well aware of this imbalance and works not to redress it but to preserve it – by blaming poverty not on imperialism but on unrestrained sexual reproduction “in places where we don’t want it.”

From Malthus to the present day, the myth of overpopulation has supplied reliable ideological cover for the ruling class as it appropriates ever greater shares of the people’s labor and the planet’s wealth. As argued in Aspects No. 55, “Malthus’s heirs continue to wish us to believe that people are responsible for their own misery; that there is simply not enough to go around; and to ameliorate that state of wretchedness we must not attempt to alter the ownership of social wealth and redistribute the social product, but instead focus on reducing the number of people.”96 In recent years BMGF’s publicity apparatus, exploiting Western alarm about “climate change,” has helped create a resurgence of the overpopulation hysteria last experienced during the 1970s in the wake of Paul Erlich’s bestseller The Population Bomb.97

—  The Real Agenda of the Gates Foundation, IV. A Broader Agenda

Jacob Levich

Hillary Clinton is a CYBORG

Now, I know what you must be thinking. “Really, @triggerwarned? A cyborg?” But listen up and I’ll tell you why I say she’s a cyborg.

We’re all familiar with Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, wannabe president, former secretary of state, and email-sending scandalous politician.

Yes, indeed, we’re all familiar with Hillary. Her monotone voice, her awkward mannerisms, her unfunny jokes. All of these characteristics point to one thing: ROBOTS.

Alright, now before I lose you, I’m going to present some research I’ve put a fair amount of time into. Point 1: Hillary is one old ass cow. She’s like, 70? I know you’re thinking now, “But what kind of a computer can run for 70 years!?” and that’s just my point… a computer cannot run for 70 years and still be fully functional! Hillary IS NOT fully functional!!

“Keep Talking”

“Hillary has a Seizure”

I theorize that these spastic behaviors are caused by corrosion of her circuitry and general wear-and-tear on her hard drive. As you can see from the first video, her secret service agent, who many believe to be her “handler,” places his hand on her back and whispers for her to keep talking. I suspect Hillary’s version of “control+alt+delete” is a button on her back, which he pressed to give her a sort of hard reset. The seizure video could have been a similar error in her computing, much like when a program gives you that dreaded “not responding” message.

Now if you’re still with me, let’s get to my next point: a lack of human emotions. I believe most of us have heard of the notorious tape of Hillary laughing at a man accused of raping a 12 year old, whom Hillary herself defended in court. Hillary clearly lacks emotions and compassion, very similar to, would you look at that, a ROBOT. Listen to the recording yourself if you haven’t heard it…

“1975 Rape Case”

Another interesting thing to note is that her southern accent is no longer present in her speech… an upgrade perhaps?

And HERE comes the smoking gun… Hillary was involved in a scandal regarding her private email server. People describe it as being a server that she “stored in a closet.” Perhaps this “server” was really her cyber mothership. The full, complete HillaryClinton.exe. It only makes sense - who communicates through email? Perhaps she found it more convenient to simply open a blank yahoo message in her frontal lobe and type out some nefarious information for her “handlers” and then, whoosh, through her private server, into our interwebs, as opposed to using her sketchy, anamatronic fingers to type out a snapchat message.

So that’s all I’ve got. Yep. Hillary Clinton is a robot. If you don’t believe me that’s just because you can’t accept facts when they slap you right in the face. And really, doesn’t it make sense? It even explains her husband’s infidelity, after all, the poor guy can’t go his entire life using an anamatronic fleshlight. He needs human touch… which Hillary cannot give him since she’s a glorified iPhone.

The Gates Foundation spends more on global health every year than most countries

The foundation’s money has undeniably been a huge boon to global health efforts. But because the private organization is so wealthy and large, some researchers have argued that it wields a disproportionate influence on global health — with little accountability. 

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Do you believe every girl and woman deserves the opportunity to determine her future? Then check out this video from the Gates Foundation and take the pledge to support family planning for the millions who need and want it.

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This video is amazing. I know I ramble a lot about social justice causes, but think about it.

Are we going to stop at 99%, just because the 1% is too hard to deal with? Because 99% is a good enough figure to stop at?

Because we have made this far, and that’s good enough?

No, lets end polio (the remaining 1%) because children shouldn’t have to worry about disease, because children in third world countries have the same right as I had when I was a child growing up in a first world country. 

Most condoms are made of superthin latex, to help a man forget that he’s wearing one. But the Origami Condom, one of the designs spotlighted by the Gates Foundation, is intended to be felt. Its accordion-like silicone folds allow it to slip onto the penis more easily than a rolled condom, and generate pleasurable friction while in use. The Origami Condom has a roomier tip than a traditional condom and a lubricated interior, which creates additional tactile sensation as the wearer moves—the difference between wrapping yourself in plastic wrap versus silk sheets.
—  From “This is a condom,” The Atlantic, October 2013. (Check out the article for a pic!)

A well crafted and entertaining video featuring Bill Gates (looking suspiciously like Waldo sans the Waldo beanie). Mr. Gates describes the need for disease eradication through vaccines, and how volunteers are helping to distribute vaccines to third world countries. Plus, you get to see some guy draw really really fast!