Gary Walsh


Veep Season 4:
⤷ 4x02 - East Wing

❝ Any kind of obscenities that have been thrown at him from her, he just doesn’t hear it. He doesn’t see it. He’s got huge rose-colored glasses on. But when [the abuse] comes from everyone else, he does see it. So he’ll blow up at Dan or Jonah, but never Selina. But when she referred to him as “a middle-aged man who gets me my wipes,” he had to actually face what she thought of him. And that was in contrast to how he saw himself the entire time, which was as her “first lady.” Then he just lost it. […] Gary’s got a lot of secrets. Gary’s known her a long time and, as we know, she’s not the purest lady. He knows all the skeletons. He knows all the secrets. But that secret, whatever it is, trumps them all. […] In the heat of the moment, there probably was a realization in her mind that he’s more than just a lap dog. […] [T]he fact that Gary has been separated from Selina now that she’s President has been emotional suicide for him. He would rather be attacked and cussed at and abused than be distanced from her. After this [fight], they’re close again. He’s around her again. ❞  —  Tony Hale